How To Passionately Kiss Your Girlfriend

December 15, 2022

When your girlfriend tells you that she wants more passionate kisses, it is time to get into some serious kissing action!

As her romantic partner, there’s something natural for you to do when she says she wants your mouth to explore hers and taste her like never before.

You should definitely give it a try, but here are a few things you need to know first.

Pay attention to her

This is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship. If she makes an appearance, then get into the scene with all the intensity that you have been holding in until now!

When she gets home, make sure to greet her with a warm smile and kiss her hello. Make eye contact and be interested in what she has to say. Listen to how she talks and respond accordingly.

Ask about her day and try to discuss something related to her field or career.

If she seems relaxed and happy, give her more opportunities to show off her passion by engaging in activities that she enjoys.

She will feel appreciated and loved if you pay close attention to her and what she likes.

At the same time, she will notice that you are passionate about her area and career field, which sets a good tone for your relationship.

Touch her all over

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Kneading, kissing, stroking, and latching are some of the most intimate things you can do with your significant other. When doing these, make sure they feel good for them!

Some people get stuck in an idea that kisses have to be more romantic or passionate. That is totally false! The first time I kissed someone it was because we were both drunk and then we kept drinking. It happened again because we decided to.

Kissing is a way to show each other love and affection. What kind of kiss you use really does not matter unless you want something different.

You should learn how to kiss by practicing. There’s no need to worry about looking sexy or perfect. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Try new things

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

There’s a reason why kissing has been done for centuries – it works! By exploring different types of kisses, you will find one that feels good for you.

Some people start with pecks on the cheek or nose-to-mouth as a way to greet each other, then move onto more intimate touches like lip touching, sucking, and licking. Others enjoy oral sex so there is no direct kissing involved.

Whatever kind of kiss you choose, your girlfriend should be willing to try them too!

If she isn’t comfortable trying something out, ask if she would like you to do that thing instead. This gives her an opportunity to change the mood or situation, which can make this easier.

Drinking alcohol can affect how well you feel about yourself and how confident you are. So before kissing, both individuals should be sober and know what they want from the relationship.

Do not bite her lips

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Many people begin kissing their partners with their mouths open, which is definitely not good! When you are hungry or thirsty, your mouth will automatically close, but that is not what love kisses should be about.

When you make passionate kissings it must feel like you have been kissed for hours. Yours needs to be soft, warm, and closed only at the very tip of the tongue.

This way she can taste just a little bit of our saliva and maybe even breathe in some of our scent- all without letting anything more than her nose touch my lip.

On the contrary, if your lover opens their mouth when they kiss you then there may be something wrong! She could be trying to get your attention by doing something strange.

Do not stick your tongue in her mouth

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Only do this if you are sure she wants it! If she makes a cute face, maybe just close her big beautiful eyes and plant a soft kiss on her lips, that is wonderful, but only if she asks for it.

If she pushes away or gets very uncomfortable, then let her know you were trying to be romantic, by telling her how lovely she was and asking if she wanted to do something else.

Do not push her away

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Sometimes, even after years of being with you, your girlfriend may need some help understanding how to kiss you better. You can try just kissing each other like you always have, but if that does not work then it is time to do something about it!

Kissing is an intimate act that should be fun and passionate. When there is no passion in your relationship, things start to fade. You will begin to feel disconnected from each other and yourself.

If she wants more intimacy, she must make an effort to want to connect with you. If she cannot seem to get into a good place when we are together, maybe it’s time to look for someone who can give her what she needs.

There is nothing wrong with wanting kisses every now and again, but when it becomes a constant reminder and you both know what feels good, it can become frustrating.

She might find another person who gives them those kisses they desire, but never you. This would hurt their feelings and could create a lot of problems down the line.

It is important to remember that love is not guaranteed to stay forever, so enjoy this moment while you can. Try different types of kisses to see which one works best for your couple.

Give her time to relax

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

There is no way to kiss your girlfriend with passion unless you give her a chance to unwind first. If she has been working hard, told you about all of her dreams, and then you go and do something else, it will put a damper on the mood.

She will feel like everything she said means nothing because you didn’t listen. She will get frustrated and uninterested.

If this happens, don’t force kisses or sex. That won’t help anything. Let her recover!

Give her some time to calm down before trying to kiss her again. Don’t make love to her right away after having romantic dinner dates. Wait at least one day so that both of you can enjoy yourself without sexual tension building up.

This applies even if you have slept together before. It's easy to lose focus when you've done it once, but it's important to repeat the process to find out how passionate you are for each other.

Tell her how her lips feel

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

When your girlfriend kisses you, what does she have on her mouth? Does she use soft, luscious lips or hard, stiff ones?

A few years ago, most women knew how to kiss. They either learned it from their parents or else they practiced on each other’s mouths.

But today, not many of them. In fact, most women don’t even know the difference between a good kiss and an average one!

Why is that?

Well, some men get too obsessed with kissing and teaching women how to do it. And while this is nice for them, it can be annoying and frustrating for any girl who wants to enjoy kissing but doesn’t want to spend all day learning how!

Luckily, there are several easy ways to improve your kissing skill-set in no time at all. You’ll learn how to give a perfect wet kiss, how to make your partner moan, and more.

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