How To Make A Team Building Program

October 22, 2022

As mentioned before, team building is an integral part of any successful organization.

Not only does it strengthen relationships within your workplace, but it also helps create new ones!

By doing activities that challenge how you are wired as a person, your work will have more depth and you’ll learn something about yourself.

Teambuilding events can be expensive, however. It is not feasible for every company to organize such gatherings all the time. This is why we suggest giving away team-building experiences via a program or event.

We would like to share our tips with you on how to make this process easy and cost-effective. These strategies include creating a contest, using rewards, and offering free entry tickets to those who participate in the activity.

This article will talk about one of our favorite types of programs — a puzzle-solving competition.

Make it a competition

how to make a team building program

A good team-building activity is not only something that uses teamwork as a theme but also something that has a prize or reward for the winner. If you want your teams to truly bond, you have to take them beyond just working together and giving each other praise. You need to test their bonds by arguing, have participants pick sides, and then see who comes out stronger!

Teambuilding activities with prizes are some of the most engaging experiences you can give people. Not only do they enjoy doing the activity, but they feel motivated to win the prize because it’s part of the challenge. The best teambuilding exercises don’t just use one ingredient; many different components combine into one meaningful experience.

How to make a teambuilding program

The key component in any teambuilding activity with a prize is creating an emotional connection. When participants walk away from this event feeling like they connected with at least one person, they’ve succeeded. It doesn’t matter if everyone else gets along, if no one feels comfortable around others, what was done will go unused.

You have to start with a conversation, work towards getting to know someone, and then determine how to bring up difficult topics. This process takes time, but it’s worth it. Creating these conversations could include talking about past achievements, going through things both individuals agree on or asking questions related to personal stories.

Hold a party

how to make a team building program

A team-building program is not for work, it’s for having fun! When organizing a trip that includes activities like this, make sure your participants can enjoy themselves without outside responsibilities.

Many people organize team-building events as a way to connect with their colleagues, but you can be much more effective in promoting healthy relationships at home.

This will have a longer-lasting effect than spending time together while they're waiting for a bus. The activities we've discussed here cost nothing or very little money, so they're almost always a good investment.

Do a puzzle together

how to make a team building program

One of the easiest ways to do this is to find an activity that requires no equipment or resources other than yourself and your partner. You can either do it outside or in, depending on whether there’s any risk of weather interference.

This activity is called a tabletop challenge. Here, you need two people, and each person gets one piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Each person takes turns putting their piece into place while talking about a topic of their choice.

You can use this method for a movie night, a holiday party, or to just spend some time with someone who you are already friends with. This works best if you know what genre of movies both people like so that you can pick a film set up easily.

The movie can be funny or serious, but the conversation should remain casual otherwise it will become boring. If anyone becomes too passionate about the movie, they could potentially put off the rest of the team as they try to win over their support!

Given how easy this activity is, I would recommend doing this at least once per month to keep the relationships strong.

Ask your coworkers to invite their friends

how to make a team building program

Asking around is an excellent way to find out who at your workplace might be looking to organize a team-building activity. By asking, people are less likely to pick and choose which friend comes to the event, since it’s not as direct.

If you’re uncomfortable asking others to bring someone, you can always ask if there’s anyone in the organization that one of them knows who could use some teamwork training. Or maybe they just want to meet more people!

Either way, creating an event like this can help grow trust among colleagues. If you’re ever struggling to know how to plan a team-building event, thinking about ways to promote it is a great starting place.

Ask your coworkers to invite their coworkers

how to make a team building program

This is one of the easiest ways to do team building, especially if you are working in an open office space or at a very small company where there isn’t much room for teamwork. All you have to do is ask!

Ask around about some common things that everyone likes to do (going out for coffee, watching TV shows together, traveling). Then, get some ideas from this article on how to make group activities easy and fun.

You can even just tell people what activity you had planned next week and see who joins you. Or maybe someone already has something like that planned, so they can join you on it.

Either way, by including other people, team building will happen naturally, and you won’t need to go through the effort of making it happen.

Take your team to a local restaurant or bar

how to make a team building program

As mentioned earlier, taking an active approach to team building is very important. A fun way to do this is by going somewhere where people are already gathered and spending some time together.

A great way to do this is by going to a nearby restaurant or bar with your colleagues. You can choose anywhere that everyone goes as they would normally so there’s no need to plan too much else of what you want to do.

The best place to take your colleagues is either at lunchtime or after work when there are not too many other things planned for the day. This will give you more opportunities to chat about things naturally and easily.

Tell them you’re paying

how to make a team building program

As mentioned before, holding team-building events is not free. If someone wants to reap the benefits of attending a team-building event, they will have to pay for it.

That means no one gets off easy when it comes time to contribute towards the cost of the event. It also means that those who don’t put in their share are getting a paid trip, which isn’t good if they were planning to use the experience gained at the event.

The best way to handle this situation is with a clear message and reminder. Tell people upfront that you’ll be putting up money for the event and that they should plan to do the same.

This can be done through word of mouth or via an announcement on social media and/or your company website and newsletters. Relevant documents and information about the event could include what services are included, how much each person pays per night, and any deadlines to confirm attendance.

Try to get them to pay

how to make a team building program

The second way to do this is to try to get members of your team to contribute their time or money towards building the public perception of you as an effective leader.

This can be done through donating to a charity that you know about, supporting things in the workplace that are good, hosting events or fundraising for causes that matter to you, speaking up and being heard, etc.

By doing these things, people will perceive you as more conscious and ethical which makes them trust you and look up to you.

This creates internal momentum that keeps moving forward because they feel like they have made a difference by investing in you.

It’s hard to retain staff if they don’t feel like they are getting enough respect from their bosses, and it’s even harder to recruit new ones when there aren’t many signs that leadership has paid off.

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