How To Puree Passion Fruit

December 30, 2022

Having a nice, fresh batch of passion fruit every week is a fun way to liven up your cooking! They are a delicious little fruit that gets overlooked most of the time. When pureed into sauces or drinks, it adds a rich flavor that many people enjoy.

Many recipes call for raw passion fruits but once you add them to a blender, they lose their texture and taste. This can be tricky to manage since not everyone has a strong blender that works well.

There are several ways to fix this so let’s talk about some alternatives here in our how to puree passion fruit article. We will also tell you some tips as well as doing it the hard way (no shortcuts!).

But before we get too technical, why don’t you try your hand at making your own first? It’s a pretty easy recipe so if you want more inspiration, check out our simple passion fruit sauce recipe.

Chop the fruit

how to puree passion fruit

Once you have your passion fruits, you will want to chop them up in the most efficient way possible! There are two main ways to do this. Either use a blender or use a food processor.

In my opinion, using a blender is the better option. To do this, cut the passion fruit in half across its width then scoop out the seeds and white pulp with a spoon. Add these additions to your drink along with some milk or cream if needed! You can now blend it in the blender and enjoy your delicious puree!

Using a processed also works well. Simply add the flesh of the passion fruit into your machine together with enough liquid (such as water) to create a smooth consistency. Mix until it’s done, then pour away any leftover juice.

Place in a bowl and pour boiling water over it

how to puree passion fruit

The most common way to puree passion fruit is by placing them in a bowl, adding some sugar or liquid you like, and pouring boiling water onto them. As you can probably guess, this process removes the acidity of the fruits!

To avoid this, we suggest either using frozen berries as your source of pulp or using our method below for rinsing off the seeds. Either one works just fine! If you would prefer not to have too much white coloration in your recipe, then use slightly less ripe patterfruit.

Our favorite way to eat fresh passion fruit is simply spread on top of toast or grilled bread.

Let sit for 5 minutes

how to puree passion fruit

After you wash your passion fruit, let it rest for five minutes before pureeing it. This allows the water to drain more easily, and also helps reduce foam. Once it is smooth, add sugar and mix well!

You can use this purée in desserts or snacks. It will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Pureed passion fruits are delicious in recipes such as curries, pancakes, or even just spread onto toast. They balance out other strong flavors in the recipe, making them a good addition.

Drain and repeat with more boiling water

how to puree passion fruit

Most recipes call for using fresh passion fruit in liquid or dessert dishes, but you can also use dried passion fruits! Simply soak one cup of dried passion fruits in 2 cups of hot water until it re-hydrates and is soft enough to blend into your recipe.

You can then add them to your pureed ingredient and mix well before serving. When adding dried passion fruits to a drink, like an acai bowl, do not blitz the pulp first as this may contain some sugar that will burn off during blending. Leftover mashed potatoes are perfect to try this out with!

Pureeing berries such as blueberries or strawberries is another great way to experiment with dried passion fruits.

Combine with other fruit or puree with yogurt or ice cream

When preparing passion fruits, how you prepare them really determines whether they taste good or not! The most common way to consume a passionfruit is by slicing it in half and eating the white fleshy part called the pith.

However, this step can sometimes cause an unpleasant sensation due to the tart flavor of the pulp. To avoid this, either remove the pith before consuming the passionfruit or add another ingredient to neutralize its acidity.

You can mix one cup of passionfruit pulp with one cup of plain Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth. This will take away some of the tart flavor and make the passionfruit more enjoyable to eat.

Use in drinks

how to puree passion fruit

While eating passion fruit is great, using it as a drink or purée is even better! You can use plain water, milk, or your favorite beverage along with some lemon juice and sugar, and then blend it until you get a pleasant taste.

If you are not into sweet beverages, you can skip the sugar and just add more acidity (lemon juice) to balance out the flavor.

Many people like adding a little bit of cream to give it a richer texture but that is personal preference. It does not need it unless you want it that way!

Drinking this pureed fruit will make your mouth feel refreshed and clean. It is perfect after a workout or for when you wake up and start day activities.

Make jam

how to puree passion fruit

Once you have your passion fruit, you will want to prepare it for use in either jams or purees. To do this, first cut off the top of the seed (this can be left whole if you like some tart flavor) and discard. Then place the pulp and seeds into a food processor or blender and pulse until smooth.

You may need to add a little bit more liquid depending on how dry the pulp is- try adding just enough so that it blends properly in the machine!

Once it has all mixed together, pour the mixture into a bowl and stir throughly to make sure there are no pieces remaining. This can be done again in the pot where it was sutlbeen.

Now take the cream or milk and whisk it into the mixture. You should have a thinner consistency than normal yogurt and butter!

Transfer to serving bowls and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour before eating to help set.

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