How To make Passion Fruit Tea

January 2, 2023

When I was in high school, my friend’s mom would make an incredible purple drink that she called “energy tea.” She would blend it with milk and flavorizer (I don’t know what to call those ingredients) and then sweeten it with stevia or honey.

It had a pretty cool name, so I tried making my own version of it once! It is probably not as popular as her recipe, but it is totally unique and interesting. What makes this beverage special is the passion fruit powder you add to it.

Passion fruits are in-season right now, which is why I included them in this drink. They taste like a combination of kiwi and grapefruit. If you can’t get your hands on some passion fruit juice, no worries! You can use fresh or dried berries instead.

This article will teach you how to make delicious passion fruit tea at home.

What are passion fruits?

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Passion fruit tea is made of just one ingredient: dried passion fruits! Passion fruits are nature’s natural beauty products, full of vitamins, minerals, and health benefits. They contain high levels of vitamin C, which aids in immune system function and oral health.

Passion fruits also pack a special compound called furanocoumarin, or psoralen. This chemical can enter your body directly, or be processed into an inactive form that needs to be digested before it works.

However, research does not show that passion fruit extracts work as a cure for any disease. Rather, they may improve how well you respond to certain treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer.

Topic and conclusion
Paraphrase: So why drink passion fruit tea then?

Mostly because you get paid to while studying nutrition at the college level, and this delicious beverage costs nothing but water! (With the price of a cup costing around $0.50-1 depending on the brand.)

Drinking passion fruit tea daily may help promote healthy skin and gingival tissue, strong bones, normal blood clotting, improved appetite, and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

It may also reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Because of its rich source of antioxidants, passion fruit tea may even aid in weight loss by helping keep your metabolism up and promoting cardiovascular wellness.

How to make passion fruit tea?

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One of our favorite ways to enjoy passion fruits is in an easy-to-make drink called passion fruit tea! It’s super delicious, and you get a nice taste of the berries along with some berry flavor from the added liquid.

Making passion fruit tea isn’t too difficult, but it does require some time. Luckily, there are easy steps to follow that can be done at night or early in the morning before school or work.

So what is passion fruit tea exactly? It's similar to regular green tea, except instead of using water and dried greens, this recipe uses fresh passion fruits. The juice is extracted, and then sweetened with sugar or honey.

Popular passion fruit recipes

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There are many ways to make passion flower tea, so you should try some of them! Some people even brew their tea with milk or cream as an added ingredient. This article will talk about one of our favorite recipes for passion fruit tea that does not contain alcohol!

This recipe makes a ton of delicious tea, and it is very easy to do. It also does not require much equipment, except a pot in which to heat your drink and a mug or glass to serve it in.

If you would like to have a more flavorful beverage than just plain water, add additional ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs or sugar. By experimenting with different flavor combinations, there is no wrong way to prepare this tea!

Ingredients: 2-3 cups boiling purified water, 1/2 cup dried passion flowers (these can be from a grocery store or herbalist), green or white tea bags

Procedure: Pour purified water into a bowl or pot. Add dried passion flowers and let sit for 5 minutes until the liquid changes color.

Drain the passion flowers and set aside. Open the green or white tea bag and pour it into the empty pot. Close the lid and allow the tea to steep and blend together for the desired time.

When the tea has finished steeping, open the lid and mix in the reserved passion flower parts.

Tips for making passion fruit tea

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Letting the pulp sit in the water to soak up some of the liquid can sometimes lead to stomach issues due to an ingredient in the pulp- tartaric acid. If you are very sensitive to tartaric acid, then only use freshly squeezed juice or bottled passion fruit tea!

It is important to make sure that your mouth is well hydrated before drinking the tea as it contains sugar. Add enough milk so that you have just a slight bit of sweetness after mixing with the drink. You should also be aware that passion fruits contain small amounts of oxalate, which contribute to kidney stones.

When preparing the tea, add one cup of boiling water to 1 cup of passion fruit pulp and let it steep for 8–10 minutes. Strain the tea and mix in sweeteners such as honey or Stevia until it tastes good!

General tips: remember that if you are pregnant, may not be suitable to drink.

Passion fruit tea recipes

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Make sure to use fresh passion fruits, as dried ones are not recommended because they contain a compound that can cause skin reactions. To make passion fruit tea, you will need one cup of freshly cut or sliced passion fruits plus 2-3 cups of water.

Mix together the pulp and liquid from the passion fruits in a glass container and let sit for at least an hour. Once it has sat for enough time, pour the mixture into your favorite teacup and enjoy!

This delicious drink may be mixed with milk or sugar depending on your preferences. It is perfect to be consumed either hot or cold.

Passion flower tea is known to soothe irritability, stress, anxiety, and depression. Due to this, it is helpful in symptoms of emotional disorders such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

It also helps promote heart health due to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. In fact, a recent study showed that drinking three cups of passion fruit tea every day was more effective than antidepressant medication in reducing depressive symptoms in women suffering from mild to moderate depression.

Passion fruit smoothie

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If you are looking to give your skin some extra love, then try making passion fruit drinks or eating fresh passion fruits. Both of these will help improve the texture and function of your skin.

Passion fruits contain a compound called citric acid that removes dead cells from your skin. When consumed as a drink, they also aid in brightening your complexion and removing dry patches.

When made into a puree and mixed with water, it becomes an ideal way to enjoy passion fruit while also getting its benefits. You can sometimes find bottled versions of passion fruit juice with added ingredients such as agave nectar or plain H2O to make it more palatable.

Passion fruit tart

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If you are looking to give your skin some extra love, then try making passion fruit tea or baking it in a dessert recipe! Both of these recipes use fresh passion fruits so make sure to prepare them properly.

Passion fruits contain lychee which is an antioxidant that helps keep your body healthy. They also contain vitamin A which aids in dry skin balance and moisture retention.

Lychee can be added directly into water or juice as a drink, or they can be mixed into ingredients like desserts. When adding dried fruits such as berries in baking, add half their weight to create the perfect amount for the recipe.

Making your own passion fruit tea? Add one cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to one cup of boiling water and stir until combined. Let cool before drinking. Yours will taste better if you measure correctly!

For the health benefits, drink two cups per day. For best results, do not have food while drinking this beverage as passion fruits may stain your teeth.

Fruit leather

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One of my favorite new health habits is making an effort to make my own fruit leather every week. I have mentioned this site before, but they are changing their formula and adding additional ingredients so I’m going to include them here!

I made my first batch over a year ago and it has slowly melded into part of my diet. It takes around 30 minutes to do and you can easily make enough for one or several people.

The best thing about this recipe is that there are no calories nor sugar in the liquid used to blend the fruits together. That means you can mix in whatever type of juice, water, milk, etcetera you want to create your own flavor.

My favorites have been plain watermelon skin leather and mango buttery leather. They both taste great! (Make sure to use ripe fruits otherwise it won’t work.)

I usually buy all of my dried fruits and vegetables in bulk at Costco as well as some fresh produce because it really costs nothing extra. When buying dried fruits, look for ones that have not high fructose corn syrup added to it. My rule of thumb is if it says “natural sweetener” then it doesn’t contain HFCS.

Once the fruits are mixed with the right amount of spreader material (we like coconut oil) they roll up into thin sheets which we then refrigerate or dry in the oven until hard.

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