How To Ripen Green Passion Fruit

December 19, 2022

Red passion fruits are not only delicious, but they also make some interesting toppings! They are marketed as having health benefits, such as improving skin and oral health due to their high vitamin A content.

But what if we were to tell you that there is no proof that eating passion fruit will do anything other than make your mouth water? It may even be harmful to your overall health.

That is why this article will talk about how to bake green (unripe) passion fruits in order to enjoy them later! If you have ever wanted to try baking your own passion fruits, read on for more information.

Baking your own passion fruits

The process of making your own passion fruits can seem very complicated at first, which is another reason why it is better to just buy ones from stores or make them with recipes instead of trying to do it alone.

Luckily, doing so isn’t too difficult and doesn’t require much equipment. So whether you want to make a batch for yourself or for gift giving, these tips will help!

Reminder: Before baking your passion fruits, you must wash them under running water to remove any residue or chemicals that could potentially hurt you.

Wash your fruit

how to ripen green passion fruit

It is important to wash your passion fruits before you use them in recipes or taste tests. You can either do this at home, or have your favorite baker or cook already did it for you!

Bakers usually will dry their berries off using an oven or dehydrator. If you are making sweets like cakes or desserts, then your berry amount does not matter as much. For example, if you wanted to make strawberry cream cheese- we mention how to make that here!

But if you want to make something sweet like tart yogurt with berries, then more berries means less flavor so they must be prepped properly.

How to prepare fresh green passion fruit: Cut away the top half of the skin, split open the fruit, remove the seeds, and rinse under water.

This process removes any aromatic oils that would potentially burn or overpower other ingredients in the recipe.

Place fruit in a dark, dry place

how to ripen green passion fruit

After you cut down the passion fruits, put them in an area where they can get some light so that they will ripen faster. Make sure they are also close to each other so that they can help one another as they ripen.

Once they are soft and slightly browned, they have reached their peak! They will keep storing up energy until they are consumed, which makes them more delicious.

General tips: remember to wash your hands frequently when eating raw foods to prevent any sickness or allergies.

Let fruit ripen

how to ripen green passion fruit

After you wash your green passion fruits, let them sit and dry for at least one hour before you try to peel off their skin.

The soft texture of ripe passionfruit is perfect to eat out of the skin or munch through with your teeth. If you like slightly tart fruit, add some sugar as it cooks down during baking.

You can refrigerate dried-out passionfruit pieces in a covered container until they are rehydrated again.

Store properly

how to ripen green passion fruit

After you use your green passion fruit, put it in a bowl or plate that will retain moisture and cover it with something to keep it fresh. You can even add some sugar to help preserve it!

Never refrigerate dried out passion fruits as they will not taste good when you eat them.

Once they are dry, they cannot be re-hydrated and enjoyed. They will also go bad more quickly than if they were still moist.

Regularly check your passion fruit to see if it has ripened yet. When you bite into one, it should give slightly under pressure and smell sweet. Make sure to try one soon so it does not overhang!

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Buy the right amount

Most recipes call for one or two passion fruits per person, but we suggest buying enough so that you have enough left over for another recipe!

Passion fruit can be expensive depending on how much you buy of them. In fact, some brands are very expensive due to all of those sweet little orbs they pack into their product.

We recommend shopping at seasonable stores like your average grocery store to get good quality ones at a decent price.

However, if you do happen to find a great deal on passion fruits, then by all means purchase them! Just make sure there aren’t any rotten pieces inside first as this will taint the rest of the fruit.

Also, remember that just because it says ripe in the description doesn’t mean it is! Some varieties take longer than others to ripen, so check them out carefully before purchasing.

Peel or not to peel

how to ripen green passion fruit

Most recipes call for removing the passion fruit skin, but there is no clear consensus on whether this should be done. Some say leaving the skin can help preserve the integrity of the fruit, while others suggest doing it anyway because you never know when you will need some passion fruit syrup!

In fact, most culinary experts agree that unless your goal is to use the seeds in an acai berry recipe, then there is no reason to remove the skin. The sweet taste comes from the thick pulp just under the skin, so if you leave this part intact then it does not matter much.

However, if you do want to use the seeds, then you should carefully scrape them out without breaking them.

Conserve or not to conserve

how to ripen green passion fruit

As mentioned before, green passion fruit is delicious when fresh, but will lose its taste and flavor once it dries out. Because of this, most recipes call for drying the fruits either in an oven or using a dehydrator.

However, there are two schools of thought about whether or not we should dry our own fruits and vegetables. Some say that it adds too much time to making other things more important than leaving your home to go pick them up!

On the contrary, some believe that by doing these things yourself, you get better quality products due to stricter standards. That way you know what qualities your dried fruits have and they are sure to be clean and free from any chemicals or dirt.

We recommend always choosing dried over canned because they are less expensive and can still give you the same rich texture and taste.

Know the time

how to ripen green passion fruit

The first thing you need to know about ripe passion fruit is that they will not taste good unless you get them within 2-3 days of being picked! This can be tricky as most recipes call for fresh passion fruits, so if you find one that says use dried or soft passion fruits, then you have to buy new ones soon after finding it.

Passion fruits ripen very quickly, which is why there are never enough leftovers! They will keep in your fridge for up to 5 days, but unfortunately, this isn’t much help since most people eat them all before then.

There are some things you can do to make sure you don’t go hungry though! You can either cook them down into a syrup or freeze them to use later. Both of these tips are done below!

Cooked down

By cooking the passion fruits down, you thin out the juice slightly and add flavor and texture. Most recipes suggest boiling them until they melt away and set aside. Then, you mix in sugar and milk (or cream) and sweeten according to your liking.

This method works best when using tart berries like strawberries or limey citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit. For tropical berry flavors, try adding some coconut or vanilla to boost the flavor even more!


If you find yourself with an excess amount of passion fruits, you can easily fix this by freezing them.

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