How To Make Passion Fruit Puree

December 14, 2022

Making passion fruit puree is a great way to enjoy this lovely tropical pulp that many people forget about! This article will show you how to make your own purée, where to store it, and all of the recipes using passion fruit puree you can find online and in cookbooks.

There are several different ways to make passion fruit puree, so do not feel that because this article does not state which method we recommend that you must use one of them! Many people have success making their own purees, so why should you be left out?

This article will focus mostly on using a high-speed or blender-style pureener to make the puree. These do not require cooking down the juice first like some methods do.

Prepare the fruit

how to make passion fruit puree

The first thing you will need to do in order to make passion fruit puree is prepare the passion fruits. You can either use a special spoon or device to scoop out the seeds and liquid, or you can cut each piece of fruit in half and then scrape away the pulp and seed using your hands.

Once the seeds and excess pulp are removed, you can rinse the passion fruits under water to remove any residual bits.

Pour the fruit into a blender

how to make passion fruit puree

Now that you have your purees sorted, it’s time to make some more! The easiest way to do this is by using a food processor or blender. If you use a blender, then remember to check its temperature first as mentioned before!

Once in the blender, pour in enough water to cover the top of the container (about 2–3 cups) and blend away. When it feels smooth, remove the lid and stir down the mixture until it resembles pulp. This can be done directly in the pot if needed, but we recommend doing it in another vessel to prevent burning from the heat.

Transfer the liquid to a bowl and let sit for about 5 minutes to allow the pectin to settle. You want to gather the solid bits at the bottom and discard them, as they will contain too much sugar which won’t gel properly.

After this has happened, simply transfer the liquid to a storage bottle and keep refrigerated.

Add lemon juice

how to make passion fruit puree

In addition to adding sugar, salt, and butter, one of our most favorite ways to make passion fruit puree is by including some acid in the form of lemon juice.

When added at the end, this changes the flavor profile and takes away some of the slightly sweet taste that the skin of the passion fruits can contain.

Mixing it into the finished product right after you add the seeds and peel is also helpful because then it does not need to sit and settle which could change its consistency.

Making passion fruit puree is a fun way to do something new! It’s easy to make, and you get to use fresh ingredients so there are never really too many wrong things you can do.

Heat it up

how to make passion fruit puree

The next step in making passion fruit puree is heating your liquid. You can use either water, milk, or both as your liquid needed for the recipe.

When adding hot liquids to sweet fruits, two things can happen. Either the sugar in the fruit may caramelize (combine with molecules of glucose from the liquid) and taste bad, or the juice may seep out and make the drink thin.

To prevent this, you have to be careful about three things: how high you heat the liquid, what kind of liquid you use, and how long you cook the mixture.

We will talk more about that later! For now just know that having a good blender makes creating passion fruit puree much easier!

What are some recipes using passion fruit puree?

Passion fruit curd is one delicious way to use passion fruit puree. It is similar to ketchup in flavor and texture. Try making your own by mixing together 1 cup passion fruit puree, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, and 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Mix these ingredients in a jar and let sit for at least an hour before spooning into a bowl.

Let it settle

Once you have pressed your passion fruit, let it sit for a few minutes before pureeing it. This allows time for any watery liquid in the pulp to seep out, and can prevent burning or overcooked purée.

When adding sugar to the puréed mixture, do so only after the paste has fully settled down. If done too soon, the fat content of the passion fruits will separate and rise to the top, creating an uncomfortable texture and taste.

Pour and serve

how to make passion fruit puree

Making passion fruit puree is one of my favorite recipes in this article because it does not require too much special equipment or time, and you get to enjoy it immediately!

In this recipe, you will need a bowl that can hold 1 cup of liquid, a fork, and either butter or oil to melt down the pulp. Once these are ready, you simply pour the juice into the other ingredient and mix together until it forms a smooth paste.

The easiest way to do this is using a spoon and your hand as both contain no fat so they will work well. When the mixture is fully mixed, put it in the refrigerator and let sit for at least an hour to set.

Take it to next level

how to make passion fruit puree

Making passion fruit puree is a great way to enjoy this delicious citrus flavor seasonally. While some recipes require you to use fresh passion fruits, most do not. You can make puréed passion fruit using either dried or frozen berries!

If you are looking to add more diversity to your culinary repertoire, making passion fruit purees is an easy recipe to start with. There are many ways to prepare passion fruit purée, so there is no wrong way to learn how to make it.

There are two main components of passion fruit purée: the rind and the juice. Depending on whether you want the sour component or the sweet component, you will choose one or both parts.

This article will teach you how to make tart passion fruit puree using only the white rinds and the sweetness from the pulp.

Add sugar

how to make passion fruit puree

In addition to adding sweet flavor, plain white sugar can be mixed into your passion fruit puree. This changes the color of the purée slightly, but does not affect the taste or texture in any way.

Many recipes call for using half of the passion fruits’ juice as liquid when making the puree, so make sure to use an equal amount of both parts! If you do not have enough passion fruits left, you may want to add more liquid such as water or milk.

You can now mix your passion fruit puree and put it in the refrigerator until you have time to use it. It will keep for up to one week if stored in a sealed container.

If the mixture seems very thick, place in the freezer for about 30 minutes – this helps it set and become easier to work with. Once cool, stir well and it should run easily in its consistency.

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