How To Plant Passion Flower

December 14, 2022

Plants are fascinating! They come in so many different shapes and sizes, and fulfill such diverse roles in our lives. Some people even consider them to be beautiful. What makes some plants special is their unique structure or way of growing.

Many people get inspired by plant patterns and how they grow. These aesthetically pleasing designs can sometimes influence what we do with our own lives.

Plants have long played an important role in society. For example, Pharaohs used cannabis for medicine and decoration. The ancient Romans worshipped oak trees as deities.

Today, there are several ways to connect with nature through interacting with plants. You can learn about different types of plants and find new ways to use them for health and beauty.

Some of the most well-known flowers originated from interactions between plants and natural evolution. For instance, sunflowers were shaped to maximize sunlight absorption and pollen transfer.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of plants or you're already familiar, this article will tell you all you need to know about one of the biggest categories of flower --the passion fruit. I'll also share some tips and tricks to ensure your success as a passionate gardener.

Prepare the plant for growth

how to plant passion flower

The next step in planting your passion flower is to prepare the pot that it will be planted into. This includes washing the roots and dry brushing them if needed. Make sure to check whether the soil has any cracks or holes!

The plants can also have what we call thinning out their foliage. This means you need to take some clippings off of the leaves to help promote new leaf growth. You can do this at around half-monthly intervals until they are more lush.

Once everything is done, make sure to add some sort of mulch to keep the plant cool and fresh. We recommend using pine needles since they’re readily available and free! (Make sure to only put in enough so that the top few inches of soil are covered though.)

Interlude: Why not learn something new?

It may sound weird, but there are actually some pretty interesting things you can do with all those discarded bits of grass and moss. Some of these include growing green jewelry, growing houseplants, and even making pasta!

All of these things require very little energy and nothing cost anything extra.

Choose the best location for your plant

how to plant passion flower

Location is one of the most important things when it comes to growing plants. This article will talk about how to grow passion flowers in the home!

Passion flower can be a tricky plant to take care of, which is why they are not as common as other easy-to-grow plants like lilies or tulips.

That said, this tropical looking plant still requires some special attention to help it survive and thrive.

To make sure your passion flower gets the right amount of light and air needed to grow, choose them an area where she/he can sit under a bright indirect light source for at least six hours per day.

You also want to make sure there is adequate water otherwise the plant may die. Check out our tips here.

Another crucial part to consider is temperature. Plants need a consistent warm environment to grow, so ensure that yours has enough heat to succeed.

This could be from leaving the window open or using a heated bathtub.

Mix up the right mixture for the plant

how to plant passion flower

Most plants require around one cup of soil per two tablespoons of compost or potting mix. If you have no pot, then use a piece of cardboard as a vessel!

Never add too much water when planting your passion flower because it may drown the plant. It can also cause the roots to dry out, which is why it is important to check them out every few days.

When they look droopy, try rubbing them slightly between your hands to see if they come back together.

Water the plant

how to plant passion flower

After you purchase your passion flower, its next task is to grow into something beautiful! The two main things that affect growth are water and light. As it grows, it will need more and better amounts of both.

It is very important to remember this as the plant develops. It needs those nutrients to keep growing!

As it grows, it also requires more air to function properly. You should give it enough space for this to happen naturally.

Feed the plant

how to plant passion flower

Once your passion flower has been given its own pot, it will need to be fed! This can be done weekly or monthly depending on the size of the plant.

The best way to feed a new passion plant is by using a slow-release fertilizer such as Sunshine in a Pot. This will help promote strong roots that will hold the plant steady.

You can also try adding some soil to the plant to make sure it does not dry out. This can be mixed into a general purpose growing medium like perlite or coco powder to ensure it does not get wet.

Both of these are non-organic materials so only use if you cannot find organic ones for the plant.

Do not fertilize too much

how to plant passion flower

Most young passion plants will grow fine when planted in well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients. If needed, apply a thin layer of manure or compost as a general fertilizer.

Do not overfertilize your plant! Plants need only enough nutrition to thrive and grow quickly. If you notice your passion plant looking droopy or thinner than it was before, it may be time to give it some extra food.

Overfeeding can cause your passion plant to develop long roots which sometimes get stuck under furniture or other objects. This can also stress out the plant, making it more likely to die soon.

Avoid using commercial flower and vegetable soils, they are usually mixed with large amounts of chemicals that could hurt this plant.

Plant the plant

how to plant passion flower

As mentioned before, passion flowers are not limited to being an engagement or wedding gift! They can be planted at any time to make some new home plants for you or even to give as a special surprise to someone else.

Passion flower seeds will grow into small plants around six weeks after sowing. Just like with other plants, there is no set rule about how many leaves they should have or what size of pot they need.

They do however require more frequent watering than normal houseplants due to their larger roots.

Care for your plant

how to plant passion flower

While passion flowers do not require very expensive care, it is important to give them appropriate attention. They are unique plants that require more than just water and dirt to grow.

Passion flower roots will develop thick layers of brownish-yellow skin. This protective layer helps keep the inner growth strong and protected. When taking care of your plant, try to wash the leaves with a soft cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to avoid pulling off this skin.

Never pull out any parts of the plant without first confirming that you have removed all of the soil from the pot.

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