How To Measure Passion

January 3, 2023

When it comes down to it, passion is simply about feeling an intense desire for something or someone. It’s having such strong feelings towards something that you can’t help but do things because of them.

Many people talk about their dreams and what they want to do in life, but very few are able to take steps to make those dreams come true. This is because they don’t feel passionate about their goals enough to put in the effort needed to achieve them.

You need to be inspired by your dreams to invest time and energy into them, which is why it’s so important to measure how much passion you have for different aspects of your life.

If you find that you're not too enthusiastic about some area of your life, then it's hard to motivate yourself to work harder there. You will also likely lose interest in pursuing related dreams if you don't feel like you've made sufficient progress.

You are passionate about fashion

how to measure passion

Although it is easy to feel passion for something superficial, like clothing or jewelry, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you love clothes, then you are probably passionate about them!

If you love fashion, then you know how important marketing aesthetics are in creating appeal. In fact, there is a theory called The Theory of Appeal that says people will spend money buying things if they enjoy looking at them.1

So why not use your passion for fashion to help market products? Instead of spending money shopping because you want a certain item, recruit other people with similar passions to do it for you.

By offering rewards to those who purchase the same items as you do, you can create a campaign or advertisement. This way, others will be doing some of the work for you!

You could also run such a campaign for an organization or cause that you believe in.

You are passionate about food

how to measure passion

Why should anyone care if you are passionate about food? Because you make good dishes, that’s why! Your passion for cooking is what makes you special – it’s your skill that people notice.

But being passionate about food isn’t just about knowing how to cook well. It's also about having fun with it, experimenting with new recipes, and finding new ways to apply this knowledge.

If you're always in a rush when you start planning a meal, or you spend most of the time talking about ingredients instead of eating them, then you might be more interested in feeding yourself than feeding your hunger.

You could even say that you don't like food because there's not much expression on your face while you eat yours. Or maybe you don't enjoy doing things after a heavy lunch.

None of these show any signs of passion for food. If you want to keep up this passion, look into some simple changes to see if they help.

You are passionate about art

how to measure passion

Art has always been an important part of human culture, going back thousands of years. The vast majority of these cultures had some form of painting, sculpture, or music that was integral to their existence.

Art is a way to express yourself. It’s not only a tool for self-expression but it can help you find new ways to do that.

Many people say that they don’t like art because they don’t understand what they’re looking at. But if you really pay attention, you will see how art makes you feel.

Some pieces make you feel happy, relaxed, angry, excited, etc. And since we all have different emotions, this is pretty universal.

But beyond just making you feel something, there are other reasons why art is important.

It helps build understanding of others, ourselves, and our world. It is a way to reflect upon who we are as individuals and society as a whole.

And lastly, art shapes culture. Artists influence each other, create styles and concepts that spread throughout the community.

You are passionate about science

how to measure passion

This is not a trait that people have often asked about, but it’s an important one. What does passion mean for business? For life? Science has answers to those questions.

If you're in love with math, then prove out your theory through calculus or algebra. If you're obsessed with reading, read anything and everything! If you enjoy crafting, make things -- from jewelry to furniture to clothes.

All of these actions show passion for the activity, and if you were observed doing them, others would note it. People who know you well will also notice this passion.

Your passion doesn't need to be large-scale. It can be small, even something you feel like just taking a short break from – for example, practicing yoga every day.

By having some part of your life that makes you happy, you'll find it easier to be happier overall.

You are passionate about technology

Technology has always been a big part of your life, but how much passion you have for it is different depending on what level you are at.

If you use computers to check emails, organize documents, and make phone calls, then you have the basic fundamentals down. But if you were actually paid well for using technology to improve businesses and increase productivity, then you hit a new level.

The more advanced you get, the greater your potential becomes in this field. This is why there are so many people with college degrees who still feel that their job is not worth the money they are being paid!

Having knowledge of computer software or hardware is very important, but knowing how to apply it to real-world situations is what really matters.

It is hard to measure just how passionate someone is about something unless they show some signs of it, so here we will go through several ways to determine whether you show more passion for business or techies.

You are passionate about books

how to measure passion

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to love every book in the world, but if you truly enjoyed reading then you should try to understand what made that experience meaningful for you.

Was it because of the story? Because of the characters? Or was it the way the author told his or her tale?

If you can’t seem to find one thing that makes a book interesting, maybe it is time to reevaluate your passion for reading.

You may want to consider other hobbies instead.

It could be that you read too much fiction and not enough nonfiction. Perhaps you don’t like stories very much, so you never feel motivated to pick up a book.

Or perhaps you need more inspiration when it comes to reading. If you always have an excuse why you can’t read, then chances are you’re limiting yourself.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy reading! It feels good and you should treat yourself to some small pleasures throughout life.

You are passionate about movies

how to measure passion

Now, this doesn’t mean that you love every movie in the world, but there is one thing that all of your favorite films have in common.

They make you laugh, they inspire you, and you feel something when you walk out of the theater. They connect with you on an emotional level and that feeling is passion.

If a film makes you think “wow, I really connected with that character!” then it touched your passion for people. If it made you cry or cheer, then it tapped into your emotions.

And if it left you thinking “meh…” then it extinguished the flame that was already burning within you.

This isn’t said maliciously – it just happens when good stories touch our hearts and souls.

You are passionate about music

how to measure passion

Music is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans. It helps us unleash our emotions, it aids in development and learning, and it can be fun for hours!

If you’re not sure if someone else feels the same way about something you like, then there is an easy way to test this.

You can do a comparison — compare your love of music with other people’s passion for music. If you find that they share the same feelings, then maybe it is something that you feel too?

There are several ways to measure how much passion you have for different things. Some make more sense than others, but all will help you identify whether or not you are over-or under-possessed by passions.

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