How To Make Passion Fruit Juice Without A Blender

November 28, 2022

Making passion fruit juice without a blender is possible! There are several ways to make this delicious drink easy and beginner friendly. In this article, I will show you two methods that have worked for many people.

There is no need to use a high horsepower blender to get perfect results with these recipes. You can simply put all of your ingredients in a glass container and blend using hand pressure.

Once everything has mixed together, pour the liquid into another vessel to see if it tastes good. If so, then it’s done! Sometimes, however, the mixture may not mix properly and there may be pieces of peel or seeds left over. That is totally okay because most of those components add flavor to the final product!

If you would like to try one of these recipes, then don’t forget to do so quickly as fresh passion fruit juice will lose its vibrant color and taste within an hour.

Look up how to cut passion fruit

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

While most people use a blender to make their passion fruit juice, you can also choose to use a knife or hand mixer! Technically, a spoon is not needed since you could just stir it but some people feel that using a spoon makes it more elegant.

If you have no idea what kind of cutter to get, do not worry! We have designed this article for you so that you can make your own passion fruit juice without needing any special equipment! All you need are fruits, water, and a little time.

There are many recipes made with passion fruit juice including drinks, toppings, and even cleaning products. Because it comes in liquid form, it can be mixed into other beverages or used directly as an ingredient. It can also be preserved longer than fresh squeezed juices which may go bad due to oxidation.

This article will teach you two different ways to make passion fruit juice via pureeing either through a food processor or by putting the seeds and pulp in a bowl and mixing them together with a wooden spoon.

Peel passion fruit

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

While you can use a blender to make passionfruit juice, it is not needed! You do need a very sharp knife to peel the passion fruits however. To avoid wasting money, there are several ways to make your own fresh passionfruit juice without needing a blender or special equipment.

In this article, I will talk about some easy recipes that require no blenders at all! If you would like more information about making passionfruit juice in a blender, then read my separate article here!

Removing the skin of a passionfruit is an important part of making passionfruit juice. Never pull off too much skin, as this could hurt slightly or even be harmful for you if raw liquid touches your mouth.

Luckily, removing the skin of a passionfruit is quite simple! Here are two foolproof methods you can try.

Make the juice

Most recipes call for using a blender to make passion fruit juice, but you can use your hands instead! Simply peel off the skin of the passion fruits, add them to a bowl or container, and mash them together with a spoon or fork until they break down completely.

When they are totally mashed up, transfer the pulp and seeds to a lidded jar or other container and discard the skins. You now have pure passion fruit juice!

If you would like it slightly thinner, just pour off some of the liquid before mixing the pulp and seeds. It will thin as it sits.

Store properly

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

While there are many ways to make passion fruit juice, one of the most important things is how you store your pulp and seeds. If stored in the refrigerator, fermentation can occur which will result in an acidic liquid that may not taste good.

If the passion fruits have too much pulp, it can be strained and dried out, losing some of its natural flavor. This should only be done if the leftover pulp has just enough water left in it to re-hydrate when mixed into other recipes.

Too much dry pulp can also cause inflammation or stomach issues for some people. It is best to either use up all of the pulp or save it for another recipe.

Avoid poisoning

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

While there are several ways to make passion fruit juice, none of them call for using a blender! That’s why it is important to be careful how you make your passion fruit juice so that you do not produce pieces of pulp or skin that contain chemicals called furans.

These furans can have harmful effects on humans when they enter our bodies. Consuming too much raw passion fruit may cause stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, and in very large amounts, death.

Certain foods may also contain acrylamide, which cannot be destroyed by heat like other fats and proteins. Acrylamide has been linked with cancer and nervous system damage and has even been implicated in birth defects.

Acrylamine is a chemical found naturally in some foods and cigarettes, and it has been shown to combine chemically with tissues in your body. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns people about consuming too many carbohydrates and sugars because this may promote the formation of acrylamide.

Tips for making passion fruit juice

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

This week, we are going to make some passion fruit juice!

Passion fruits come in many colors depending on the season and where they grow. They also vary in size and shape, which can make it difficult to determine how much juice you should get from them.

We will not be using a blender to process the pulp of the passion fruit so do not worry about that! You will need a bowl or container to hold the finished juice.

When preparing the passion fruits, try to pull away as little white part as possible to ensure all the healthy nutrients in the pulp are consumed.

Combine with other juices

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

Many recipes call for making passion fruit juice by simply adding it to your liquid of choice (water, milk, OJ, etc) and mixing! But what if you do not have a blender? Or what if you do not want to invest in one?

There are several ways to make passion fruit juice without using a blender. The best way depends on how much passion fruit juice you have, how many people will be drinking the juice, and whether or not you have a source of additional liquid that can be mixed into the drink.

This article will talk about three different methods: using the back of a spoon, baking it in a pan, and using an immersion mixer.

Serve with sugar

how to make passion fruit juice without a blender

For those who do not have a blender, making passion fruit juice is another way to enjoy it! You can easily make passion fruit juice without one using only your hands or the help of a knife.

To make it in just your hands, cut off both ends of the passion fruits, then squeeze the rest of the pulp out. You will need to add some water to create an adequate amount of liquid, so choose the length of time you want to use your hands depending on how much fluid you have.

Once the desired amount of liquid has been made, pour the juice into a bowl or glass jar. Add enough water so that there is no foam and mix in a spoon or fork until all of the pulp has dissolved.

Serve your passion fruit juice with a bit of plain white rice (like we did above) or sweetener such as brown sugar, coconut sugar, or honey.

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