How To Make Juice With Passion Fruit

November 25, 2022

Having an adequate supply of vitamins is important for overall health, but most people do not consume enough of some vitamin types.

Vitamins are essential nutrients that our bodies cannot produce so we must get them from food or supplements. Certain vitamins work together to help make sure your body has sufficient energy to function properly, however, there is one type of vitamin that you will never find enough of in your diet: Vitamin C.

Most of us are aware of what fruits contain vitamin C, and how much of it we need per serving, but few of us know how to use passion fruit to add this powerful nutrient to our daily diets. That is why today I will show you how!

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Look for fresh passion fruit

how to make juice with passion fruit

Most recipes call for dried or bottled juice of the fruits mentioned in this article, but you can always make your own fresh juices! Just making our own juices is a great way to do it as we have full control over what ingredients we use.

Passion fruit is one of my favorite berries that I like to add into many drinks and dishes. It has a unique tangy flavor that pairs well with most other foods. When buying passion fruit, look for it to be very bright and vibrant- almost too much so. This means it’s probably not going to waste away somewhere and get forgotten about.

Another important thing to check for when buying passion fruit is whether it smells sweet or sour. If it does smell sweet, then it has been exposed to sugar already and will not taste good. You want it to be totally neutral smelling, just like any other berry.

How To Make Fresh Passionfruit Juice

Making passion fruit juice is a pretty simple process if you are careful. For example, how to make grapefruit juice without a machine. Fortunately, it is more difficult than it seems!

The first step is to wash the passion fruit. This removes some of the natural oils and mucus that could prevent it from processing down properly in the next step. Once it is washed, cut it in half and remove the inner white part and seeds.

Now, put both parts into a bowl filled with water and stir gently.

Peel the passion fruit

how to make juice with passion fruit

The next step is to peel off the skin, which can be tricky as it tends to cling quite firmly! If you like your pulp more rich and sweet, then make sure to remove most of the skin so that you do not have to process it later.

The easiest way to do this is using a spoon – just scrape away the skin with a spoon. Once done, cut the passion fruits in half and mix them into the juice. You now have perfect fresh passionfruit juice!

If you would prefer less tangy flavor, you can soak the peeled passion fruits in water for about 10 minutes before mixing into the juice.

Blanch the seeds

Now, let’s talk about those pesky passion fruit seeds! If you are like me, you love them but they can be a bit tricky to remove.

The easiest way to do this is by using a knife. Simply cut each seed in half and then scoop out the white fleshy part of the seed. You now have free pass to eat that white stuff! (Just make sure to wash your hands well afterwards)

Alternatively, if you would rather keep it as a prize for being very clever, you can dry the seeded fruits and roast them at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. The steam will loosen the seeds and you can easily peel them off.

Now that you know how to make juice with passion fruits, try experimenting with different berries or vegetables.

Seed the passion fruit

how to make juice with passion fruit

The next step is to seed the passion fruits. You can either use a spoon or your hand- just make sure you do not bite into the seeding area with your teeth!

Once they are seeded, place the passion fruits in a bowl filled with water and let them soak for about 30 minutes. After this time, drain the juice and add it to your prepared glass of juice. Continue repeating this process until all the pulp has been drained.

Make the juice

how to make juice with passion fruit

Most recipes call for using a blender to combine the passion fruit with water or milk. This is great, but if you are trying to conserve energy, this is not the best way to make your passion fruit juice.

You can use a juicer instead! A good quality juicer will have a pulp container that you should pour the leftover pieces into. If there is no such thing as an empty bottle of pulp, then don’t worry about it- just recycle what you can!

To make the most out of your passion fruits, remember to cut them in half first before squeezing.

Store passion fruit juice

how to make juice with passion fruit

Once you have them, store your juices in either glass or plastic containers. If they are stored in a carton, make sure they are protected from light so that it does not turn into vinegar.

If using plain white bottled water as an ingredient, do not include sugar added flavorings such as granulated sweetener unless the recipe calls for it! These additives may dissolve in the liquid and potentially spoil the taste of the passion fruits.

Make sure to use fresh passion fruits and cold liquids to ensure that all the delicious parts of the fruit can be extracted.

Add sugar

how to make juice with passion fruit

The last step in making passion fruit juice is adding sweetener or liquid glucose, which can be done right at home! Glucose is the most common sugar found in nature and is used for energy production by our bodies. You will probably use about one cup of water as your glucose liquid.

Sweeten your passion fruit juice with your choice of white sugar, raw honey, agave nectar, or coconut syrup. It does not matter which one you choose just make sure it is natural and no additives.

Your drink will taste better if you prepare it within an hour of when the passion fruits are cut. That way all the flavorings have time to meld together.

Add flavorings

how to make juice with passion fruit

As mentioned before, you can add any liquid you would like to make your passion fruit juice more interesting. You can also add some flavors of your choice to taste.

Some recipes may not call for sugar or milk, but we suggest adding either one or both according to your liking.

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