How To Play Pair Up Team Building Game

October 27, 2022

A team-building activity that is becoming increasingly popular is playing a game of pair-up. You’re given an item or thing needed for the game (for example, a piece of paper, a pen, or a box of crayons) and two people, who do not know each other before this exercise.

Your job as a leader is to get these two strangers to form a bond over something non-essential like a movie they both love and their favourite food. Once you have done this, you switch teams and repeat with your new teammates!

Teambuilding games are great exercises for leadership because they require you to work together and communicate effectively. Since leadership is about inspiring others to join you in a common goal, having fun doing so is important. Plus, it’s a nice way to break up the monotony of everyday life at work!

How to play a pair-up team-building game

There are several different ways to play a pair-up team-building activity. In this article, we will discuss one of the most straightforward versions.

Gather a group of friends or coworkers

how to play pair up team building game

Teams are an integral part of our society, we as humans depend heavily upon teamwork for survival. Whether it’s taking orders from a supervisor, pitching in at work to complete projects, or going into battle together as a unit, groups play a significant role in shaping social structures.

Team building is an excellent way to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation in workplace settings. These are all important qualities in any environment, but they are especially relevant in situations where there is a lot of tension or even conflict.

By having team-building exercises once per month, you will help your colleagues develop their relationships with one another and strengthen trust. It also helps keep individuals engaged at work since they are involved in something outside of normal routines.

There are many types of games that can be used in a team-building event. One of my favourites is pair-up team building because it is easy to organize and does not require too much preparation. What you need to do is find two people who want to participate and then invite them to join your group. They will come as a duo so they will know each other already!

This article will talk about some basics of how to play a game of pair-up team building and then give you several fun ideas.

Choose a location that will encourage teamwork

how to play pair up team building game

Choosing a place for team building can be tricky, but you do not want your teams to break up too soon! Finding a space with adequate resources is important so everyone feels like they can contribute.

Making sure there are enough supplies such as snacks or drinks should be considered. Having a large space and/or having multiple groups of people in different rooms or areas helps promote teamwork, especially if some people need separate time to prepare before joining others.

Facilities that offer free beverages and food are helpful when organizing a group activity. If possible, let individuals pick their favourite foods or beverages to help them feel more involved.

Invite everyone to the game

how to play pair up team building game

This is an excellent way to organize a team-building activity. Rather than having people gather at one location with a speaker or trainer, you can invite everyone to another venue where they can meet and discuss their groups together as a unit.

This is great because it removes barriers that may prevent some people from attending the initial event. For example, if there was an afterparty then people could attend both events easily.

It also gives people more freedom since they do not have to be in the same place at the same time. Some people may feel uncomfortable being surrounded by others, so this helps alleviate those fears.

Teambuilding games are usually played for fun but this method takes it up a level by adding a competitive element to it.

Make sure the location is comfortable and quiet

how to play pair up team building game

While playing team-building games like The Best Way to Revamp Your Relationship or how to play Yahtzee with your friends are great fun, they can also help improve relationships.

Teambuilding exercises work because they force you to connect with other people outside of your normal surroundings. This way, you’re exposed to different personalities and concepts about life which helps you form connections that you may not have had before.

Relationships take effort to maintain so this is important to do consistently. Once again, group activities are the best way to achieve this as they facilitate interaction more easily than if you were doing it individually.

Tell all participants what the game is before starting

how to play pair up team building game

‘Pair up team building’ is an activity that works best when there are just a few people, so this tip will tell you how to play this fun party game!

First, tell all of the players what the game is. This should include giving each person a chance to ask if they know what the game is already (the hard part!).

Then, have everyone sit in a circle or line with their next teammate being one foot outside the circle. The player paired together needs to be aware of which side their partner is standing on, as well as who their new teammates are.

Now, the second player gets into the circle and tells their new teammate about someone else in the group. After telling your new teammate who the third person is, have them repeat the same process by talking about another member of the group.

Keep going until every member of the group has told at least one story about someone in the other group. When done, see whether any members of the first group can come up with a story for each person in the second group!

This game takes around 10 minutes to complete, but it can give you a lot of laughs. It’s perfect for groups of six people or less since only two people per pair need to speak at once.

Tell all participants to dress comfortably

how to play pair up team building game

This game is not very complicated, but it can be quite entertaining! What you need to do as a player finds two other people and pair them up with each other. You will also have to organize your partners so that they do not switch teams too often.

The team-building game we are going to play today is called “Pair Up” sometimes referred to as “Swap Teams.” It was made famous by the TV show The Office where Dwight (played by Rainer Getz) would constantly propose this activity to his colleagues.

If you want to give this game a try then you should do it at lunchtime so that nobody else knows who their teammates are. Also, make sure that everyone has enough money for snacks afterwards since this is an active event.

Tell all participants to bring a wallet and money to spend

how to play pair up team building game

“Team building” is an excellent way to boost employee morale, productivity, and trust among coworkers. A fun game can be any activity that requires two or more people and telling everyone to dress up makes for a great team builder!

Many companies have internal games employees are invited to play during work hours. Others hold open tournaments with outside groups of people, like sports teams.

Either type of event should appeal to individuals of different ages, genders, and cultures to increase participation. Obviously, the easier the game, the better!

Tell all participants to bring their wallets and money to spend because this game does not have a cover! You will need enough cash per person for the amount of time it takes to finish.

Tell all participants to agree to split the bill equally

how to play pair up team building game

While having an activity or event as a group is fun, spending money can get expensive! As you’ve seen in this article, team-building games are a great way to connect with your colleagues, friends, and family.

But before heading out to eat or to visit a place for lunch, tell everyone to agree to pay their way.

This will give you all an opportunity to be accountable for how much money you spend, and it’s very common for people to feel more relaxed about paying bills than buying food or going to a movie.

If anyone tries to claim responsibility for something, you can say that’s not part of the game and they have to deal with it – just like someone who spends hours cleaning their room every day has to live with what they've done.

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