How To Passionately Love Someone

December 15, 2022

Having an intimate relationship with someone is definitely not easy, but it is possible! If you are struggling to love your significant other more than ever before, it may be time to try some different strategies.

This article will talk about some ways to truly love yourself first before thinking of loving another person as much as you can. Once you have worked through these exercises, then you can focus on improving your romantic relationships.

You will also need to learn how to ask for what you want from your partner. It’s impossible to hold onto a feeling of intimacy if you don’t ask for what you desire.

If you have already asked your lover what they wanted, then you can move on to talking about why they didn’t give their full attention to you. This way you can avoid any kind of confrontation or hurtful comments.

There is no better time to work on your relationship skills than right now. Relationships take work and investment, which most people do not seem willing to make anymore.

Make time for affection

how to passionately love someone

A passionate relationship is one that grows over time. If you feel like you are running out of things to do, then it’s time to make changes.

You need to recognize that this is not going to change unless you make it happen.

If you want to love someone, you have to work at loving them. It takes effort and investment in personhood before you see true love.

It will take more than just having romantic dates every now and then, but consistently putting energy into their life — showing up for school events, making an effort to know who they are outside of relationships, talking about how you feel and listening to what they say… those are all ways to show your loved ones that you care.

This article will talk about some ways to really focus on developing intimacy with your significant other.

Be their partner in crime

how to passionately love someone

“Being passionate” is not the same as being obsessive or carried away. Being passionate means experiencing strong emotions for a few minutes, an hour, or even longer than that, but never for too long or to the exclusion of other things that matter to you.

When you are passionately involved with someone, they understand you and how you feel about certain things. They can easily tell when you are angry or upset with them, and will try hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They will also know what makes you happy, and will do everything in their power to help you experience those feelings.

If you want to love someone, then show them who you are and be honest about your feelings. Don’t pretend to like something just because you should — believe in it fully.

Be their best friend

how to passionately love someone

Sometimes, in attempts to show your romantic partner that you love them, things get a little over-the-top.

Tipping down the romance is kind of like when someone makes an omelette—you have to add butter to it!

When you try too hard, then no one feels loved and acknowledged. This can be very damaging for your relationship.

So, how do we lovingly acknowledge our partners without being overly romantic? It takes practice, but hopefully you will learn here what works for your relationships.

Be their best friend.

This doesn’t mean acting as if they don’t exist, but instead investing time into activities that only they connect with.

Maybe it's going to the gym together or watching TV shows that only the other person enjoys.

By adding value to their lives, you show them that they are important to you. Plus, they feel appreciated and needed which helps to strengthen your bond as a couple.

Give me examples of how to be his/her best friend from internet, media, personal experience, etc. Relevant content gets more attention so pick up some tips by surfing around.

Listen to them talk about things they are passionate about

how to passionately love someone

It’s easy to assume that people who seem happy in their relationships are just not thinking much about what they should do next or, more likely, have mastered the art of ignoring these thoughts by living each day as if it will be their last.

But there is a very good chance that they have already thought about this at some level and, while they may not have specific plans set in motion, they know deep down inside how they want their relationship to end.

They might even have spent time developing feelings for you pre-relationship, which indicates that they had strong emotions that were at least partially motivated by love.

Ask them about how they are feeling

how to passionately love someone

It is your responsibility as an intimate partner to show love to each other by asking about how you both feel. You should be aware of what makes your lover smile or cry, and ask if there are things that make them unhappy.

This way, you will know when something isn’t okay and can take appropriate action. If needed, you can talk to each other about what you have noticed and address any issues immediately!

Your loved one may not tell you everything at first, but with time, they will let you in. Don’t worry, though, because this kind of openness is very attractive.

If you aren’t sure what to say, simply ask how their day was and see what comes up. Also, try practicing it on someone close to you — maybe a friend or family member.

Be romantic

how to passionately love someone

Let’s look at some examples. When your loved one wakes up in the morning, what does he or she see? Probably not you sleeping next to them with your hair all over the place and no makeup on.

When they walk into the room, what do they see? Probably nothing of importance – like you laying around sleepily waiting for them to wake up so that you can yell at them.

They probably saw something more beautiful than their sleepy spouse walking towards them. They saw you awake and willing to start your day with them.

You made an effort to be close to them and show how much you care by leaving the house early to come and greet them.

That is what should happen every morning when someone meets their significant other!

Be romantic, put in the effort and reward yourself for it.

Doesn’t matter if you just woke up or left the house late, make a habit out of it and stick to it.

Give reassurance

how to passionately love someone

Reassuring someone is one of the most fundamental ways to love them, and it can be done at any stage. Whether they’re in crisis or not, you can offer practical advice or just say what you know – you are known for being trustworthy, so that will make them feel better.

It could be saying “I believe you, even though I don’t agree with how you handled this situation” or “You didn’t do anything wrong, and you were right to try to help him/her.”

The more important thing is that they felt heard and understood — which is a big deal. We all need that from time to time!

Give me examples of how you would want to be loved and listened to and then do those things for others. - Edith Potter

Drinking games may seem funny at first, but they can have disastrous consequences. Even if you think something seems silly, chances are people around you don’t.

If you see someone who you suspect might hurt themselves, give them a chance to calm down and talk about why they’ve suggested doing such a thing before telling them it's definitely out-of-control behavior.

Experts estimate that up to half of alcohol poisoning deaths occur within the first hour after drinking.

Be physical

how to passionately love someone

If you want to know how to passionately love someone, then learn how to be physically close to them. Whether it’s kissing or just holding each other, investing in intimacy is an important part of any healthy relationship.

Having sex is one of the best ways to express your passion for another person. But that takes more than just having good sexual skills — it also requires knowing what kind of touch feels good to your partner and wanting to have intimate contact with them.

That was true for me and my ex-girlfriend we will call Maggie. When I asked if she wanted to try sleeping together, her answer was definitely yes! It took us several weeks to figure out how to make our sleepovers fun and not feel like homework, but eventually we did.

By being conscious about our sexuality and practicing it, we were able to enjoy it more as adults and relate better to each other as people.

It's easy to get distracted by all the things that could go wrong in a relationship, but ignoring your body and its needs won't help you save your happiness.

Start exploring your own sexuality and sharing those experiences with the people you care about. You'll find that giving and taking pleasure are powerful tools that can strengthen your bond over time.

Relationships take work, but there's no reason you should fear putting effort into yours.

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