How To Promote Team Building In The Workplace

November 4, 2022

Team building is an important part of any successful workplace. It’s not something that happens once a year at a conference, it’s a constant process that goes beyond activities like team meetings or informal conversations.

Teambuilding can be done for many reasons, including fostering trust, understanding each other better, giving credit where it’s due, encouraging collaboration, motivating people, etc.

It’s also very helpful in creating a sense of belonging, which is a major factor in employee retention. Many companies spend lots of money on motivational events and toys for their employees, but they fail to keep up morale over time.

By doing things like hosting lunch and learn seminars, having casual get-togethers, and offering rewards for extra effort, you will promote teamwork!

General tips such as asking open questions and listening more than talking is good practices when promoting team building. This article will go into greater detail about some easy ways to do this.

Hold team-building events

how to promote team building in the workplace

A great way to promote team building in the workplace is to organize an event that has fun activities for people to participate in. These can be anything from having participants make posters or signs, to doing something active like playing sports, going on a picnic, or cleaning up the area.

Participants can come and go as they please, which helps contribute to this being a long-lasting change.

Team building events are also very cost-effective. Some of the costs include renting the venue, food, beverages, and decorations. Most venues will offer free entry tickets to attend these events, so individuals do not have to spend money to enjoy them.

Be a good listener

how to promote team building in the workplace

A lot of people think that being a talker is what makes someone popular, but it isn’t. It is being a good listener that gets people's praise.

People will often speak very highly of you for doing something they thought was impossible or for solving their problem with a technique they didn’t know how to do.

By being a good listener, you show your colleagues that you are trustworthy and can be counted on. This creates a supportive environment where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.

In addition to giving others credit for their ideas, listening also shows that you care about them and their opinions.

If you want to promote team building at work, start by becoming a better listener.

Practice active listening every day – not just during meetings, but throughout the day as well. Ask questions, give feedback, acknowledge achievements, etc. – all these things require you to listen to what other people have to say.

Give appropriate responses to what you hear- don’t simply agree unless you mean to! If you find something intimidating, ask if there has been any progress since then. That way you can determine whether it is best left for another time or if you need to address it now.

Promotion is always a process – never expect those around you to recognize your leadership qualities immediately. Take some time to establish yourself before people see results from your efforts.

Communicate well

how to promote team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, team building is not just for business trips or conferences. It can be done anywhere at any time, so don’t feel that you have to spend hours of work organizing an event.

Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to team building. Make sure everyone knows what their job position is, and make sure they know who their colleagues are.

This will help them collaborate more effectively and keep each other informed. You can also use group meetings, chats, and conversations as tools to promote teamwork.

Teamwork cannot always be seen directly, but some markers show how much people contribute to the team. Things like being honest, looking out for others, and keeping commitments are all indicators of strong teamwork.

If someone makes a promise, they should keep it. Teams with higher levels of teamwork stay organized and communicate constantly.

They do this by talking about projects, sharing information, and listening to what other people say. Studies show that teams that talk less suffer from lower productivity and efficiency than those that are that more vocal.

Be realistic

how to promote team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, team building is not something that happens overnight or even over a few days. It takes repeated effort to build strong teams within an organization. This could be through meeting in informal groups, having group discussions, doing activities as a team, etc.

A lot of times, management will try to organize a teambuilding event, but it always seems to get cancelled due to lack of funding or time.

This can sometimes lead to no progress being made towards creating teamwork throughout the company. So, make sure you don’t give up when planning these events!

There are many ways to promote teamwork outside of organizing an event. You can do this by encouraging collaboration and sharing of knowledge and resources, holding goal meetings, giving credit for a job well done, and just making people feel appreciated and wanted. All of these things contribute to team building.

Stay positive

Sometimes, team-building exercises can feel like an uphill battle. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you will have to be aware of it if you want to see results.

Too often we get into a situation where there’s a lot of tension in the room, someone says or does something that set off some kind of alarm, and before anyone knows it, everyone is arguing and throwing insults around.

This is not the way to spend your time at work and it usually doesn’t help anything!

If this was a group activity, then people should probably just go home because nothing good comes from all this negativity. But what about when these team-building activities are one person doing? Or two people?

Maybe they’re both negative and need to tone down their comments a bit. Do you know who could use some team building? Yourself.

Your colleagues may not agree with you and that’s okay. It’s normal for different personalities to have different styles of leadership.

But if you’re trying to promote teamwork, why would you criticize other people? Can’t you make an argument without getting rude?

Try having more arguments instead. Take a risk now and then say something that might even hurt a little to see how well you can deal with it.

Seek out team members and talk to them

how to promote team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to promote teamwork is by actively seeking out team members and talking to them about things that matter to you as an employee or employer.

This doesn’t mean asking if their family is okay every few hours, nor does it mean telling them how much they matter to you when they may not feel the same way.

Instead, ask about things that affect them at work — what projects they are involved with, what changes they would like to see made around the workplace, what skills and qualities they have that other person don’t, etc.

By bringing these conversations up, you’ll be creating some friendly chatter which can lead to more substantial discussions later.

Ask your coworkers about their lives

how to promote team building in the workplace

“Ask them about their kids,” one employee said, referring to children. “How they got into that job, what motivated them before they started at this company, what they want out of life — these are all great questions to ask.”

Another way to do team building is by doing things you already know how to do. For example, if someone mentioned running during break time, have some group games or exercises for people to participate in.

Running isn’t just something most people love, it’s a pretty universal activity. Almost everyone has done it at least once in their lives!

Participating in activities like sports or going to the gym can boost morale and teamwork. It can also help employees find common ground and connect with others.

Teamwork is an important workplace tool because it creates a supportive environment.

Ask them about their jobs

how to promote team building in the workplace

Asking about someone’s job is one of the best ways to determine how well they work with others. If you don’t like what you hear, you can choose not to deal with that person, but there are other reasons why asking about people’s jobs is a good thing.

First, it gives you some insights into how this person functions. For example, people who talk very highly of themselves will probably do the same when you meet them. People who praise others more than they acknowledge themselves may be insecure or self-conscious.

Second, by talking about your job, you bring yourself into the picture. This helps create trust as well as understanding – for both you and the other party.

Third, it can help you identify potential weaknesses at an early stage. If something doesn’t seem to gel, you can try to find out why before investing time in the relationship.

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