How To Ripen Passion Fruit

November 23, 2022

Let’s talk about how to make passion fruit puree! This delicious, tangy dip or sauce is made of ripe passion fruits mixed with sugar and sometimes milk or cream. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer, dessert, or snack.

Many people add vanilla extract to give it more flavor. That is your option here as well! If you would like to try making your own passion fruit puree, then start learning how to prepare them.

There are three main reasons why eating fresh passion fruit is great! They contain some important vitamins such as vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium, along with being low in calories.

This article will go over different ways to make passion fruit puree and what settings they should be cooked at.

Peel passion fruit

Once you have your fruits from your source, it is time to peel them! This will not only help preserve the healthy components of the fruit, but also aid in digestion as some people are sensitive to starch or sugar content.

To do this, hold each passion fruit under running water for a few seconds until they lose their shape.

Put passion fruit in the refrigerator

how to ripen passion fruit

After you remove the seeds from the passion fruits, put them in a bowl or container with a lid.

Add some water and set aside for one hour in the fridge! This will help break down the pulp a little bit and make it more accessible.

Let passion fruit sit for a few hours

how to ripen passion fruit

After you wash your fruits, put them in a bowl or container that contains enough space for all of the pieces. You can use a plate lined with paper towels as an additional layer of protection if needed!

Now, let the ripe passion fruits rest in this new collection until they are slightly soft. This process is called maceration.

During this time, some of the juices will seep out and become part of the other ingredients in the recipe. If there’s no water present, these lost fluids may create a negative effect on the overall flavor of the dish.

However, since we are letting the berries “sit” in our newly created moisture-rich environment, their natural sugar will begin to dissolve, creating more flavor and texture in the finished product.

Eat passion fruit

how to ripen passion fruit

If you are ever in a situation where there are not many fruits available, then it is time to start eating your own food! This applies particularly if you love fruits as they may be limited during winter season or other seasons.

You can eat them right away or you can store them properly depending on how much you have. Most recipes call for one or two pieces of fresh passion fruit so we do not recommend drying them out.

Instead, try freezing them first, then use frozen ones when making recipes. Your mouth will taste slightly sweet with the slight tang from the acidity.

Also, make sure to wash each piece thoroughly before using to remove any bits that could potentially cause choking.

Rinse your mouth with water

how to ripen passion fruit

After you cut down the fruit, rinse your mouth out with some of its juice or liquid part. This will help keep your teeth white and brush appropriate!

After you have drained all of the juices, put the top back on and refrigerate until it is time to use it. Make sure to pull off any leftover pieces as they may contain bacteria!

How to ripen passion fruits can be done day or night, there is no set timing. Just make sure it does not get warm at which point it could spoil.

Enjoy your fruit

how to ripen passion fruit

Now that you have them, passion fruits! What are they used for? They can be eaten in desserts or snacks, either plain or with sugar added.
They can also be mixed into drinks or lassis. And lastly, they can be dried and sprinkled onto foods as a flavor boost or garnish.

When baking with passionfruit, make sure to wash it first and then dry it properly. When drying, use a low temperature (warm air) to prevent over-drying.

General tips: remember that if you like strong flavors, they may not taste good when eating raw. So, try one piece at a time until you find one that just right for you.

Peel your passion fruit

how to ripen passion fruit

The next step in preparing fresh passion fruits is to peel them! This will remove some of the skin and tart layer that covers the sweet internal flesh.

Once you have peeled all the fruits, put them into a bowl or plate lined with a paper towel. Press down on each piece of fruit with a spoon to extract as much of the juice as possible.

Transfer the pulp and seeds to a jar or other container and set aside until it has dried out slightly. When there are only small drops of liquid left, add sugar to taste and mix thoroughly.

The leftover juices can be refrigerated for up to one week.

Store your passion fruit

how to ripen passion fruit

Once you have them, place each passion fruit in its own cup or bowl. They will dry out if left together in one container. Make sure to wash all of your containers used to store the fruits with hot water and some soap!

Never refrigerate dried fruits as they will go bad and make your mouth taste funky. Besides, fresh passion fruits are much better than dried ones. If your passion fruits get too ripe, cut an “X” across the top of the fruit using a knife and then spoon it into another container. This will preserve the rest of the fruit so that you can use it later when it is more mature.

Removing seeds and membranes takes time so do not over-ripen your fruits. When they are slightly browned and soft, they are ready to be pulled apart. Check out our article here for tips on how to prepare and cook with passion fruits.

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