How To Plan A Team Building

November 21, 2022

As we discussed earlier, team building is an integral part of any successful workplace. It does not matter what kind of business you run, nor how big your company is- having fun together as a group will always reap benefits.

Teambuilding can be done at any time or place, and anything is fair game! You do not need to have employees to organize a team activity- anyone can be a leader in this area.

Here are some easy ways to plan a team outing that won’t cost a lot and will inspire people to connect more deeply. These ideas can be adapted for almost every situation.

The key is to choose something that doesn’t require too much investment but still makes participants feel comfortable. This way, even shy individuals will feel able to participate without feeling excluded.

Many of these activities can also be done virtually, which allows for anyone no matter where they live to join in. Many companies now offer online teamwork programs so people don’t have to physically travel to enjoy them.

Keep it simple

how to plan a team building

Too often team building exercises are very elaborate, requiring lots of resources and money. These can be great fun, but they should be kept casual and straightforward.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at our list above! Many of these ideas can be done in under an hour, and don’t require too much equipment or space.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s not scary or uncomfortable for anyone – including yourself!

Need help planning your next team activity? We have a dedicated page with all sorts of tips and tricks here.

Exclude things that will distract others

how to plan a team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is not about having fun with your coworkers for an hour or two before going back to work. It can be more extensive than that!

Many companies have team-building events that last weeks, if not months. This is because it’s a great way to develop relationships among employees while also improving teamwork skills.

By hosting these events outside of work hours, it gives other people time to focus on their jobs without being distracted. That's why most event organizers require you to bring your full workload along — so you don't spend the day doing nothing but celebrating how good you are at your job.

As leader of this event, make sure you're aware of what needs to be done ahead of time and who else should be involved. And once everything is ready, keep in touch with them as well, to make sure everyone has a nice trip home after the event.

Make it clear what you want to do

how to plan a team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is typically categorized as either educational or recreational. Both of these are good, but some people may feel that only one type of activity is needed.

Educational team-building usually has participants doing something related to work. This can be teaching each other new skills, practicing teamwork techniques, or exploring different aspects of your job.

Recreational team-building activities are just for fun. You will probably spend most of your time laughing at how weird some participant’s actions look. Or maybe going swimming together!

Make sure your team members know what types of events you have planned so they can bring appropriate clothes. (No one wants to show up in workout clothes for an indoor pool event.)

Planning a team outing takes time and effort, but it’s worth its cost. It’s a great way to boost employee morale, communication, and productivity while promoting workplace friendships.

Choose a location that is easy to get to

how to plan a team building

If you are hosting your team building for free, make sure it is accessible and easily reachable. This could be at a local park or beach, a private property, or even another type of event like an open house or movie screening.

If there’s no cost involved, consider investing in transportation so people can get home when they want to. Some may feel uncomfortable coming from work, while others may need the quick trip back home after.

Decide what time is best

how to plan a team building

A good team building activity will require around one hour to occur. You do not want to schedule this event at night as most people are in bed then, or during the day when there’s no one available to participate.

You also don’t want to hold it during lunchtime because few people have that option then. The best times to plan this event are early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This way, everyone has their normal routine broken and you can easily include them into the event!

Planning the event two weeks ahead of time gives you enough time to organize it. And if you’re able to, even a week ahead of time is sufficient so that people have time to adjust to the change of plans.

Once you have all the necessary equipment, organized and ready, half an hour before the event begins is adequate for putting together the group.

Dress the part

When planning team building activities, what kind of activity you choose will depend on who your participants are and what type of activity you want to do. If it is for an informal get-together, choosing a trip or event that people can easily join you for is ideal. For example, if there’s a sports field nearby, going for a game is easy workfare.
If it’s more formal, then inviting members of the organization as attendees at another event can show off the organization’s leadership qualities.

For both types of activity, having a lunch break or snack time before the activity helps ease the nerves. And when the activity is over, making sure everyone leaves together is important so they don’t have to come back the next day! has some great tips for organizing group activities here.

Bring your favorite food

how to plan a team building

If you’re having team building events, then making sure your attendees are rested and well fed is one of the most important things. This will ensure they stay engaged with what you have to say and that they don’t feel tired or hungry.

Many people start their day by eating breakfast as a habit. It is therefore ideal to provide something light for everyone so that no one feels too hungry at lunch time or while you’re all waiting around before starting the activity.

Some groups like to do an open meeting where anyone can speak, which is great if you want to hear about all sorts of different ideas but it may be difficult to get through a meal without speaking!

If this is the case make sure there are enough resources available (plenty of water) and/or someone who can take over the talking slot for you. You could even ask whether anyone would prefer to eat beforehand instead of during the event to avoid any potential conflicts.

Tell your coworkers what you’re doing

how to plan a team building

It is very important that before organizing this activity, you tell your colleagues about it. This way they know there will be an event planned, and they can decide if they want to attend or not.

If they do choose to come then they should let their superiors know so they are notified ahead of time. If someone feels uncomfortable attending the event alone then they should bring another employee along.

Team building activities can really strengthen work relationships and connections. If you organize an outside group activity with some people then make sure to discuss any potential risks or worries beforehand.

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