How To Passion Twist Hair

December 29, 2022

Changing your hairstyle is one of the best ways to express yourself. There are many styles that can be recreated in different colors, lengths, and shapes. Finding new looks you love and sticking to them is an excellent way to appreciate hair!

Passion twisting or PTing is a fun way to reinvent your own hairdo. Rather than cutting off all of the waves with a razor, you stick a comb through the ends and twist it around so that each section curls up and away from the next. It’s quite beautiful!

There are several reasons why this technique is such a popular way to refresh your self-image. One major reason is because it is very easy to do. Anyone can learn how to do it!

Another important reason is that it comes in many variations. You can choose between natural looking twists, big dramatic ones, small subtle ones — there are really no wrong choices here.

Yet another perk of this style is that it does not require too much expensive equipment. A good quality curling iron will work just as well as professional grade products. This is great if you are learning this trick for beginners since you do not have to invest heavily in gadgets yet.

In this article, I will go over some tips and tricks to help you out when practicing your hands free curls.

Start a YouTube channel

how to passion twist hair

Starting your own hair business is not for the faint of heart, but there are ways to start small by creating or finding a niche on YouTube that you can grow into.

Many people have made a good living off their passion to do something they love! If you’re passionate about hairstyling, then starting a YouTube channel showing off your skills is an excellent way to get started.

Your followers will be able to watch as you give expert tips and tricks on different hairstyles and products, and you could even earn some extra money in the process!

There are many ways to make an income online through YouTube. The most common ways are via Patreon (where you receive donations from your audience) and selling merchandise or gift cards from your website or shop.

Patreon allows you to set up recurring payments for yourself so that you always have enough money to survive as you work towards your goal. Many famous YouTubers such as Nia Vardas use this system to fund their dreams.

Read a book on hair

how to passion twist hair

Having beautiful, luscious locks is everyone’s dream but not every person has access to natural hair that looks fabulous. For those people who do have naturally curly or kinky hair, how they manage it can look very busy and expensive.

Some of these ways are too complicated for most people to replicate so they give up and go with chemically processed hairdos and appearances sometimes seem more focused on looking pretty than having fun with hairstyles.

There are many different types of books about haircolors, shampooing, styling, and curling your hair. Some focus more on specific shades and styles while others offer tips and tricks for achieving new looks using similar colors.

Reading such a book could inspire you to create your own new color schemes or find new ways to use existing ones. You would also learn some basic tips and tricks for taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy.

Learn to use products with high concentrations of oils

how to passion twist hair

A lot of people feel that using too much product is a bad thing, but this isn’t always the case! Using heavy amounts of cream or oil can actually help you achieve your desired look.

Many professional hairstylists use very strong hairsprays, gels, and mousses in their jobs, so why should we limited ourselves to these types of products?

By experimenting with more powerful hair products, you will be able to create some amazing looks for yourself!

There are several brands which offer very rich hair textures such as gel, shampoo, and butter all in one bottle, making it easy to use both topically and at home.

These types of products are usually marketed towards beachgoers or individuals who like to swim, so they know what quality moisturizer they want!

This article will talk about our, let’s say, less adventurous friends who may not be quite sure how to work with heavier hairsprays, gels, and butters.

Become familiar with different styling techniques

how to passion twist hair

As mentioned earlier, experimenting with hairstyling is one of the best ways to find your favorite styles! There are many ways to experiment with hair textures and shapes, and you do not need expensive products or professional help to get creative.

Many people begin by washing and drying their hair and then simply style it as they would like to dress up for an event. By doing this, you can easily create beautiful looks that use very little product.

Some other common hairstyles include braid designs, using gel to stick out some parts, rolling locks into a rope shape, and curling and straightening hairs to see what effects they have.

These various styles and tricks can be done at home so there is no excuse for poor hairstyle choices!”

Improved hairstyles will always be popular, so why not try making your own new ones? While cost is a factor in creating your own look, there are plenty of free tutorials online that can teach you everything you want to know.

There are also a lot of YouTube videos showing how to do different hairstyles so that you can watch and learn from those if you wish.

Ask your friends about their experiences with hair passion

how to passion twist hair

As mentioned before, finding your hairstyling style is an ever-evolving process that requires experimentation. There are many ways to explore new styles, and you do not need professional training to get creative!

Ask around to see what people use for different hairstyles and how they achieve those looks. You can also visit local salons or spas to learn from others’s work and tips.

There are several sites where you can find inspiration and tips for all sorts of hairdos. Some offer free pictures and general styling advice, while some give more in depth instructions.

General beauty websites like Allure and Vogue have lots of hairstyle ideas as well as in depth articles and videos on popular hairstyles such as braid tutorials and blowout secrets.

Try using a heated blow dryer and try a low heat

how to passion twist hair

When your hair is in its natural state, it is actually made of two different textures–keratinous and curly. The keratin texture comes from the outer layer of the hairs that are not curly.

Curly haired people have both types of hair so they can go into a luscious curling or rolling action with their curls. This is because they have both type hairs.

Try using a flat iron and try a high heat

how to passion twist hair

When your hair is in its natural state, it is actually quite smooth and sleek. This is due to the fact that tight curls retain more shape and volume than relaxed or straight hairs, but they are also much tighter which makes them seem sleeker.

However, some people prefer heavier locks so they can feel thicker and longer. To achieve this look, you will have to let go of some of those tighter curls!

By relaxing your hairstyle, you open up new opportunities to create looks you never would’ve thought possible. Many professional hairdressers use a tool called a flatiron to do this- why not give it a try?

Try using a flat iron and try a hot, heavy one first to see if your hairstylist is able to achieve the same results as he/she normally could! Once again, keep reading for tips on how to passion twist hair.

Ask your partner about how they like their hair styled

how to passion twist hair

This will be very interesting! If you are already in a relationship, then asking about hairstyles is pretty easy. But for those of you who are looking to add some passion into your life, this can get tricky.

Finding out what styles your significant other likes is a great way to start exploring romantic ideas. Most people have favorite looks that they go to when they wash their hair or dress up for work or day-to-day activities. By picking an activity (like going to bed or taking a shower) and having your loved one do their normal routine while also adding something new, it creates a conversation opportunity.

Ask if there is anything specific they like about their own hair style or if they prefer more relaxed hairstyles over curly haired ones. Some people enjoy different shaped haircuts so if you see someone wearing something you think would look good, ask them if they would ever consider doing that themselves.

I’ve seen many couples where one person loves long, flowing locks and the other prefers shorter, tighter curls. Finding the right balance between both parties is important because it adds another level to the intimacy of the relationship.

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