How To Passionately Kiss Your Boyfriend

November 24, 2022

When your lover asks you to kiss them more passionately, it can be hard to know what to do. Some may even get nervous or uncomfortable.

Some women feel that their boyfriend is not romantic enough so they try to make him more passionate for his girlfriend. Or maybe she feels like her kissing skills are getting rusty because he doesn’t seem too into it.

Either way, this article will talk about how to give your boyfriend the best bedroom kisses! From starting with a nice greeting to keeping up the rhythm, we have got all of the tips here for you.

But before we dive in, let us discuss some important points first.

Why Should I Give Myboyfriend A More Romantic Knew?

There is an assumption made when people say that their partner does not put much effort into sex- but they think that their own sex life is boring.

This could definitely hurt your relationship if you both want different things sexually. You might also feel insecure if your partner thinks that you don’t enjoy sex as much as they do.

It is very personal to each person what kind of intimacy they need from their partner. For example, some men love being licked during oral sex while other men find that sort of thing distracting.

If your sex life has become less exciting, then it is time to work through those reasons why.

Play with your partner

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Kicking off this whole kissing thing can be a little awkward for both people involved. The first time you kiss should not be because someone told you it has to be done or because of pressure.

Kissing is an intimate activity that allows two individuals to connect on a deeper level. When there’s no connection, then nothing else happens.

Being able to kiss is a great way to show each other love and respect. It’s also a nice way to express yourself physically. Why not give it a try?

There are several different ways to do it. You can practice in front of a mirror, use YouTube videos as tips, or learn from friends or family who are already very good at it.

Some say that women know how to kiss better than men, but I have never found this to be true. There are lots of ways to taste and touch your loved one without having to think about it too much!

If you really get stuck, check out some romantic kisses online so you can see what others have done.

Touch your partner gently

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Kneading his chest or shoulders is nice way to start, but if you feel like it then move down to his legs!

Running your hands through his hair or kissing his feet are both lovely ways to begin exploring intimate touches.

When his knees get good reception, move up to his thighs!

Once you have given him some kisses at his knee, move up towards his inner thigh. This can be done with one hand only as most people will not mind this.

Make out with your partner

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

When you make out with your boyfriend, you should know that there are different types of kisses. What kind of kiss is best for you and what he likes can vary from person to person.

There’s one type of kissing that doesn’t seem to ever get boring-the deep tongue kissing. Not only does it feel great, but it flutters my heart just as much as it thrills my body. This type of kissing is perfect if you don’t really like each other very much, or if you’re not sure about this relationship thing yet.

But I do think it takes more than two people to have an intimate kiss.

Do not bite your partner

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Many people confuse kissing with biting, but they are two very different things. When you do want to kiss someone, make sure you don’t stick your teeth in their mouth or suck their tongue.

This is actually considered intimate oral surgery! If your lover asks you to stop because it makes them uncomfortable, then chances are there is something going wrong in the relationship.

They may be feeling insecure or scared of you, which is never a good thing. A lot of women need some work when it comes to giving kisses so if your girlfriend complains about getting bitten, ask her why she made that request.

She might tell you that you accidentally hit her lip with yours or maybe she just doesn’t like how much you taste.

Do not stick your tongue in your partner's mouth

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

When you are kissing someone, do not stick your tongue in their mouth! This is called licking, but it can be very annoying (not to mention gross).

Most people are naturally uncomfortable being licked or bitten, so they may subconsciously pull away. If you make them conscious of this by sticking your tongue in their mouth, they will definitely feel disturbed.

This could easily hurt romantic relationships because if your boyfriend feels like he has to force his tongue into your mouth, it suggests that he does not trust you completely. He might also get sick and tired of having to play a game with you to enjoy kissing.

If you want to practice kissing, try practicing with your own lips first – no tongues! Then move onto more intimate areas such as cheeks, mouths, and noses.

Do not rest your head on your partner

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

With kissing, like anything else, there are different levels of intimacy you want to have with someone. Intimate kisses can be soft and romantic or more passionate. If you feel that your kiss is getting a little less intimate, then maybe it’s time to try something new!

Kissing for beginners starts off being a simple graze-to-full blown affair. When your lips meet, try to keep them closed for one minute (no tongue!), then see how many minutes you can spend together without taking breaks.

Why limit yourself? You can add some extra touches such as rubbing noses or licking each other’s mouths. Try experimenting with different types of kisses — from long, gentle ones to short, intense ones!

Once you’ve mastered the art of casual kissing, it's time to move onto more intimate modes of communication.

Do not kiss your partner all over

how to passionately kiss your boyfriend

Kicking off with our number one rule, do not stick your tongue in their mouth!

That is definitely something to avoid at first. We will go into more detail about kissing later, but this is very important to know.

When you use your tongue, it can get stuck which causes problems. If your lover has never been kissed before then they may not be aware that this happens and could hurt them or even make them feel unsafe.

It is also difficult to control how much time you spend using your tongue so try to limit yourself to just short amounts of time every few kisses. This can help prevent people from becoming uncomfortable or feeling pressured.

Another thing to note is that if your partner does not like the way their lips taste then trying to insert yours might not be a good idea! Make sure to research your best tips for tasting your lovers’ favorite foods before diving in.

Give your partner proper space

Let your boyfriend know that you want to kiss him and hold his hand, but only if he’s willing!

If he is, then great, you are already more passionate than most people.

He will feel loved and wanted when he see you showing an interest in kissing him and holding his hands.

But make sure it’s for a good reason and don’t do it because you think you should — unless you really want to.

Your boyfriend will sense something was wrong so try not to fake it.

Also be honest about why you want to kiss him and hold his hands; it can be as simple as wanting to cuddle or as complex as needing someone to talk to.

Whatever the case may be, let your inner passion show and play just like you would with anyone else.

And of course, never force yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable.

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