How To Plan Team Building Events

November 18, 2022

Team building is an integral part of any successful workplace. Teams that work effectively are ones where people connect, trust, and help each other grow. Creating strong teams happens when team members develop relationships with one another and learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

At its most basic level, team building involves going somewhere for the purpose of having fun. For example, hiking up a mountain or taking a boat trip on the water are both great team-building exercises.

However, there are many more advanced types of events that can be just as effective. These activities typically focus on exploring concepts like teamwork, communication, leadership, etc. by practicing them in scenarios that feel relevant to your job.

There are several reasons why team building is so important at Work. Here are some examples you will probably recognize:

* It is a popular way to boost employee morale. Even if you don’t use these specific strategies in your own department, it may inspire others to do so.
* Many employers require event participation as a condition of employment. This is particularly common during annual company retreats or top team meetings.
* Conducting team building events can be a very cost-effective way to promote group cohesion and productivity. Plus, you get to enjoy yourself!

This article will go into more detail about how to organize and conduct professional team building events at Work.

Find a company that you would like to work with

Now, this doesn’t mean going to a bar and having a big drink together, but instead looking for opportunities to meet members of the team or other people in the organization.

There are many ways to do this, from attending events they organize, to meeting at work, to joining their membership programs (if there is one) – anything that exposes you to them more.

By being proactive about meeting your colleagues, people in the department, and others in the organization, you will make connections that can help you in the workplace.

These could be professional relationships that will help you in the future or friendships that will enrich your life outside of work.

Team building exercises aren’t just fun — they also have lasting benefits for employees and the organization.

Prepare a list of topics that you would like to cover during the event

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Even if you have done this type of activity before, it is still important to prepare ahead of time by gathering information and making sure your materials are in order.

You do not want to be stuck trying to find something or having to ask someone for help because you forgot an essential piece of equipment or material.

Team building can be expensive so make sure you have enough money to bring some snacks, organize a lunch, and/or stay at a hotel or close to the venue.

There are many ways to use teambuilding as a way to strengthen relationships and motivate people. The best events try to combine different activities to achieve this.

Decide the time and date of the event

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The next step is to determine when and where your group will meet. This can be for an initial team meeting, or it may be to discuss goals and strategies for the year. You can decide whether you’d like to have this in-person meeting at a restaurant, conference room, or somewhere else close to one another’s homes.

It’s very important that everyone involved agrees on the timing and location of the event before it happens. Not only should people agree with the concept, they must also be able to get there on their own without any outside help.

Some groups hold meetings via video chat, which can be more cost effective if some participants cannot make it into the expensive setting. However, unless someone is able to attend virtually, then they will need to be present physically for the meeting to take place.

Tell your friends and family about the event

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A team building exercise is typically designed to test one of three major qualities most successful people have in their lives — leadership, communication or teamwork.

Some activities are more focused on one area than another, but no matter which type it is, we can all improve our strength in every field by doing things that challenge them.

Teambuilding events are usually free so there is little reason to not attend unless you don’t like them. It is also worth noting that some employers require permission from your current employer before attending a teambuilding event.

If you would prefer to stay at home then that is totally fine too! Just because someone else was able to do something doesn’t mean you can’t try as well. You never know, you might learn something new you could add to your repertoire.

Choose the location of the event

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Having your team meet at a restaurant or coffee shop is usually not enough. You need to pick somewhere that encourages teamwork and collaboration. A conference room with good wifi is optimal for this.

Teambuilding events should be organized around an agenda so that people do not waste time listening to you talk about something that has already been covered.

You can also use the space to have a round table discussion or group activity. This way, everyone is involved and contributes.

Some groups like to organize their own activities and then compare solutions before voting. Others ask someone to give a short presentation and are asked questions about it.

Whatever happens, everyone must feel free to speak without fear of being interrupted or criticized.

Prepare a list of topics to cover

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After you have determined what kind of event your team needs, next is deciding how to organize it. You will want to make sure that everyone involved in the organization is informed and able to participate at least nomally.

This could be done by having each person send an email about the event or calling them to see if they are aware of the event before organizing it.

If there’s no way to contact someone directly, then posting on social media sites may help notify people. By sharing the information, others can decide whether to attend or not depending on their schedule.

It’s also important to know when most people work normal hours so you should pick times that coincide with those schedules. For example, if people usually work from 9-5, choose to hold the event during those hours unless it’s very close to either side of the norm.

Buy plenty of drinking water

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When planning team building events, one crucial thing to have is adequate amounts of drinking water. This will be needed for participants of all levels- those who may not know how to swim or participate in any kind of activity that requires swimming, and/or people who may get thirsty more quickly than others due to their active lifestyle.

Provide enough water so that everyone can keep themselves hydrated at all times during the event. If your event includes anything like taking a tour outside, make sure to bring an appropriate amount of water you’ll need for that! has some great tips for how to organize a successful team outing. For our next trick, read about the third tip here.

Dress appropriately

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While most event sponsors will provide refreshments, some may also have open bar or drinks that you can access as an attendee. This is not appropriate to do so without attending events with a lot of introductions first!

If you are invited to an event after it has already started, find out what time your host would like to greet people and be sure to dress for that timing. You should probably buy new clothes since this is a formal event!

Team building exercises are always fun and different ways to connect with others. If you are ever asked to participate in one, try to see if there are any resources available online or through company websites.

There are many types of team building activities, but none compare to doing something with a group of people who don’t know each other before attempting them.

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