How To Make Passion Fruit Jam

December 30, 2022

Making your own jams and jellies is an excellent way to do fresh produce has gone out of style! Luckily, with just a few recipes under your belt, you can start creating delicious new flavors quickly.

Making your own preserves is a great way to enjoy natural fruits in ways that don’t require much cooking. They are also good sources of vitamins A and C as well as magnesium.

There are many reasons why people make their own jam or jelly. Some like the flavor more than buying it pre-made, while others feel more creative when allowed to choose the ingredients.

This article will go into detail about one of our favorite preserve types — passion fruit jam.

Peel your fruit

how to make passion fruit jam

The next step in making passion fruit jam is to peel all of the fruits. You can either use a good quality sugar that has no lumps or you can use turbinado or raw sugar, which have a smoother texture.

Make sure to remove all of the dark skin from the fruits as this will not taste nice and it contains some important nutrients. Once everything is peeled, put all of the pulp and juice into a pot and mix together thoroughly!

The key thing about boiling sugar with liquid is make sure to stir constantly as this mixture can burn easily. When the pieces are dissolved and mixed in, pour into sterilized jars and seal.

Once again, if you like more intense flavor then add another half cup of passion fruit puree at the end.

Blanch or boil your fruit

After you have de-seeded the fruits, put them into a pot. Add enough water so that it covers the top of the fruit by 1–2 inches. Then, bring this mixture to a boil.

While boiling, keep an eye on the pan to make sure there is not too much liquid left in the bottom. This could lead to burning or scorching of the jam. When the juice has reduced slightly but still bubbles up when mixed with the spoon, add half of sugar per one cup of fruit.

Mix well and let cool down

After the gel stage (when the mixture thickens) is reached, remove from heat and mix thoroughly. Let sit for five minutes to set.

Sieve and strain your fruit

how to make passion fruit jam

The next step in making passion fruit jam is sieving out all of the seeds from the pulp. This process can be done using either a plate-style, spoon-style, or hand-held device depending on how much jam you have baking in the oven.

When working with raw fruits and vegetables, it is important to always wash your equipment first and then air dry or run under water. Never soak the utensil as this may cause spoilage of other ingredients in the mixture!

Once your sifting material is dried, scrape off any residue that has stuck in the holes and then discard them because they will contain trace amounts of acid which can potentially burn your sugar base in the future steps.

Cook your fruit

how to make passion fruit jam

When you cook the fruits with sugar in a can, this process is referred to as boiling. As you may know, when water molecules collide with other atoms or molecules, they break away and create more space-empty space.

This creates an ideal environment for another molecule to join, creating a bond. This happens very quickly, which is why food tastes good!

When cooking berries like blueberries or raspberries, add them at the same time so that they can melt into each other’t The addition of salt helps preserve the shape of the berry and also contributes to the flavor.

And remember, fresh ingredients always taste better than dried ones!

After the mixture has cooled down, purée it using a blender or hand mixer. You want to avoid using a machine that contains hot liquid, as this would cause heat damage. Instead use a careful speed setting or lower power to achieve this.

Additions such as vanilla extract and cinnamon make delicious toppings for the jam.

Add the sugar

how to make passion fruit jam

Once your fruit is cut up, put it in a pot along with the remaining ingredients listed above. Stir constantly as you bring everything together!

Add the sugar slowly at this stage to prevent curdling. The tartness of the passion fruits will help balance out the sweetness of the jam.

Once all of the liquid has been incorporated into the mixture, cook for another minute or two until the sugar has dissolved.

Transfer the pan onto a heatproof plate and set aside while you wait for the sugar to come to a boil. This takes around 5 minutes depending on the oven temperature.

When the boiling point has been reached, turn the heat down slightly and continue to simmer for 1-2 hours, checking every now and then to see if the consistency needs tweaking.

Take the pan off the stove and leave to cool for about an hour before serving warm or cold.

Let it set

how to make passion fruit jam

After adding all of your ingredients to a pot, you will need to mix them together. However, before pouring this mixture into another container, you must let it sit for at least an hour! This is so that the pectin in the jam thickens and binds with the other components.

After this time has passed, stir the mixture gently until it comes together and looks like its intended texture. If there are clumps left over, keep mixing again until it breaks down.

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