How To Passionately Kiss Your Girlfriend

November 24, 2022

When your girlfriend tells you that she wants more passionate kissing, it is time to get into some serious practice. While most people feel that kissing is an intimate activity, many feel that what kind of kiss they give or receive depends mostly on how hungry they are for a bit of sex at the time.

If you’re like most guys, he has heard this before and it makes him think twice about ever showing her real passion.

She deserves better!

When you make love to your partner, she should leave feeling loved and wanted. She should experience strong emotions while being with you, not because of you but due to things inside of her.

Her feelings should grow as yours do, and she should feel good about herself after making love with you. If she doesn’t then something may be wrong.

It's very important to know that women don’t all want the same thing. Some just want to have fun in bed, and others want much more than that. Unfortunately, not every woman knows what she wants until you show it to her.

In order to help your girlfriend find out if she wants more than a quick fling, here are seven easy ways to tell if she wants more from you. Read on for these and other great tips on how to passionately kiss your girlfriend.

Put emphasis on your partner's lips

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

When you are kissing your girlfriend, put more focus on her mouth!

You can start by giving her nice soft kisses or even making her want more with a tongue kiss. After that, move onto kissing her earlobes, her nose, her eyes — anything she’s sensitive about.

Then slowly work your way down her neck, never going past the collar bone. Keep looking at her face for feedback so she knows what you like and doesn't do it.

Once you've kissed all of the important areas, take some time to enjoy each other's bodies. Let yourself get distracted as you explore each other's skin.

Do not rush

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Kicking off with a warm kiss is the best way to start things off with your significant other. An easy way to do this is by kissing each other at a slow, steady pace for one or two minutes.

Once you have made eye contact and kissed once, then repeat that process until you feel comfortable with more kisses!

Many people begin kissing too quickly without giving their partner time to enjoy it. This can make them feel uncomfortable or even disgusted.

Doesn’t match their idea of how a romantic kiss should be!

Take your time and experiment with different ways to greet each other. The perfect kiss will vary from person to person!

Your girlfriend/boyfriend may find some techniques embarrassing but that is okay! It takes practice to know what works for your love bud so don’t worry about doing it wrong.

Touch your partner

When you are kissing your girlfriend, start with some gentle touches. If she is looking at you, gently look down or up. Or even better, let her take the lead!

If she seems interested, then play with her hair. Run your hands through it or pull out all of the individual strands.

Fingers in her mouth is definitely not off limits either! That can be done lightly or more thoroughly depending on how wet she is.

And if you noticed that she has nice lips, give them a little bit of attention by licking or sucking them.

Try new techniques

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Kicking off with your hands is a great way to start! By having her press her body into yours, you can experiment with how to kiss her.

Some people like short kisses that barely have time for a few touches of their lips against each other’s. This can be fun if you want to try this out!

For some people, the mouth is the main area they desire to be kissed so making sure their teeth are engaged and they're breathing heavily is important!

Other things to consider are whether or not she wants more than just our-of-the-mouth kissing.

Be consistent

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Consistency is one of the biggest factors in kissing your girlfriend with passion. If you don’t, she will quickly get sick of it!

Consistency isn’t just about coming once a week, it’s also about knowing what time of day you’ll see her and how long you’ll spend together every time.

It’s also about not being too romantic or passionate at work when she’d like to feel loved more intensely.

If you can’t make yourself do these things then chances are she won’t be able to either. So try to remember that and stick to your commitments instead!

Be creative

When was the last time you kissed your significant other passionately? Probably never if they're always putting up barriers and defences around their lips.

But before there's real intimacy, we need to break down those walls so that our own desires can be fulfilled. - Sarah Nicole Pruden

Now here's something special — let me show you how to kiss your girlfriend with passion. This technique works wonders for anyone, men or women. It'll have her begging for more in no time!

Kissing your partner longer and harder than usual is a great way to begin practicing passionate kisses. You can even use this technique as a basis to learn more intricate ways to kiss.

Start by giving each other soft, gentle kisses.

Do not bite

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

Sometimes, even after years of dating, your girlfriend will catch you doing something that makes her feel uncomfortable or she feels like she has asked you to stop doing it and you have ignored her requests.

She may get upset and break up with you because you made her feel insecure or she could just be too tired from trying to ask you to do things more passionately to stay in this relationship.

If she is asking you to do something she wants you to change how you kiss her, then try not to stick your tongue in her mouth or push it in by prodding with yours.

This would definitely make most women feel uncomfortable and possibly scared. Never put your tongue in someone’s mouth without their consent!

Using your fingers or hand as a way to stimulate hers is also very annoying for some. If you really want to taste her lips, use a nice soft brush instead so that is does not feel slimy.

Touch your partner's face

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

When you look into your lover’s eyes, what do you see? Desire or indifference? If you find that they are looking past you, maybe it is time to try something new.

If you want to know how to passionately kiss your girlfriend, start by giving her full attention. Look in their eyes while you're kissing them.

Her body will signal hers if she wants more. She'll pull you closer, push up against you, grab your shoulders, and so on.

When she does this, it is a clear sign that she likes what you are doing and wants to keep going.

Use tongue

how to passionately kiss your girlfriend

When you are kissing your girlfriend, make sure to use her mouth as your main source of taste and pleasure. Make frequent trips to kiss her so that she can refresh herself in your presence!

When you are giving her kisses, try using her lips as the surface for your tongues to meet. If her lips are not very soft, ask if you may lick them instead!

Try stroking her hair or running your hands through it to feel its texture. You might want to experiment with different hairstyles to find one that is particularly easy to run your fingers through.

Give each other appropriate amount of time to enjoy kissing before moving onto the next stage.

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