How To Show Passion In A Personal Statement

December 26, 2022

A strong personal statement or career summary is not just about telling people what you want to be done, it’s about showing them why you are the right person for the job. It is proof of your self-confidence, of your ability to create meaningful relationships, and how much you value education.

It is also a glimpse into your personality, as well as the qualities that make you unique. In other words, what sets you apart from everyone else!

Having a strong personal statement does more than tell employers who you are — it makes you seem like someone they can trust.

Give this some thought before drafting your next sentence, because this will have an impact on the rest of your application process.

Good statements highlight yourself, but they also illuminate the profession you desire to work in. They describe your strengths, and emphasize any educational achievements or certifications.

When writing your own professional story, think about what types of experiences and lessons you learned along the way and incorporate those into your narrative.

This article will help you do just that. Read on for powerful tips on creating a great personal statement.

Connect with your audience

how to show passion in a personal statement

In this era of technology, it is easy to become detached from other people. With every passing minute, we are exposed to more and more distractions that keep us distracted.

This can be tricky when trying to connect with others, but it’s important to set time aside for relationships.

Start by making plans with friends you have already met, then move onto meeting new people.

You may also want to consider becoming involved in an organization or community that has things that interest you. By being part of such groups, you will make new connections.

By putting effort into building relationships, you will find yourself enjoying them more than before. You will even feel motivated to do good since people will talk about how hard you were working to help others.

Running away from social interactions only makes the problem worse eventually. It’s better to face challenges head-on than to let things fester under the surface.

Make a good first impression

how to show passion in a personal statement

When applying to college, your personal statement or essay is your chance to make an excellent first impression on potential professors. Therefore, it is important to create a strong introduction that draws their attention and gives them some hints about you as a person.

Your personal statement should emphasize how well you relate to other people, what strengths you believe you have, and why these qualities are valuable to others. It can also be a way to show off certain skills you have such as writing or research techniques. A lot of students will look at this piece as more than just a advertisement for themselves.

Furthermore, most colleges ask to include a letter of recommendation. Make sure to write one from someone who knows you well, is around the same age group as you, and who can clearly articulate what they like about you.

Be consistent

how to show passion in a personal statement

Consistency is one of the biggest reasons why people lose interest in applying to college. It’s hard to show passion for your applications when you look through them all year, and then all year long students are looking at how dry and boring you are.

A great way to prevent this is to make sure that your application form and personal statement don’t change from season to season. This can be due to timing (spring semester applicants apply in winter, etc.) or because there was an event during the school year that influenced what you put on your forms (e.g., if you played soccer in middle school, play off those days in your exercise diary).

However, it should not change just because you feel like it. Life happens — things come up, and situations arise where you need to take time off work, or have family events that require your attention.

If these changes happen around exam times, be aware of this and plan ahead. Make sure any activities you planned for later in the day are covered, and find ways to focus on studying before hand.

Tone and language

how to show passion in a personal statement

When writing your personal statement, make sure your tone is consistent. Use formal vocabulary when you want to emphasize importance of education and career success.

When writing about yourself, try to use second person (you) instead of third person (he or she). This creates a more intimate feel to the piece and puts focus onto the individual reading it.

Your word choice should match what you are trying to say. For example, if you wanted to show passion for helping others then using the words “help” and “others” would be poor choices because they can sound very vague.

Using the correct vocabulary will help convey your message clearly. Make sure to look up the meaning of each word so that their context is understood.

Link your personal statement to your career goals

how to show passion in a personal statement

When writing your personal statement, make sure it is linked to your goal. If you want to be an accountant, then using accounting as a basis for your personal statement makes sense.

Your personal statement should tell the reader about you as a person – what hobbies you have, who influenced you, and how you achieved success in life so far.

This will not only appeal to employers looking at the personal side of you, but also give them more insight into why you would be a good fit for their company.

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