How To Open Passion Fruit

November 23, 2022

As mentioned before, passion fruits are not berries like blueberries or raspberries! They are actually a fruit that grows on a plant. The plant of the passion fruit is a squash so it does not set seed nor do they grow leaves or flower buds.

It is important to know how to open a passion fruit because you will need to scoop out the seeds and juice contained within. Both of these ingredients can be used in many recipes so being able to prepare your own is very helpful!

There are several ways to cut down on waste when opening a passion fruit. First, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching the skin or flesh of the fruit. You don’t want any germs left over that would prevent your from removing the peel properly later.

Second, use either a spoon or knife to separate the passion fruit pulp and peel- no hand tools needed! Using a spoon makes it easier to scrape off the peel while a knife helps get rid of the white stringy material as well.

Last, if possible, leave the passion fruit alone for at least an hour after cutting it to help dry out the skin a bit. This reduces stickyness which could cause problems when trying to remove the peel.

Peel passion fruit

Once you have your passion fruits, the next thing is to peel them! This can be done either using your hands or with a spoon to scoop out the inner pulp and skin of the passion fruit.

When eating the seeds, do not suck down the whole seed as this may contain some of the juice that has fermented. Rather, remove just enough so that you are only tasting the shell and nothing more.

Once you have removed all of the seeds, rinse the passion fruit under water to remove any leftover bits. Then, if desired, you can add it to recipes or eat it alone as a snack!

If you would like to preserve the flavor and texture of the passion fruit, process it in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Chop or slice passion fruit

how to open passion fruit

Once you have your passion fruits, either chop them into pieces or use a knife to cut them in half lengthwise. If using a knife, make sure to wash it immediately after as any residue from the skin could stick onto the flesh of the fruit.

When cutting with a knife, hold the blade slightly up and across the top of the passion fruit so that you can see what part of the peel you are leaving behind. This will help ensure there is no leftover piece of the peel when you take off the next layer of the passion fruit.

Once you have peeled away all the outer layers, remove the white pith underneath by running your spoon or finger along the inner side of the peel.

Buy dried passion fruit

how to open passion fruit

Even if you can’t taste any flavor, boiling them down removes some of the natural sugar content that they have. You want to make sure those seeds are removed too, as you can sometimes get stuck in your teeth!

Once opened, place in a bowl or cup filled with water and let sit for about ten minutes to release its juice. Once it has, use that liquid to wash the fruits to drink all of the delicious flavoring molecules.

If you like more intense flavors, then add a bit more citrus oil to help bring out the true potential of the passion fruit.

Mix passion fruit into smoothie

how to open passion fruit

In addition to eating it as an ingredient in recipes, you can also drink it by mixing it into your own smoothies or beverages. Simply open a pouch of passion fruits and remove the seeds, then add whatever liquid you would like and blend!

Many people enjoy drinking one or two glasses every day. It is not too heavy of a flavor so others taste well. Adding some to your daily routine may be a nice way to start your morning or make sure you get enough vitamin C during the week.

Mixing it into drinks may seem more practical since you do not have to eat it directly. However, we recommend only adding half a cup at a time until you find how much you love it before increasing that amount.

Serve passion fruit

how to open passion fruit

Once you have your favorite way to eat passion fruits, you can start opening them! To open a passion fruit, wash it first to remove any leftover pieces or seeds that may be stuck to it.

Then, use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and place in a bowl or other container. When the pulp is completely separated from the skin, add sugar (one cup of sugar per one half cup of pulp) and stir until dissolved.

Add some vanilla if desired and mix well. You can then pour the sweetened pulp into a jar or bottle. It will keep fresh for about two weeks once opened.

Note: If the peel gets left behind, you can cut it into thin strips and steep it in water with cinnamon as a tea. This helps re-dock the peel slightly so it will stick back when eaten later.

Make passion fruit butter

how to open passion fruit

While making your own personal taste buds happy, you can make passion fruit butter by adding coconut oil into your mixture until it is all melted down. Then add in 2 cups of chopped passion fruits and mix together!

This recipe does not require temperatures or cooking procedures as other recipes do. Simply blend everything together and use immediately!

You will want to stir the mixture every few minutes while it mixes so that nothing gets burnt or over cooked. When it is mixed thoroughly, pour it onto some kind of baking sheet and let it set for an hour.

After this time, you can pull it away from the baking pan and shape it however you would like. It can be put in a container and refrigerated or frozen depending on how soft or hard you want it.

Make passion fruit jam

how to open passion fruit

While making your own jams is not very difficult, knowing how to open a fresh passion fruit can be tricky! Luckily, we have tips here for you. You will also need sugar, jars or containers to put in place of our cooking pot, and a stove to melt the sugar into the passion fruits.

When baking with glucose sugars like plain white sugar, there are no special rules when it comes to using a thermometer to check if the mixture has melted all together. However, when using natural sweeteners such as raw honey or agave nectar, boiling these down requires that you use a clear liquid glucose test strip to verify that they have fully dissolved into the mixture.

Try making passion fruit ketchup

how to open passion fruit

Having your own passion fruit ketchup is one of the best ways to use this delicious citrus fruit! It can be used in many recipes, from pasta dishes to dessert toppings like chocolate chip cookies or ice cream.

Making your own passion fruit ketchup is very easy to do. You will need 6-8 fresh passion fruits, 2 cups granulated sugar, 1 cup distilled white vinegar, and 4 tablespoons hot tap water. Let these soak together for at least an hour before using them in a recipe.

Once done, pour the liquid into a pan and heat over medium high heat. As it heats up, you want to make sure that all of the ingredients are mixed well. Once boiling, reduce the temperature to maintain a gentle boil and continue to cook for about 30 minutes.

After this time has passed, remove the pan from the stove and let cool completely.

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