How To Propagate Passion Fruit Vine In Water

November 23, 2022

As mentioned earlier, passion fruits are fruit that grow undersea vines! They can be tricky to find as they are not marketed very well. Luckily, however, you do not need an expensive kit to succeed at growing your own passion fruits!

In this article, I will go over all of the steps needed to start growing your own passion fruits. From planting the seed to harvesting them, we have everything mapped out.

Prepare the plant's soil

A lot of recipes for propagating passion fruit plants do not tell you what kind of soil they use to grow their seedlings. This is important as different types of soils affect how quickly your plant will sprout!

As mentioned before, seeds that come from fruits are usually pre-treated with some type of gel or coating to make them more accessible. These gels can be made of natural products such as albumin (from egg whites) or gelatin (derived from bone broths).

However, there are some brands that contain chemicals instead. Because of this, we must consider the effects these additives have on our plants when growing new ones.

Some of these additives are known to cause harmful chemical reactions in other parts of the plant growth, so it is best to avoid using artificial substances when possible.

Take care of the plant

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

After your seed has sprouted, it will need around one square foot of soil per 2–4 plants depending on the size of the passion fruit vine. Make sure to mix up the soil types as well!

If you notice that the leaves are yellowing or the stem looks dry, give it some water! The vines may like slightly higher amounts of salt than fresh water.

Never forget this important tip! Never let the pot sit with no water, even for a few minutes – the vine can quickly die from lack of moisture.

Avoid using tap water as it might contain chlorine which is not good for the plant.

Water the plant

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

After your plant has finished growing, it is time to give it something to drink! Plants need water to live and grow. Your passion fruit vine will not survive without liquid food source.

Making sure that your passion fruit plant gets enough water is an important part of its health and growth. If left dry for too long, the vines may die!

Bruise or poke some of the leaves of your passion fruit plant to see if there is any response – this depends on the plant’s season! The plants that have survived through very hot summers likely know how to keep themselves hydrated.

If you notice that their leaf tips are curling up then they must be drinking already! Give them several more drops of water so that they can expand their foliage. Take your passion fruit plant outside to enjoy fresh air and natural sunlight to help promote healthy sprouting.

Add fertilizer

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

After your plant has several sets of leaves, it is time to start adding some special nutrients to help it grow even more. The most important thing to do at this stage is add a good amount of fertilize!

Passion fruit plants require around one cup of organic flower food per one quart of water. You can mix these together in a pot before pouring into the plant’s bed.

Be sure to test your soil's pH before mixing in all those chemicals! Most gardens are naturally neutral so you don’t need to worry about that.

Once every two weeks, make sure to check your vine to see if it has sprouted new shoots! Keep an eye out for little white flowers as well! These are called blooms or cleistogamy.

Grow the plant

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

As mentioned earlier, passion fruit vines will grow anywhere there is direct sunlight and water. They do not need much soil either. The vine can even be watered via droplet style watering or dripping.

This plant does not require very close inspection of its growth due to its long sprouting process. It takes around two months for it to bear fruits which makes it look more like a tree than a herb.

When it comes time to take care of your passion fruit plants, make sure to check out how to prevent disease and symptoms of poor health. You can also read our article here about growing green vegetables from seeds!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this article! Feel free to comment below and share with others.

Harvest the fruit

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

After it has fully ripened, pick all of your passion fruits and wash them immediately under running water. This was our favorite way to do it as we like to use the whole fruit for recipes!

Once they are dry, put the seeds into an open container or pot and cover with soil. Let these rest for about one week before taking care of them again.

After this time, you can keep watering them until the seedlings have set roots and are able to grow. If necessary, place the pots under a light source to help them germinate.

Make passion fruit juice

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

Once you have your seeds, you can begin growing them! Simply place the seed in some water and let it soak for several hours or overnight.

When you wake up the next day, pour off the water and see if there is any root development. If so, keep the rest of the process at this stage and move onto step two.

If not, try soaking the seed one more night before moving onto the next step. Keep doing this until you get roots!

Now that you know how to grow your own passion fruits, here are three tips to start growing lots of fresh berries!

Tip number one: Use leftover pulp from making passion fruit juice as your soil conditioner. This helps promote strong plant growth and improves air circulation. Add enough pulp to make the soil mix a consistency like powder and water.

Tip number two: To avoid washing away too much moisture, use an empty plastic bag as a cover over your pot during dry times. As the passion plants grow, add extra liquid to ensure they thrive.

Cultivate passion fruit vines

how to propagate passion fruit vine in water

The next step in growing your passion fruits is to choose whether you want to grow them as a perennial plant or not! If you do, great, you’re already half way there!

As mentioned before, most people begin by planting their seedlings in soil. This can be done directly in fertile potting soil, or using cocopeat (a type of soil bedding material) or perlite (another kind of porous flowery dirt). Make sure to mix these together properly and make sure to add enough water so that the dry powder does not clump up.

After two weeks, you may need to thin out weaker plants for an adequate amount of sunlight and nutrients. Repeat this process every few months to ensure they don’t get too crowded.

If you would like to keep your passion fruit vine going into fall, then start looking at how to prune back your foliage now! Some recommend leaving one setah off cluster site each year until it flowers the following spring, but that all depends on the variety you have and what time of season you see it flowering.

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