How To Show Passion In Resume

December 2, 2022

As we already mentioned, your career will be filled with many different experiences and employers who ask about you and what you are doing. Therefore, it is important to show off these achievements on your resume and via interviews.

Your personal life can sometimes get intertwined with your work life so make sure to keep yourself focused and conscious of how this affects you. For example, if you know that a certain job requires you to enjoy drinking, maybe do not accept the position at the company where you would have to drink for hours every day.

Likewise, if an employer finds out that you like football (or soccer, fútbol, or futball as some say) then they may offer you the position. Keep in mind though that most jobs require you to be organized and able to manage time effectively.

If you find that there’s no way to separate work from play then look into having part-time employment or at least consider keeping your work habits private.

Use your passion in your resume

how to show passion in resume

Having a career that you love is one of the most important things for success as a person. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, then it will show in your work and waste of time for people to see it.

Your job will look busy but there will be little satisfaction from it. You should use part of your time at work to focus on projects that motivate you so that they make you happy.

This does not mean that you have to do something that makes you rich or famous, but rather find something that you feel passionate about and go after that.

By having this inner strength, you will convey this passion for your workplace to others which will help them connect with you. This will also help you keep up morale at work and help colleagues feel more motivated.

It can be anything- how well you know the field, what types of achievements you have made, what subjects appeal to you academically, etc.

Talk about your passions in job interviews

how to show passion in resume

In his book The Power of Conversational Intelligence, Sean Ewens defines passion as “an intense desire or interest that comes from within”. He goes onto say that it is something we feel rather than think about.

He also says that while anyone can be passionate about anything, it is more likely you will find people who are passionately interested in things and activities that make large profits for their employer.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may mean they don’t share your same interests.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then it might be time to look for work where your passion can be practiced and nurtured.

Be realistic

how to show passion in resume

Even if your dream is to be the next Steve Jobs, you need to understand that this won’t happen overnight. You will face challenges along the way, but don’t give up!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you dreamed of being rich and famous as a kid that you can have these things now.

You are probably more hard-working than most people, which is why you got where you are today – keep it up!

By setting goals that are within reason, and keeping yourself focused on achieving them, you will succeed.

Focus on your skills

how to show passion in resume

In this era of digital literacy, it is easy to find out about anyone’s career through their LinkedIn profile or social media accounts. Therefore, people tend to feel that knowing someone’s job title is enough information to assess their skill set.

But creating a resume that only lists your employment titles and no proof of expertise aside from those jobs doesn’t make for a very convincing argument for why you are worth hiring.

It may also put some employers under an uncomfortable spotlight – they might wonder if there’s something they don’t know about you.

Instead of focusing on what positions you held, focus more on proving how skilled you are in the areas related to these positions. For example, instead of saying “Accountant,” list off all the things you actually did as an accountant.

Prove that you can do your job well by showing examples of your work in these areas. If necessary, learn new tricks of the trade so that you are fully capable of doing the job.

Touch on teamwork

how to show passion in resume

As we mentioned before, passion is something that comes naturally to some people. They know what they like and want and how to express it to others. For them, it’s just sort of second nature.

For this reason, these individuals are able to use their passion as a tool in helping other people feel good about themselves.

The thing about passion though is that you have to work at it. You need to consistently put effort into feeling passionate about things so that when you do find yourself excited about something, you can use those feelings as a springboard for more exciting experiences.

As someone who has a knack for motivating colleagues and getting the best out of them, I would say that developing your ability to motivate is one of the most important skills you can possess.

It will help you achieve your career goals while also making your job less stressful.

Make a good first impression

how to show passion in resume

After you have written your resume, now is the time to edit it! The first thing that will influence whether or not people read your resume is how well you present yourself. You do not need to use fancy business cards or dress fashionably if you are seeking a job in sales. However, if you want to be promoted, then investing in professional looking clothes and grooming products can help you convey your message more effectively.

When presenting yourself, make sure your hair is done, your nails look nice, and your general appearance is pleasant. If you show some passion for what you like, people may feel motivated by this side of you.

You should also know who your potential employers are before meeting with them so that when you greet each other, you both connect.

Your handshake should say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ just as clearly as your voice does. A great hand shake says ‘hi’ to new people while letting those you meet know you can be trusted.

Be optimistic

how to show passion in resume

Even if you’re not sure what your next career move will be, don’t get discouraged! You have lived your life up until this moment and there is still so much you can offer.

Finding your passion and living an inspired life takes work, but it is totally worth it. Being passionate about something means that you will put some effort into learning more about it and becoming good at doing things related to it.

You will also probably spend time developing strategies to promote yourself through the area or areas you are passionate about. This could mean writing blogs, posting pictures of yourself working in the field, creating social media accounts, etc.

Optimism is another key element in being passionate. If you are able to believe in and encourage yourself, then you will feel better and do better. Try telling yourself “I know I won’t always love my job, nor will I ever really succeed in my goal to enter this new position, but I just need to give myself this time” or “Even though I’m not feeling very motivated right now, I have worked hard before and I know that I can keep doing it.

Be proactive

how to show passion in resume

In this era of digital literacy, it is easy to put your resume out there and be seen by many people. With the ever-growing amount of applications and services that offer career and job opportunities, having a good looking resume isn’t a problem anymore.

However, even with all those resources at our disposal, being found doesn’t always happen for the best candidates. Since most employers now use online tools to look up information about potential employees, staying engaged and interactive during interviews can go a long way towards helping you get hired.

Interacting with other individuals in the workplace is an excellent way to show passion for what you do and who you are. When someone else comes across as passionate and interesting, then others will notice and want to join them.

Show off your strengths and talk about how you could strengthen the organization or company along the same lines. This would include talking about projects you completed and ways you made changes to help the team succeed.

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