How To Play Team Building Games

November 17, 2022

Team building is one of the most popular games people play. There are many types of team-building exercises, but they all have something in common – group collaboration!

Team building can be done with anyone at any time. It does not need to relate to your job or field you work in. This makes it very versatile and applicable anywhere and anytime.

This article will talk about five different team building games that do not require too much equipment or space. If you’re looking for more complicated team building activities, keep reading!

Here we go!

1) Flash Mob

What you needed: A way to motivate the participants (flash mob generators), music

The activity: The participants create an area where they can sit comfortably and listen to the song they choose. Then, the leader calls out a word or phrase as a prompt, and the whole group joins in chanting or singing this together.

After the chant, the dancers move somewhere else, typically outside the venue, to perform the flash mob. Some people may even come from outside to join in!

Why it works: This activity really stimulates teamwork and communication. When everyone collaboratively comes up with the same word or tone, it creates a solid bond.

People who participate in flash mobs feel good because they get to enjoy the experience with others, and contribute their own special element.

Play board games

how to play team building games

While playing tabletop games like Monopoly, Settlers of Catan or Ticket To Ride is great for a group, there are actually many more team building games you can play. These typically use toys, gadgets or other materials to facilitate competition or create new challenges.

Many people refer to these as party games because they’re usually played during or after a gathering or event. What makes them different than normal table top games is that they don’t necessarily have a winner at the end; it’s not just about who has most money, but who built the strongest relationship with their teammates, how well everyone got along, etc.

These types of games can emphasize teamwork, leadership, communication and self-confidence. They’re good ways to boost morale in a workplace, and even outside of work!

There are several types of team building games out there, so here are some tips to help you pick one (or all!).

Organize a game of chess

how to play team building games

In chess, you will need at least two people to play as a team. There are actually three players in a chess match, but only two make up a human being!

The third player is the mind that coordinates all actions for both sides. This person is called the moderator or arbiter. It is this person’s job to evaluate how well each side is performing and to determine which moves should be made next.

By having an impartial party control the flow of the game, we can be sure that everything goes according to plan. This helps prevent any fights or distractions while still keeping things professional and fun.

Team building games like chess don’t require very much equipment, so you can bring your own ideas or look online for easy ways to set one up.

Host a game of chess

how to play team building games

Team building games are great ways to bring together people that share an interest in something creative. They can be fun for all involved, especially if you know how to play some sort of team building game such as chess.

Games like chess require two players so they must choose which player is going to be one person and which will be the other. This creates a setting where both players work together to win.

There are many types of chess games that can be played, including quick chess or 3-minute chess. With quick chess, each player gets three minutes to make their moves before someone else has a chance to respond.

With 3-minute chess, each player receives three minutes to make their move and then everyone shifts positions until it’s time again for a new round. Both of these games are very interesting to watch because there is a constant flow of action.

You may also want to consider playing “keep away” chess. In this type of game, you only have your pieces (and yourself) so you don’t need much space to play. You use your brain instead of your hands to figure out what next step you should take.

Play a game of chess

how to play team building games

While most people enjoy playing chess, team building games are not necessarily about who has the best individual skill. In fact, some say that it is more important than having good skills as an individual player. This view was popularized in a book called The Best Office Players: Who Makes A Good Leader And What You Can Learn From Them.1

In this book, the author argues that being a good leader comes down to how well you connect with others and use them to achieve a common goal. He calls this “team players” because it emphasizes cooperation over competition.2

Chess is a great example of a group activity where everyone brings something unique to the table. Even if someone does not know the next move, they can contribute by talking through their ideas or offering advice.

There are many types of chess teams, so choose one that is appropriate for your group. Some groups prefer capturing the opposing king while other groups focus instead on protecting their own monarch.

Play a game of checkers

how to play team building games

Checkers is a classic two player board game that can be played with either white or black pieces. Each person moves their own piece according to set rules, but there are some restrictions about how they may be moved.

The first thing most people notice when playing checkers is how fast it goes. There’s an average of one minute per game for each player! This makes it a great team building activity as you can play a few rounds after work or before school, or even during a lunch break.

Another interesting aspect of checkers is its potential win conditions. If both players run out of time, whoever made the last move loses! You can also have a winner chosen by who ever gets three in a row, making it possible to determine a champion even if only one person shows up.

What I like to do is have participants choose themselves and a partner, and then have them compete against each other over several games.

Play a game of draughts

how to play team building games

Draughts is a two player board game that has been around for over 2,000 years! It can be described as chess on feet. Each player has eight pieces they move across the board according to their color.

The goal in draughts is to checkmate your opponent by putting all of their pieces in one place where you take control of the board. By having only three types of pieces (rook, bishop, knight) there are only so many ways to win, but it’s still fun to see how creative you can get!

Team building games like charades or word searches are great ways to play this simple board game. You can even do a quick round of word search and then switch teams and have each team pick a new word.

Play a game of video games

how to play team building games

Playing a team building activity like board gaming, role playing games (RPGs), or other types of interactive games can be fun for just about anyone! There are several different games you can pick from depending on how many people you have to play with and what type of group you want to form.

Some examples of these games include: The Avengers in which players use their special skills to save the world while working together as a team, Super Smash Bros., where two teams battle it out using characters, and sometimes equipment, such as controllers and tables- all at each others’ expense!, and Chess, where one player uses tactics and strategy to win against the rest of the team.

These types of games can be easy to get into and even easier to start having conversations about! Not only do they focus on teamwork, but also creativity and problem solving since you need to come up with new strategies to win the game.

Games that emphasize competition may hurt your team spirit so should be used cautiously unless you are very close to each other already.

Play a game of arcade games

how to play team building games

A team building activity that has become very popular is playing an arcade game. What makes this activity special is that it can be anything from simply having a group of people stand together under one large screen and play a video game as a team to actually creating your own game!

Games such as Super Smash Bros., The Munchkin, or even just taking a board game and making it into a card game are great examples of creating your own team building game.

When doing any type of teambuilding activity, there are two main things to focus on- how well teams work together and what types of behaviors they exhibit while working together.

For the purposes of this article, we will only talk about the first part - how well groups work together.

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