How To Make Passion Fruit Puree

November 23, 2022

Making passion fruit puree is a great way to enjoy this delicious tropical citrus flavor year-round! It’s also a very inexpensive recipe, costing around $0.25 per cup.

Passion fruits are in season from May through September, so your chances of finding them at a reduced price are limited to these months. But even if you can’t find any at the grocery store, you can make your own easily!

This article will teach you how to do that.

Prepare the fruit

how to make passion fruit puree

The next step in making passion fruits puree is to prepare the source of your liquid. You will need to wash the passion fruits, remove the seeds, and then add them to a plate or bowl that you have pre-labeled for this purpose.

Once they are washed, cut each passion fruit in half using a knife. Then use your spoon to scoop out the pulp and place it in the labeled container.

Now, some recipes may call for adding an acid such as lemon juice to the mixture. If so, you can do that now! Simply mix the two together in the labeled container and blend away!

And if you would like to increase the intensity of flavor, you can always stir in more ingredients later. We recommend doing this after storing the puree in the refrigerator though, as the acids in the liquids might cause the gel to break down and become runny.

Pour the juice into a bowl

how to make passion fruit puree

Now, pour the pureed passion fruit into your serving dish or container of choice! You can now either mix in some sweet sugar as desired, or you can leave it raw with some texture. The last option is better if you want to add the passion fruit flavor to another recipe, such as dessert or breakfast.

Pour the pulp into a strainer

how to make passion fruit puree

The second step is to pour the pulp in the strainer. Once done, rinse off the seeds, and put it in a container with sugar or cream to set aside.

After you have poured the pulp into the strainer, wash the bowl thoroughly to remove all of the puree bits. You want to make sure there are no leftover pieces of fruit that may contain some residual flavor.

Once everything has been cleaned, refrigerate the solidified mixture for about an hour until it sets up. Then, use your hands to break down the passion fruits and mix them into the liquid.

Pour the juice into the container of your choice

After you have squeezed all the pulp out, it is time to start thinking about how to make passion fruit puree! The first thing to do is pour the juice into a sterilized glass jar or container of your choice.

You can now process the puree in several different ways. You can use an immersion blender to mix through as well as sieve the mixture. Both of these methods will take some time depending on the amount of passion fruits used.

The easiest way to enjoy the puree is to put the liquid in a pot or pan and heat it over medium-low heat. As the liquid heats up, the sugar in the juice will begin to liquefy. Once this happens, you can whisk in additional sugar until the liquid becomes thick and syrupy.

Let it set

how to make passion fruit puree

Once your passion fruit is cut, you can now process the pulp and peel into puree. Simply scoop out the flesh with a spoon or use a hand blender to mix it with liquid.

However, before adding any liquids, you must let the purée sit for at least an hour. When you pour the liquid onto the mixture, that will break down the texture and flavor of the passion fruits.

After one hour, taste the puree and see if it has lost its flavor. If so, add more liquid until you like how tangy the juice is!

Pureed passion fruit can be used in recipes as a sour ingredient or drizzled over foods as a dessert sauce. It also makes a great garnish for drinks, especially water-based beverages.

Eat it

how to make passion fruit puree

This puree can be eaten alone as an easy dessert or you can mix it into your drinks and eat it as an after-dinner treat! It makes for a nice change from plain old fruit, and does not hurt your teeth in the process.

Passion fruits contain a special compound called furaneol that gives them their bright yellow color and distinctive flavor. Because this ingredient is natural, there are no known harmful effects of repeated exposure.

Overall, passion fruit has many uses and few drawbacks. It may be difficult to find at times, but they are worth looking for while traveling or during seasonal changes.

Try other fruits and vegetables

how to make passion fruit puree

While using fresh passion fruit is the best way to make pureed food, not all people have access to them at times. That’s why it is a good idea to try making purées with different foods or ingredients.

You can use dried mango powder in place of the mashed up pulp weighty enough to produce a texture similar to that of the original product.

Alternatively, you can mix together water, agave nectar, and sugar in a pan and heat until the mixture boils. Then add your passion fruit pulp and blend well. You get the same soft consistency but without the flavor loss that occurs when eating plain passion fruit.

And while cooking down the purée may take longer than just boiling the pulp separately, this will also give it more time to taste better because it has been mixed into the rest of the ingredient.

Cooking tips

how to make passion fruit puree

Making passion fruit puree is a great way to enjoy this juicy tropical treat year-round! In this article, we will talk about how to make your own fresh passion fruit puree in the summer or winter time.

Making passion fruit puree is easy enough for anyone to do. It can be done at home with only basic cooking tools such as a knife, pot, fork, spoon, and measuring cups.

We will also discuss some recipes using passion fruit puree here! No need to buy pre-made passion fruit sauce or sweetened passion fruit jam because you can easily make that yourself.

But before we get into specific recipes, let’s review some basics of making passion fruit puree.

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