How To Name A Team Building

October 22, 2022

Teams have been a part of human culture for centuries, going back at least as far as early civilizations like the Ancient Greeks. Teams come in all shapes and sizes, with different levels of intimacy. Some are very close-knit with only limited members, while others can grow to include anyone who wants to be a part of it.

Teams play an integral role in how successful people run their lives. For example, look at any famous person and you’ll find that they had some type of team around them – a family, friends, colleagues, mentors, etc. Who they choose to invest their time in is important because these relationships influence them and help keep them motivated.

Team building is also a powerful tool for creating strong teams. When groups of individuals work together towards a common goal, it creates a supportive environment. This feeling is called group cohesion or internal solidarity.

It’s easy to do good things when no one else is looking, but what about when eyes are watching? Group cohesion helps ensure that everyone fulfills his or her duty without complaints so that the team can function effectively.

This article will discuss several types of teamwork and ways to apply each to your organization.

Naming your team building after a friend

how to name a team building

Names like ‘Paintball’ or ‘Soccer’ are great because they emphasize what the activity is — painting and playing soccer, respectively. If you have a friendship that goes beyond just this activity, then why not use that as your team name?

For example, if you know someone passionate about reading, then ask them how they would describe themselves and see if it fits with your team. Or if they always enjoy going out for pizza, then let your friends order and call their team the “Order Pizza” team!

Your teammates will probably give some sort of explanation as to why they chose their new team identity, so be prepared to learn something new.

Naming your team building after a location

how to name a team building

Names of this type are very popular in corporate America, and for good reason! Companies name their teams after a place they hold an event at every year, give them as a gift, or use it as a meeting room.

This is not only cost-effective but also encourages teamwork and collaboration. Because everyone has a link with the company due to the event, these collaborations can easily happen.

For example, if you work in marketing and the company holds its next big conference in Hawaii, then your department could organize a beach party or surfing trip during the event. This would be organized through the office’s administrative staff so that no one gets paid extra for it, but people feel like part of the organization because they attended the conference.

If someone wanted to stay home, this wouldn’t hurt anything, but most people would feel left out since the others were invited to something else.

Naming your team building after an action or thing

how to name a team building

Names like A Day at the Park, Daily Meeting, Lunch and Learns, Get Togethers, Getting To Know You, Holiday Party, Picnic, Product Review Meetings, Reflection Sessions, Small Groups, The Give-And-Take of Teamwork, What Makes This Group Tick, And so on – all describe important teambuilding events.

These are not casual gatherings where you can show up with nothing prepared and expect to have some meaningful conversations. These are usually organized around something that has motivated the group before, like a product launch, big project, or significant anniversary.

They’re also typically one hour long, which gives everyone enough time to focus on what they want to talk about without being overly stretched out for time.

Named teambuilding is a nice reminder to keep relationships strong by investing in others, supporting them, acknowledging their efforts, giving them praise, and letting them know how valuable they are to you and the organization.

Naming your team building using rhyme or alliteration

how to name a team building

Names like “Odd Squad”, “Death by Coffee”, and “Power Hour” are great examples of names that use rhyme or internal rhymes. An internal rhyme is when the word form sounds similar within itself. For instance, the word form of ‘team’ is also repeated in the name ‘team-building�’.

Rhyming names can sometimes be difficult to say because you have to sound out each syllable correctly. But if you are very familiar with the item being named, then you would know what those parts sound like!

Names that use an acronym or initialism as their main component are another way to create a fun team naming scheme. Acronyms start with an initial and then follow it with related letters or numbers. The initial for teamwork is already given; it is the word ‘team�’!

The rest of the letter or number comes after that. Examples of acronyms include ANT (Awareness, Norms, Trust), DBE (Doing Big Things), and MSA (Multi-Stakeholder Advisory).

Using a trendy team name

how to name a team building

A trendy or catchy team name is another way to establish your group as one that will thrive in the workplace. Companies use this tactic all the time by using something popular like “Team Red” or “The Productive Team,” etc.

Given that employees can be very loyal to their employers, this approach works well for teamwork!

As you may have guessed, finding a good team name is not an easy task. You must make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings, nor does it sound to cliché.

Names such as ‘Achievement Seekers’ and ‘Power Players’ could potentially offend people who are not goal oriented or don’t feel they get enough praise. Some might find the word ‘teamwork’ to be boring or vague.

So, how do you choose a good team name? Here are some tips.

Make it personal by using your ffriend'snames

how to name a team building

Names are an important part of team building. Naming teams after people you know is one of the best ways to do this.

If you’re looking for some quick tips, we have several easy ways to name a new team. You can choose from our list here or create your own!

Names that use initials or short forms of people’s real names work well. For example, if your friend’s favorite movie is Shark Tank, then naming your team The Sharks would be perfect!

You could also add their first initial to make it more unique. If their nickname is “The Professor”, having A Professors as the last letter in Their name will give an extra impact.

Make it personal by using your coworker's names

how to name a team building

The second way to name your team is by creating teams that are made up of individuals with similar personalities. This is typically done through conversations or interactions with each person, making it clear that this group of people works together as a squad.

As you can probably tell, I love teamwork and helping others be successful. So when I first started working at Walmart, I would always try to create open conversation groups with colleagues so they could talk about their experiences and things they were struggling with at work. It was very helpful for them to unload and me for o listen!

This is one reason why I named my team “Team Members” – because we all have our personality types and styles, and these relationships help us feel supported in what we do every day.

Having these easy conversations creates an environment where everyone feels like they can come to you with anything and you will never make them feel uncomfortable. This helps promote trust and understanding between employees which makes for a more productive workplace.

Make it personal by using your family names

how to name a team building

Names are an important part of team building. They can make or break the bond that exists among teammates, and they send a strong message about how people perceive you.

Names such as Smith, Johnson, and Williams suggest someone seriously and professionally. A name like McKay suggests someone playful and fun.

If you’re looking to boost teamwork in your organization, consider choosing a unique first and last name. Or choose a nickname and use it consistently throughout your organization.

You could even pick a new first and last name for your department or company! For example, if your department gets stuck on what to call itself, why not rebrand it?

Having different teams with different names creates a sense of community, which encourages collaboration. Your colleagues will feel closer to you because of your shared identity.

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