How To Ripen Passionfruit Quickly

November 24, 2022

This week we are going to do something fun with your fruits! We will be making passion fruit syrup, an organic flavor option that can be used in drinks or as dessert topping.

Passion fruit comes in many colors depending on the cultivar plant variety. The color does not affect the taste of the fruit but it does determine how quickly you have to process it once it is picked.

If the fruit has not dried down yet, then there is no need to refrigerate it. You can just cut it open and use it immediately! That is why it is important to dry down your fruit before preparing it.

This article will teach you how to make delicious passion fruit syrup in two easy steps.

Peel passion fruit

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

The most difficult part of eating passion fruits is actually peeling them! This can be tricky if you have not done it before as there are many ways to do so. Some people peel them by slicing down along the sides, using a spoon or knife to scrape off the skin, but this cannot always work unless you are very careful with your angles.

If you like the way that their skins looks like little pieces then just pulling away the top layer of the skin will help preserve the flavor and texture. But remember to only pull back the skin slightly otherwise it may break down too much which would not taste good.

Another way to quickly peel passionfruit is to cut them in half and use a paring knife to scoop out the seeds and the inner pulp. Then simply push the peeled passionfruit through a fine-meshed sieve or spoon to remove the last bits.

Put passion fruit in the refrigerator

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

After you wash your passion fruits, put them in an open container in the refrigerator. This will help preserve their shape and prevent browning.

This is also important to do because as they warm up, enzymes in the passion fruit can begin to break down the natural sugars. If these sugars are not preserved, there could be chemical reactions which result in acrid flavor or even stomach distress.

By putting it in the fridge, this process is prevented.

Let sit for a few minutes before eating

While most people agree that fresh passion fruit is delicious, some are not. If you run into this situation, then there is something you can do about it!

There’s an easy solution to this. When buying passion fruits, make sure they look vibrant and have a sweet smell.

Once you get home, leave them alone!

Give them a couple of minutes to rest after you buy them and then eat them.

Combine with other fruits

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

Most recipes call for ripe passion fruit alone, or in combination with another ingredient. If you have them at home, add these ripening tips to try out!

If you are starting to see white pectin build up around the top of your fruit, cut it off and use it elsewhere in the recipe! It can be used as a dessert topping, yogurt dip or even pasta sauce flavoring.

Alternatively, if you find there is little liquid left inside the seltzer water, pour some boiling water over the passionfruit and let sit for a few minutes. The heat will help release more of that delicious juice.

You may also want to wash the passionfruit under running water to remove any leftover bits of seeds or gel.

Make a fruit salad

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

This recipe for a fresh green apple, strawberry, kiwi, and passion fruit salad is one of our favorite make-ahead recipes! It’s perfect for when you find yourself with extra fruits that need to be used or loved up quickly because they will get overripe.

In fact, this delicious dessert can easily be made days in advance. The reason it works so well is due to the addition of agar agar which helps preserve the texture of the strawberries.

Agar agar is a natural gel compound found in some seaweed types. When mixed into liquid, it sets into gelatinous form and “densifies” the liquid. In this case, the juice of the berries becomes solidified creating an incredible berry sauce that can be spooned onto your breakfast cereal or dolloped onto yogurt or ice cream!

Making sure your agar agar is clear means determining how much is needed to achieve the right consistency. You can usually tell if it has set properly by whether it wrinkles when pressed down. If it does not, add more until it does and then whisk thoroughly to combine.

Try making passion fruit butter

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

Let’s talk about another delicious way to enjoy this tangy citrus treat! While eating fresh passion fruits is fun, making an ingredient or recipe out of them is even better.

One of our favorite recipes for passion fruit butter is apricot-passion fruit jam. When baking with both ingredients, make sure to add enough liquid so that the mixture does not burn during cooking.

To quickly turn your leftover pulp into something new, try making passion fruit butter. It’t simple to do, but if you have a food processor, there are very few things it can't handle!

In a medium bowl, mix together one cup of passion fruit juice and ¼ cup sugar until it forms a paste. Add two tablespoons of melted butter and process in the food processor for around 30 seconds until smooth.

That’s it! You've made passion fruit butter! Spread it onto toast, drizzle over other foods, or use it as a moisturizer for dry skin.

Make a passion fruit pie

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

If you are ever in need of an easy dessert, then making a passion fruit pie is a perfect choice! This recipe makes enough for one serving, so it is very cost-effective if you are a beginner baker.

To make this recipe, you will need 6 fresh passion fruits, 1 cup sugar, and 2 cups whole wheat pastry or white bread dough (we used our favorite kind that we blend ourselves). The butter can be salted or unsalted, your preference.

Once everything is mixed together, pour the mixture into a baking sheet and press down slightly. Let cool at least half an hour before slicing and spreading onto your pie.

This delicious treat is best when made within two days of preparation as the flavor fades with time.

Try making a passion fruit tart

how to ripen passion fruit quickly

If you are ever in need of some quick rinsing or drying of fresh fruits, how about making something delicious? This article will talk you through doing just that with ripe passion fruits!

Making a passion fruit tart is a perfect way to use up those leftover seeds. You can either add them to your breakfast cereal or try adding them to some yogurt for an extra bit of flavor.

If you want to give baking a go, this recipe is definitely easy enough. Even if you never bake before, these steps are very straightforward and simple to follow.

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