How To Passionately Kiss Your Boyfriend

December 15, 2022

When your significant other comes home from work, it is important to show them some love by greeting them with a warm kiss.

If you want to know how to passionately kiss your boyfriend, then here are five easy steps!

Step No. 1 - Start with a nice hand shake

This is one of the most basic things that must be done when meeting someone for the first time. By shaking hands, both people establish a good tone for the rest of the conversation.

After they have said hello, move onto step number two.

Do not kiss your boyfriend all over too quickly

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Kicking off with a gentle, intimate greeting is always better than going in for a more passionate kissing spree immediately after meeting someone.

This is because when you greet each other with a nice kiss, then go straight into oral sex or intercourse, the initial romantic feeling can be lost.

If you want to have great sexual experiences with your partner, start by touching gently and slowly.

Play with each other’s hands first, before moving onto bigger things like kisses, fingering, and oral sex.

Try new things with your boyfriend

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Let’s rephrase that: Try new things with your significant other!

Kissing is a pretty universal human behavior, but there are some rules about how long you should really be doing it (and how often). Some say kissing too much can become boring, so don’t do that!

And while most people agree that it's fine to kiss each other in public, some things are just not appropriate. Like when someone else could get hurt or offended. Or if you're at work and there's an open door or window.

So, what are some fun ways to try out your own private kisses? Here we'll go through ten of our favorite weird and wonderful way to enjoy intimate oral sex.

1. The knees-to-the-chest position

This one requires two people who like kissing a lot. One person lies down, and the other sits on top, bringing their legs up for this very intimate position. This works well for both men and women, though males usually prefer the more feminine version.

2. The butterfly style

In this position, one partner gets into a spoon shape, with their pelvis higher than their upper body. It looks kind of like a butterfly, and it can feel good for people who love pressure points. (Butterflies have lots of nerves and blood vessels.)


Tell your boyfriend how much you love him

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Let him know by showing him via actions, words, and touches. Make sure his needs are being met and he knows that you enjoy doing those things for him.

When his arms are relaxed and he has settled down for sleep, get into the bed with him and kiss him.

This will wake up his body and mind and start off your night on a good note.

Holding each other in our sleep is a way to connect with each other beyond just having sex — it's an intimate expression of desire and trust.

In my opinion, kissing is one of the greatest ways to show someone true passion. It can be done at any time, anywhere, and does not require anything else to happen.

Touch your boyfriend

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

When you are both awake, have sex! This will depend on whether or not he wants to before this article is over. If he does want to quickly before it’s too late then do so because YOU WANT TO!

If he doesn’t seem interested in that kind of intimacy at the moment, don’t push him. Take a break and see if he’ll change his mind later when he feels more ready.

Many people feel uncomfortable having oral sex or sexual intercourse for several different reasons. It can be due to religious beliefs, moral convictions, fear of pregnancy, or worry about getting pregnant. Or maybe they just aren’t attracted to their partner enough to enjoy intimate activities with them.

It’s totally normal to feel nervousness or anxiety about changing the status quo in terms of how you’ve always had sex. But remember, kissing is one of the most basic human pleasures so why deny yourself that?

Try giving each other some lip kisses – even if it’s only one or two. Add some licks here and there and eventually move onto something longer and deeper.

Start by touching each other’s face. Run your hands through each other’s hair, kiss softly on the lips, and gently nibble all around your mouth.

Next, play with each other’s fingers.

Hold your boyfriend

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

When you are kissing your significant other, there is an important thing that can be lost. This is because most people assume that when they hold their lover, they want to have sex!

While having sex is great and fun for some, this isn’t always the case. Many couples kiss for hours and never actually get into bed together.

Kissing is a beautiful way to show love and passion for each other. You don’t need anything else!

Many of us spend our lives with our hands in our pockets or holding onto something solid. When we do place them somewhere, it’s usually towards someone we care about. If we really wanted to put our hand down, we would ask permission first and then try to give our loved one at least a good handshake back.

But why not take those hands out of your pocket and use them for what they were meant to do?

Give your girlfriend or boyfriend passionate kisses. Use your mouth to tell her how much she means to you and express your desire to be with her.

Now here’s the tricky part — don’t overdo it. A nice long passionate kiss every once in a while is fine, but if you feel like you need more than that, go ahead and give it to yourself.

You will probably find that you both will enjoy the extra touches.

Get into his or her natural rhythm

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend


Do not try to be a good kisser

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Many people begin kissing by trying to do things they have never done before. They try sticking their tongue in place, or licking the other person thoroughly, and/or sucking their lips.

All of these are great ways to start kissing! But actually being a good kisser takes years to perfect.

Kissing is like any skill – it takes practice to get better at it. And while some people are naturally gifted when it comes to kisses, most of us have to work hard to learn how to really enjoy them.

Practice makes perfect

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Kicking your kissing game off with some simple kisses is a great way to start out. Once you have mastered that, it’s time to advance! Adorable little pecks are totally fine, but bigger kisses are better.

There was a very famous kiss in movie history where Leonardo DiCaprio kissed Kate Bosworth for two minutes straight. That is an incredible amount of kissing for most people. If someone like that can do it, then you can too!

If there’s one thing we can learn from that kiss, it’s that a good kiss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work and practice. So don’t get discouraged if you struggle to make even a few moves at first.

Keep practicing and within weeks you will be leaving salacious whispers behind you and moving onto more romantic conversations.

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