How To Run A Team Building Workshop

October 25, 2022

Running a team-building event is not for the faint of heart! While some people have a knack for it, most do not. Therefore, before you dive in and invite everyone into your group activity, make sure you are prepared with the basics of running a workshop.

Running an effective team-building event takes planning and preparation. You want to be clear about what activities you will cover and how long each one lasts. This article will help you get started by giving you tips on how to run a team-building exercise.

At the end of this article, you will learn some easy-to-follow steps to organize and plan your team-building event. So stay tuned and read on!

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How to Run A Team Build Event

Team building events can feel like a bit of a drag at first. There’s usually a lot of talking going on, which can quickly become tiring. But don’t worry, there's a way to avoid too much chatter during your exercises!

By practicing these six-step strategies ahead of time, then delivering them smoothly during the actual event, you'll give your participants more chances to focus on the task at hand and connect with their colleagues.

Prepare a team building team

A team building exercise is any activity that uses action, conversation, challenge, teamwork, and/or creativity as core components. Almost anything can be considered a team building activity if you include the word “team” in it!

Something like taking a trip together or doing an activity that requires collaboration and communication are good examples of team-based activities.

Running a workshop is a great way to do this. It can be for anyone — not just teams, but individuals could benefit from learning how to run a successful one.

This article will talk about how to run a best-practice team-building team-buildingwantteam-building team-building team-building team-building ofthe workshop for beginners. If you’re already running some kind of group work, we’ll give you tips to improve them and use them more effectively.

Choose your location

how to run a team building workshop

One of the crucial parts of running any type of team building event is knowing where you will be having it. This could be at your workplace, outside your workplace, or even both!

Making sure that everyone involved in the workshop feels comfortable with the surroundings helps promote open conversation and interaction. It also allows for some casual walking around if anyone needs a break or wants to take a short walk somewhere.

Will there be lots of kids around? Make sure the area is safe and suitable for children. Add some kid-friendly games and activities to keep them occupied while people are talking.

If possible, find out how close most people live to work so they don’t have to spend too much time after the event. This can help ease any transportation stressors.

What about food? Will there be anything available for participants to eat before, during, and/or after the activity? If not, make sure someone is aware of this so they aren’t left hungry or wanting something to drink.

Buy team building supplies

how to run a team building workshop

Now that you have determined it is important for your workplace, you should start buying some team building equipment. These can be fun games or exercises that promote teamwork.

There are many great resources available at no cost or very little money. You do not need much budget to start having fun with this.

You can pick up board games like Monopoly or Taboo where one person gets a chance to lead their own game or show another group how to play a new game.

For more active groups, you can find sports such as volleyball or soccer to play.

Tell your friends

how to run a team building workshop

Running a team building event is not for the inexperienced, but if you are willing to learn some things about leadership and teamwork, then it’s something you can do!

Teambuilding events are lots of fun and they help promote group cohesion. Not only that, but team-building exercises boost employee morale and productivity.

Many companies hold internal workshops every year where employees get together in groups to discuss issues related to their jobs. These discussions often bring out interesting information and insights that would otherwise never be found.

External teambuilding events have similar benefits. They give colleagues from different departments or areas of the company an opportunity to talk past each other and come up with solutions to common problems.

So why don’t more people run these types of events? Well, most people don’t know what kind of resources exist nor how to organize them. A few brave souls do put together events, but very few do it well!

If you’re looking to improve your team management skills, running a team building workshop may be just the thing you need to take charge. Luckily, we've gathered several tips here for you to try.

Tell your family

how to run a team building workshop

As mentioned earlier, team building is an excellent way to help your organization develop strong teams. While some may feel uncomfortable attending such events, it is important to invite people into their inner circle so that they can learn how to work together.

For example, if you team-building trouble asking someone to do their job properly, organize a teambuilding event. Or if there’s a coworker who seems to be avoiding you, ask them to come to this event as a group.

You could also use team-building exercises to identify potential issues in the workplace and then take appropriate action. For instance, if one of your colleagues doesn’t seem to care about his or her job, have everyone bring snacks for the next meeting. You will get a sense of whether or not these individuals are invested in doing well at their jobs!

Your coworkers will certainly appreciate the invitation and effort you put into this activity. Plus, it’ll make for a more pleasant working environment.

Enforce personal time

how to run a team building workshop

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest hurdles in running effective team-building events is enforcing enough personal time for everyone. This can be tricky as some people may feel obligated due to past relationships or friendship groups they believe exist only because you invited them here.

Running an event like this requires a lot of individual prep that most people don’t take into account. Some individuals may need more time to prepare themselves before the event, which should be respected.

Enforcing adequate breaks during the day is important too. Some people may not want to leave the room until all their work is done so having an hour-long hard-earnedteam-building break at lunch or another short break later in the day could help reset things.

Don’t forget about night shifts either! If someone will be working late hours then offer them transport home if they ask.

Be consistent

how to run a team building workshop

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to team building. If you never run the same workshop twice, people will grow tired of your teaching style and tone.

Team building can be expensive so make sure that you are giving people value for their money. You do not want to spend your hard earned cash flanking empty seats and gatherings that have limited participation.

If you are too busy with work or other commitments, then why would anyone want to participate in group activities? People will feel like they are being taken advantage of if there is no use in attending the activity.

Consistently running the same event every time will help create engagement and attendance. It also helps promote more interactive conversations as everyone knows what to expect.

Weekly meetings, monthly events – whatever works best for your group, just keep doing it! And try to avoid having a long break between events, instead stagger them closer together to give participants time to recover.

Use the power of laughter

how to run a team building workshop

A popular team-building activity is something learned team “laughter yoga” or sometimes just referred to as “ha! Ha! Yoga.” This fun exercise was first conceptualized in the 1990s by psychologist Margo Wilson.

At it'itsre, laughter yoga asks participants to focus on having a good time and laughing with others while also practicing breathing exercises.

Participants are given an opportunity to do either solo work or pair up and discuss topics together. These can include talking about why people laugh, what makes someone else seem funny, how they would like to be laughed at, etc.

Running a team-building event includes organizing ahead, assembling appropriate materials, choosing engaging activities, and keeping things light-hearted open-ended, and open-ended.

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