How To Make Team Building Skis

October 22, 2022

Over the past few years, team building has become one of the biggest trends in corporate America. Companies are finding creative ways to organize group activities that combine learning with entertainment.

Team-building exercises can be fun for everyone involved. They’re usually cost-effective alternatives to expensive trips or other events that may not last much longer than two hours. Some people call these types of groups “get-togethers” because they create an environment where individuals feel comfortable being themselves and interacting with others.

But why is team-building so popular? Because it works! Research shows that teams who work together outside of the workplace will also work well together inside the office.

Here are some examples of how you can organize a team activity at your organization. You’ll have to review their effectiveness before including them as a plan B.

Create a team theme

how to make team building skis

One of the key components in having successful team building is creating an overarching theme for your event. What will be needed later are supporting themes, but picking an initial one gives you some degree of leeway to add or take away things as needed.

The easiest way to start organizing this is by choosing a theme that includes all of the departments of the event- food, decorations, activities, etc.

Once these basics have been covered, then you can begin adding to whatever other themes you would like to include. For example, if there’s a ski race happening, then you could easily incorporate that into the theme as well.

Team building doesn’t necessarily mean doing activity after activity, although that is always a good option.

Brainstorm team activities

how to make team building skis

A fun way to do this is by doing something that has nothing to do with work. Some of the most popular types are: taking a day off, going out for drinks or food, visiting a museum, participating in an event, traveling together, etc.

These types of events can be as short as one hour to a few days longer. It doesn’t matter how long you keep them, just make sure everyone involved returns home safely!

Team building exercises don’t always have to cost a lot of money or take a whole week to occur. Many people enjoy coming up with creative ways to promote teamwork and friendship through different activities.

Using these types of activities as a springboard, you could brainstorm some other possibilities such as having a tea time party, playing board games, practicing group skills (such as communication or leadership), or anything else that may come to mind.

Come up with a plan

how to make team building skis

As mentioned before, team-building skis are not about having fun in the water for hours while watching your feet explode from overexertion! These types of trips are expensive if you do not have someone paying for them already or if they feel like it is an empty experience for them.

So, how can you make group experiences more interactive? Try doing something different! Hold themed events where people can participate or organize activities that require little-to-no coordination.

The best way to coordinate a teambuilding activity is by letting everyone know what you have planned ahead of time and then supporting these plans.

This will help prevent anyone from being left out and also give people time to prepare. Let people know when to arrive and leave so they do not get stuck waiting around because there was no announcement.

Hold a team meeting

how to make team building skis

After you have determined who will be working under your leadership, next is to hold a meeting with everyone to make sure each person knows what position they will hold within the company, how their colleagues are organized, and if there are any changes in employment status or positions.

This way people can feel comfortable coming to work every day as part of a cohesive unit instead of feeling intimidated by those with more power than them. It also helps keep employees focused on their jobs since they know everything about the organization.

Team building exercises are great ways to accomplish this. There are many different types of activities that require a group to come together and collaborate effectively. Some examples include having members talk about themselves for one minute and then have someone else give a brief speech followed by member interviews where each person gets two minutes to discuss themselves and their career.

You could also ask members to describe a word or phrase and see whose description matches the most common ones. Or have groups brainstorm ideas or do an activity as a whole.

Organize a party

how to make team building skis

A good team-building activity is organizing a party for your group of friends or colleagues. This can be as simple as having everyone meet at a restaurant or bar for drinks, or it can be more elaborate like hosting an event in the area.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that everything necessary for the success of the event has been prepared ahead of time!

This could mean buying snacks, picking up beverages, confirming rooms at the venue, and so on. If anything needs to be done last minute, you should plan for this already.

Teambuilding should be fun and interesting for both those attending and those sponsoring the event, so make sure to look into all the details before the event.

Try new foods

how to make team building skis

This is one of the most important things you can do as an employee in The Office. Why? Because food is a major part of everyone’s life, whether they realize it or not!

As a manager, you will likely deal with your employees outside of work around at least once per week if not more frequently. So why don’t you try eating what they order for lunch the next time you go out to eat together as a group? Or why don’t you ask them about their weekend plans so you can invite them along to yours?

By trying different kinds of food, you will discover new flavors that you never knew existed before. And while maybe they didn’t like the food they ordered last time, you are offering something novel that they may enjoy.

Try asking each other about some of your favorite dishes and see how many tips you get for making those recipes yourself.

Challenge each other

how to make team building skis

As mentioned earlier, team-building skis are not for casual surfers. If you are looking to connect with others around you that may or may not be through professional settings, these are must-haves!

Teambuilding is an excellent way to achieve this. More importantly, it is extremely efficient at doing so.

By having fun together, people will naturally become more open and friendly toward one another. This applies even if you don’t know anyone else yet!

Your teammates will also feel closer to you because of this constant connection. It creates strong bonds which are very powerful.

There are many ways to do this on your group trip. Some make it into the tabloids quickly, but several effective ones require no press coverage.

Try new sports

how to make team building skis

A few years ago, I was under a boatload of stress about whether or not my team would re-hire me after a very hard season. Luckily, they did! But it took doing something different to help me relax and build trust back into our relationship.

I needed to learn how to snowboard so I paid for some lessons and then got out there as soon as possible. My colleagues were supportive, telling me that I’d make a good rider even if I never learned.

Since then, I've been able to ride several types of boards (skate, surf, longboard, short board) and have experimented with other winter sports like skiing and sledding. Not only do these give you more fun experiences, but also learning another skill can boost your confidence.

Running an organization is stressful and sometimes things go wrong. By being open to trying new activities, you increase your pool of skills and resources.

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