How To Make Passion Fruit Juice

December 28, 2022

The beautiful color of passion fruit juice is one of its most attractive features. It comes from the seeds of the passion fruits that are processed into the liquid. Not only do they give the drink a bright, tangy flavor, but you can also make delicious recipes using the pulp or dried pieces of passion fruit as a garnish or in some cases, ingredient.

Fortunately, making your own passion fruit juice is very simple! Read on for all the steps starting with how to pick passion berries and then learn about preparing the juice. You will need to remember these steps when picking up fresh passion fruits as well as when processing the ones that are already ripe!

Something important to note is that depending on the size of the passion fruits you use, you may want to process them in batches. Larger passion fruits can take longer to break down which could result in cloudy juice.

Peel passion fruit

how to make passion fruit juice

Now that you have your passion fruits, you will want to prepare the juice! Simply cut each passion fruit in half using a knife or pair of scissors, then use a spoon to scoop out the juicy pulp and put it into a cup.

Once all the pulp is added to the cup, pour over the water and mash the pulp with a fork until it has broken down slightly. You may need to add some extra liquid depending on how much pulp there was.

When the juice has settled, take the clear part of the juice and mix it with the sugar in a bowl. Use a whisk to combine the two thoroughly, and once done, set aside and let sit for at least an hour.

After this time, filter the mixture through either paper coffee filters or a metal sieve if you would like a clearer juice. Pour the filtered juice into another container and store in the fridge until needed.

This process should be repeated every few days to keep the fresh flavor of the passion fruit.

Blanch passion fruit

how to make passion fruit juice

Once you have pressed the passion fruits, they need to be blanched. To do this, put them in a pot of boiling water for about one minute.

Once they are cool, use either your hands or a spoon to scoop out the seeds and white pulp. You should then add these bits to the juice in the pan as it heats up.

When the juice is hot, pour it into an appropriate container and stir until all of the pieces have dissolved. This will take some time depending on how cold the liquid was originally!

Now that you know how to make passion fruit juice, let us talk about variations.

Variation 1: Adding berries

If you would like to add some more flavor to your drink, you can add some fresh strawberries or raspberries when making the juice. Simply mix together equal parts juice and berry puree and stir well.

Juice passion fruit

how to make passion fruit juice

Most recipes call for adding the seeds, pulp, or both to water and then squeezing the mixture to create juice. While doing so is totally okay, you can now make your own fresh passion fruit juice without having to do that!

There are several brands of machines that purée fruits and vegetables as well as drink mixes. Some have separate compartments to hold ingredients while the machine processes them before mixing together in a container.

Many of these processors also feature settings that indicate how many grams of each ingredient you want to add and when it should be mixed into the liquid. This helps ensure perfect drinks every time!

We’ve found one such processor at very low prices here on Amazon! It has enough space to process eight cups of pure juice, enough trays to put all of the components in after processing, and setting features to mix through just the right amount of gel added to the finished product.

Combine passion fruit juice with other juices

how to make passion fruit juice

One of our favorite ways to enjoy passion fruits is in mixed drinks or as an ingredient in other beverages. Their flavor can be slightly salty so they work well when diluted in something else.

You may have heard of some people adding them into water or leaving them alone depending on whether you like tangy flavors more sweet or vice versa.

But what if we gave you two different recipes that use passion fruit differently? In one recipe, you would mix it into water and drink it, and for the second recipe, you would mix it into another liquid and add another ingredient.

In this article, we will discuss how to make passion fruit juice using fresh passion fruits and a blender.

Serve passion fruit juice

how to make passion fruit juice

Most recipes call for adding the sugar and water to the pulp directly, but you can instead add those ingredients into a juicer first and then blend it in with your machine.

This process is slightly more complicated, so only do this if you have a manual or automatic blender!

In an automatic blender, there is an area where you place the ingredient and it mixes it on its own. For the blender to work, you must put in enough of the liquid to cover all parts of the passion fruits.

If you don’t, then some of the seeds may get left out and unprocessed which will not make for good juice! So, be sure to check your blender’s instructions before processing the passion fruits.

With a manual one, like I mentioned before, you just mix them together and use a spoon to push down any leftover pieces that might remain stuck in the container.

Combine passion fruit juice with sparkling water

Mix one cup of freshly squeezed passion fruits (or bottled pure passion fruit juice) with two cups of liquid such as plain water or your favorite type of milk.

Add enough sparkling water to make a total volume of four cups.

Mix together in a bottle and drink right away!

The flavor of passion fruit will blend well with most other beverages, but know that it can be a little tart for some. If you would like more sweetness, you could add a few drops of sugar or use a regular glass of milk instead of the sweetened milk.

Add sugar

how to make passion fruit juice

While not needed, it is recommended that you add one tablespoon of brown sugar per cup of passion fruit juice you make. This helps preserve the acidity of the drink and also gives it some slight sweetness.

You can do this at the very last minute before serving so there are no issues with flavor or consistency. Once made, let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for an hour and then stir well. You will want to pour through a fine-meshed strainer to remove any pieces of seed or piece of peel that may have remained.

Once done, bottle and store in the fridge until consumed within one week.

Add vodka

how to make passion fruit juice

Now that you have your pure passion fruit juice, you can either drink it right away or store it in the refrigerator until you are ready. If you choose to keep it cold, then just add some alcohol such as vodka to preserve the flavor and fluidity of the mixture.

Just remember that when using vodka, there is an ideal ratio for making sure the liquid does not evaporate.

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