How To Lead A Team Building Activity

November 18, 2022

Team building is an excellent way to boost team morale, foster teamwork, and increase productivity in your workplace. Companies offer a variety of activities that can be sponsored by the organization or conducted as a group effort.

Some examples of company-sponsored teambuilding exercises include taking a trip outside the office, attending a conference or seminar, participating in a charity fundraiser, or hosting a party or get-together at the office.

If you’re too busy to organize such events, you can also find third-party teambuilding services online and through friends. These are typically cost-effective alternatives that don’t require much planning or coordination.

Teambuilding can even be done with just yourself! For example, if you're the organizer of the workroom where everyone works, this article will talk about ways to motivate yourself while working there.

Make a plan

how do you lead a team building activity essay

As mentioned before, leadership is influenced by many things- how you talk to people, what you say, how you interact with others, and your actions. All of these influence whether or not someone believes you are an effective leader and will follow you.

With that being said, there’s one important thing leaders must do to ensure their team members believe they can depend on them for help when needed – make sure they know about every part of the organization and what each person does.

This way, if someone needs assistance, they will look to you first instead of another employee who may be more secretive about his or her job.

Furthermore, this gives your colleagues confidence in you as a leader because they feel like they can come to you for anything. They trust that you will tell them everything about the company even if you don’t agree with it!

Planning out the activity for today’s team building event should include telling everyone involved what they will be doing and why it is important to the group. If necessary, you can also mention past events where participants did something similar and how it helped them bond as a team.

Prepare materials

how do you lead a team building activity essay

When planning your group activity, you will need to make sure that you have all of the needed supplies. This includes things like markers, paper, notepads, index cards, stickers, etc.

You do not want to run out before starting the activity because you would be missing key components! Also, remember that some students may go through their supply of items more frequently than others, so try to keep an adequate amount for everyone.

Planning ahead is very important in ensuring the success of the group activity.

Choose the location

how do you lead a team building activity essay

When planning your team building activity, you want to make sure that everyone is able to attend. There are three main reasons why having every member of the team be able to come to this event is important.

First, it shows solidarity. Having every person feel included in the process makes for a more cohesive group.

Second, it helps promote diversity. If some people cannot make it, there are others who can step up and take their place. This creates an environment where no one feels left out or excluded.

Third, it raises awareness. People will get to see what types of activities work well as part of the teambuilding process.

Anticipate problems

how do you lead a team building activity essay

As a leader, your job is to keep an eye open for potential pitfalls before they happen. If you are aware of issues that could hinder team growth, you can take steps to fix them or prevent them from happening in the first place.

This is not only important as a leader, but also as a member of the team. Your colleagues will look up to you for guidance and help, so it is essential to be able to recognize potential problems and how to deal with them.

If someone comes to you with a problem, make every effort to solve it, even if it feels like there’s nothing you can do. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “You know what would have helped us?” or “What else could we try?”

There’s always something more you can do than nothing, and being aware of these possibilities helps you fulfill that role as a leader.

Let people know

how do you lead a team building activity essay

As mentioned earlier, leadership is not just telling others what to do but motivating them to go along with your plans. This includes encouraging teamwork and motivation in individuals.

As leader you can’t expect everyone to be motivated all of the time, so it is important to let people know how their actions affect those around them.

By letting people know about the goals you have set, and how they will benefit them, they will feel more inclined to help you achieve these.

This creates an environment where team work happens naturally.

People who are working towards a common goal will enjoy being part of the team much more than those that are only looking out for themselves.

Take notes

how do you lead a team building activity essay

Even if you do not lead, there are things you can do to help out your colleagues or superiors. Just by taking notes and paying attention to what others are saying, you can contribute quite heavily to the success of the meeting.

This is especially true in meetings where someone else is leading! By listening and taking time to process what they said, you will be making sure that nothing gets lost and that their messages get repeated to the right people.

And since leadership is about being known as a good team player, being able to recognize strengths and weaknesses in other people will make it much easier for them to feel comfortable around you.

So next time you want to say something during a group discussion, take some notes first and see how you can use those to bolster another person’s confidence.

Be consistent

how do you lead a team building activity essay

As mentioned before, leadership is not just telling people what to do; it is also showing them by your actions. Consistency is one of the most important things leaders must show their team.

As a leader, you should never be too busy with work or other commitments that prevent you from being in the workplace every day.

This would negatively affect how well others perceive your leadership skills because they may see you as unavailable or unreliable if you are always away.

On top of this, poor working relationships can have serious consequences for your career.

A recent study found that over half of all employees report having left their job due to a lack of trust or confidence in their manager.

So make sure that you set time aside each week to be available to your staff, and stay active within the department and the organization so that your colleagues feel that they can rely on you.

Build trust

how do you lead a team building activity essay

As a leader, your job is to create an environment of trust where people feel comfortable coming together to work as a team. This means being honest and direct with those under you, giving credit when it is due, encouraging others to contribute their knowledge and experience, and supporting them in their efforts.

It also means listening to what they have to say, acknowledging that they are not wrong, and addressing the issues at hand in a productive way. Your colleagues will appreciate these qualities in you!

When someone does something well, tell them about it. Give them kudos for his or her effort. A little praise goes a long way! When they need help, ask if there is anything you can do to be of assistance. If there is nothing, suggest looking into it yourself so that you know how things work.

Your reports may think you don’t care, but actually you do — you just want to make sure they get the right answer.

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