How To Make Passion Fruit Juice

December 29, 2022

As we mentioned, adding some pulp into your drink is a great way to add flavor and texture. But what if I told you that there are several ways to prepare passion fruit? You can either use fresh or dried powder, pureed seeds, or juice!

It’s important to know which one is right for what type of recipe you want to make so that you don’t waste any ingredients/functions. For example, using dry passion fruit powder will not result in an enjoyable beverage unless you blend it with enough liquid first to create a taste sensation!

Luckily, making passion fruit juice is quite simple and anyone can do it! In this article, we will be breaking down all the steps needed to make our own delicious passion fruit juice. Let’s get started!

Step 1 - Choosing The Best Juicers

There are two main types of juicers used for extracting juices from fruits and vegetables- centrifugal juicers and masticating (or pulsing) juicers. Both work by manipulating the density of the plant material being squeezed, but they do so differently.

Centrifugal juicers pull the materials through a blade or mesh sieve, squeezing out the moisture. This works well for producing drinks like orange or lemon juice, because you only need very little water to produce those products.

Masticating juicers work by mixing and crushing the vegetable matter as it extracts the juice.

Look for fresh passion fruit

how to passion fruit juice

The most important factor in making passion fruit juice is choosing your pulp and skin color. Only drink juices that are made from completely white or light pink pulp and dark red skins, not darker shades.

The taste of passion fruits changes depending upon where they come from. In Australia and New Zealand, they grow them under glass roofs which helps preserve their flavor.

In India and Southeast Asia, they harvest the seeds and dry the rest of the fruit before packing it up for storage or shipping. This process removes the flavor of the fruit!

When buying passion fruit puree make sure there are no additives like sugar or gelatin used to stabilize it. These add unnecessary calories to your drink. We recommend buying directly from natural food stores or specialty grocery shops to get better quality products.

Peel the passion fruit

how to passion fruit juice

The next step is to peel the passion fruits! This can be done either using your hand or with a spoon, depending on how much you want to scrape off.

If you use a spoon, make sure to wash it first to prevent any stuck residues in the pulp from making it’s way into the juice. Once peeled, add the pulp to the jar of fresh lemon/lime juice and process again according to your normal procedure.

After processing, pour the liquid through a new filter if needed, and then refrigerate until completely chilled before serving.

Once cold, stir the mixture thoroughly and taste it – you might like more acid, salt, or both!

Your passion fruit juice can now be consumed immediately, or stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Blanch the seeds

how to passion fruit juice

Once the pith has been removed, you can either discard it or save it for later use. If using a machine blender, like a juicer, you can simply scrape off the pith and add it to your sautéed vegetables of choice!

If hand blending the pulp, do so in batches as it will take some time. When each batch is soft enough, put it into another container and mix with the seeded liquid until it feels smooth.

Now that you have pulped the passion fruits, blitz them again in a food processor or use a heavy pot and potato masher to extract more juice. Pour through a sieve if needed and enjoy!

Once you have mastered how to make passion fruit juice, there are many ways to consume it. You can blend it and drink it straight, top it onto yogurt or ice cream, add it to smoothies, or create recipes and include it.

Make the juice

Starting with 1 cup of whole fruits, you will need to add water to make one batch of pulp and juice. You can also choose to use half-water, half-juice as your liquid needed for the process.

Once all the ingredients are mixed in, you should put it through a juicer or blender to create the passion fruit puree. The leftover pieces of fruit can be stored in the refrigerator until you rehash the recipe!

After puréeing, pour the liquid into a bowl and whisk in the sugar and salt. Let the mixture sit and set aside before mixing again.

When the mix has sat for about ten minutes, test out some spoonfuls of the liquid. If it is sweet and tastes good, then it’s done!

Transfer the liquid into either an airtight container or bottle and store in the fridge or freezer depending on what kind of drink you want to make.

Add sugar

how to passion fruit juice

Now that you have your fruit pureed, it’s time to add some flavor! Most recipes call for adding sweetener or liquid glucose (also known as sugar), but which one is best depends on what kind of drink you want to make.

Using plain white sugar will result in slightly less tart juice, while using honey will taste more like the raw fruits themselves. Both are good choices, just be sure to measure them correctly!

Too much added liquid can totally dilute the acidity of the juice, so do not overdo it. You can always stir the mixture as needed during the process, but remember that warmer liquids evaporate faster, so start checking the pulp and juice after the first minute.

Add lemon

how to passion fruit juice

After you have pressed your fruits, you can now add another ingredient to your passion fruit juice- lemon! This will further enhance the flavor of the drink and make it more interesting.

Lemon is an excellent souring agent. When adding it to the passion fruit juice, let it mix in for at least one minute before drinking.

The reason why using lemon is important is because it helps lower the pH level of the drink which makes it taste better. The taste of passion fruit juice can sometimes be very strong so having some acid to balance out the drink is needed.

Another way to use lemon with passion fruit juice is to add it to the glass just prior to serving.

Add mint

how to passion fruit juice

After you have pressed your fruits, place the pulp in a storage container or pot. Now add some water and mix properly! You can then either put the juice into bottles or use a machine to produce fresh squeezed fruit juices.

In both cases, make sure to leave enough head space for the liquid to expand as it seeps out of the bottle. This will ensure that there is no risk of oxidation (the process where oxygen interacts with other substances) and possibly loss of flavor due to exposure to air.

To avoid this, always check your bottled juices at least once a week by opening the lid and if possible sniff the liquid. If it does not smell strong and delicious, do not drink it yet! Also, let the juice sit for at least an hour before drinking so that the antioxidants can seep into your system.

Another way to prevent oxidation is to never fill a bottle up completely. A small amount of empty space within the bottle helps protect the liquid from contact with oxygen.

Try new flavors

how to passion fruit juice

There are many ways to make passion fruit juice. You can use fresh or dried pulp, sweetened or not, plain or flavoured, and you can either blend it into drinks or drink it straight!
As mentioned before, adding some gelatin is an excellent way to taste the flavor of the passion fruits more clearly.

You can mix it with other juices for a refreshing beverage, add it to smoothies, or just pour it over your cereal or yogurt.

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