How To Know What Is My Passion

December 17, 2022

Finding your passion is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth the effort! Doing things you love to do are one of the biggest keys to living a happy life. Having fun and feeling good about yourself comes from doing activities that make you feel excited and passionate.

Your passion can be anything – creating art, singing, dancing, swimming, working with computers, talking or listening to music, playing sports, etc. It does not matter who else may or may not agree, being passionate about something means it gives you lots of energy. You will know what makes you feel this way and how to use it to help you pursue your dreams.

There are several ways to identify your passions. The easiest way is to find them by letting go of rules and going after things that make you happy. For example, when I was in high school, I could never watch too many movies at once. I would have to choose between watching a movie, reading a book, or surfing the internet. Now that I am older, my limit has increased to three because I have other commitments like work and family.

But now I can enjoy all three modes of entertainment simultaneously! This changes depending on what type of movie I want to see, read, or surf the web on. My passsion shifts every year due to different factors, which is why it is hard to say what my passion is for sure.

Ask yourself what makes you happy

how to know what is my passion

A few years ago, I read an article about how to know if you found your passion or not. The writer’s main message was to ask yourself what makes you happy.

It’s so easy to get distracted by things that aren’t necessarily meaningful to you, but bring in money. This is totally normal, but it can also mean that you’ll be leaving part of your life unsated.

You have to feel happiness within yourself before you can call it a career. You have to love what you do so much that you can’t help but do it every day.

And even though you may not feel passionate about something at this moment, chances are you will one day. Life is long, and there’s always going to be another thing for you to explore.

Don’t worry about being too early or too late with this knowledge, we all have different levels of what makes us happy.

Consider what you enjoy doing

how to know what is my passion

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t know what your passion is you should give up and live with no dreams or goals. It can be tricky figuring out what you like to do, but there are some helpful tips here for getting closer!

First, consider what you enjoy doing. You may have noticed we mentioned this earlier in this article. If you’re not sure if it's your passion yet, try doing things you've always wanted to do and see how you feel about it.

If you really love doing something, you'll be motivated to learn more about it and to spend time practicing it. This could be through reading books or watching YouTube videos, experimenting with it on yourself or others, and spending money buying products related to it.

Practicing your passion {could even be making fun of it}! Having fun with something you're passionate about is a great way to motivate yourself to keep exploring it.

Look at your favorite things

how to know what is my passion

The best way to know what you like is by looking into it, exploring it, and analyzing it.
You will find that most people have different routes to the same thing- they are influenced by music, TV shows, movies, sports, etc.

These things influence them and help them identify what they like. For example, someone who loves science might enjoy watching documentaries about biology or experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.

By paying attention to how these parts of your life come together, you can determine what you like and why you like it. You’ll also figure out how to make more of these things so that you can keep liking them!

There are many ways to explore passion areas. Some of the easier ways include taking some sort of survey, asking friends and family, and doing research online.

Surveys can be done via phone, paper questionnaire, or through an app where you enter your answers manually. Doing a survey as a beginner researcher is a good way to gain knowledge about passion areas.

Consider creating a passion-based business

how to know what is my passion

Starting your career with the right mindset is important as you begin exploring what careers are for you. Rather than thinking about how much money you can make or how many titles you have after your name, think more about which career makes you happy and then figure out ways to turn that into a job.

Careers that give you motivation and inspiration every day will keep you motivated to put in effort at work. These jobs may not pay a large salary, but you will feel rewarded from within.

The most successful people know what they want and go after it with full force. They don’t wait for things to come to them, they make opportunities come to them by putting in the hard work and taking calculated risks.

By having a career that gives you this type of internal reward, you will be happier at work and thus produce higher quality work. This will help you gain recognition and respect for your skills and yourself.

It’s worth noting that although this article focused mostly on career paths that use education as a route, there are other routes like being an artist or musician who produces art or a writer who creates stories.

Know your passion isn’t always easy to identify

how to know what is my passion

It can be hard to know what you truly enjoy doing, especially if you've never been able to find it before. You may have tried doing things that you thought would make you happy, but you soon realized they were not enough.

You need to look outside of yourself for inspiration. People who succeed in life are usually people who are passionate about something — whether it's their job, family, or hobby. They're invested in these things and learn more about them than just how to do them well.

If you want to know what you really like to do, you have to be willing to explore and expose yourself to different ideas and concepts. You have to be curious about other things and be open to trying new things.

By being aware of your passions, you will also realize that some skills are simply helpful tools to pick up along the way. Others are important because they enrich your life and help you feel good about yourself.

Become a lifelong learner

how to know what is my passion

One of the most important things you can do is identify your passion. It’s not something that happens overnight, but it will be one thing you keep doing over your lifetime.

You need to recognize what makes you feel passionate about something before you take action and make changes to fit that feeling into your life.

It could be studying psychology or yoga, reading books or magazines, listening to music or podcasts, working out or engaging in hobbies – there are no limits to how many things you want to add to this list!

Whatever you choose to focus on, don’t just aim to learn something new every day — invest time in learning from the source really well.

By investing time into understanding the fundamentals of an area, you’ll achieve more than people who may have spent less time researching their favorite movie. You’d know which parts were boring and unnecessary and would avoid wasting your energy on them, while they might spend too much time exploring beyond what was needed to get the job done.

This applies to everything — whether it’s coming home after work, going to sleep at night or taking care of yourself physically. By having those basics down, you’ll save time and energy for the other areas of your life that matter most.

Once you find your passion, devote time to it daily.

Get a good job

how to know what is my passion

Being passionate about something means having it be your career, you show it by your actions every day. You know what you’re doing and you prove it by performing your job with passion.

If that isn’t the case then I don’t think much of your talent for juggling, or your ability to eat large amounts of junk food.

Having a career in business requires being able to manipulate people, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to use “being passionate about my job” as an argument if you want to keep your position.

But if you are in a field that uses its creativity to solve problems, like designing cars, then you go into work knowing exactly how to fix things and you do so enthusiastically, then great! You have found your calling.

You’ve also probably made lots of money because people will pay to see your creative solutions.

Find your passion

how to know what is my passion

Finding your passion is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Once you have it, you will know what to do with your time, and yourself.

It is very possible that you already have a passion – something you are good at, or feel passionate about.

You may not make as much money doing it, but it doesn’t matter. You enjoy it, which is the most valuable thing we can give ourselves.

By having an activity you enjoy, you will be more motivated to start spending time outside of work on this activity.

If you want to increase productivity and achieve success, look for activities that you already enjoy and add them to your schedule.

There’s no need to chase after dreams unless you want to, but if you find out what you love to do, you will naturally put more effort into achieving your goals related to it.

Running away from your dreams won’t help you, it will just create additional stress and anxiety.

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