How To Show Team Building

November 17, 2022

As a leader, you will spend a lot of time working with people. You will do it at your company, through committees, projects, and roles, and as manager, staff member, or president – all positions requiring leadership.

In fact, research shows that over 70% of employees report feeling left out, stressed, or even depressed by their work environment. One third feel they are not being paid enough for what they have done, and one fourth say they have been harassed or discriminated against because of who they are (or were thought to be).

It is important to note that while this may seem like an isolated incident, these experiences can affect how well someone functions both mentally and physically. Poor performance due to stress or mental health issues is common, and can hurt your team, yourself, and your organization down the line.

There are many ways to show teamwork, but no matter which way you choose, make sure it does not include discrimination or harassment. This article has some tips for showing team spirit, and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Show respect
Don’t assume anything about anyone else in the group. Be direct, honest, and open about things, instead. Never put others down or talk badly about them, even if you agree with them.

If there are problems, address them directly and honestly, without putting up more barriers than needed.

Avoid using jargon and terminology only other members of your team understand.

Choose a location

how to show team building

Choosing your destination will depend mostly on who you’re inviting, how many people you have invited, and what time of year it is. If you are organizing an event in the spring or summer, invite the park out instead of meeting at a restaurant as some may not have transportation.

If there are going to be more than five people attending, choose somewhere with adequate space so that everyone can sit down and chat. Make sure everything is well-organized and clearly labeled for easy access.

You do not want someone having to look through their phone to find things because they cannot see where anything is! The timing should also be considered since some places close during certain times of day.

Team building exercises usually take place over several hours, so make sure you give enough notice to coordinate with other commitments. Check if anyone needs to get home early due to work the next day!

Avoid choosing something with too much noise like a restaurant setting unless necessary. You don't want someone struggling to hear others' conversations while theming the event together.

Provide food and drinks

how to show team building

As an employee, you will spend a lot of time in restaurants or eating at work. This can get expensive if there is no way to prevent it!

Many employers have informal meetings where they invite everyone out for food or drink after work. This is usually for colleagues that only know each other very well, so this is an excellent chance to connect with them and gain new insights into how they function at their job.

If your employer does not do these, then ask whether there are any events coming up that people could attend as a group. You would be surprised what kind of results you will find!

Drinking games and team building exercises are great ways to motivate your colleagues and improve communication skills. Many companies offer free snacks and beverages as reward for attending these events, which can help facilitate participation.

Some tips – make sure to organize the event yourself, choose foods that most people like, and try to keep the cost under $10 per person.

Make it clear with a theme

how to show team building

As mentioned before, showing team building is usually just having an activity that includes people of different departments coming together for something fun.

That’s not actually showing team building, though! Having team activities is definitely a start, but what makes a good team activity really sets in when you repeat it.

What makes an effective team activity depends on the audience, event timing, and setting, so there are some things you can do to make that more clear.

For example, if your department heads don’t normally work outside of their area, organizing a beach trip or ski vacation may seem like a great way to bring them all together.

But, if they already have those types of trips planned, then inviting them to join yours may not be as successful. You need to consider whether being left out is holding them back from bringing everyone together, or if you’re just not organized enough to pull off the same type of outing.

There will always be someone who doesn’t feel included, even if you're trying hard to include everyone, so instead of focusing on why you didn’t get invited, think about how you can use this information to plan another one next time. For a similar situation, read: Why Is My Colleague Avoiding Me? He Or She Might Be Feeling Left Out.

Let people laugh

how to show team building

A good way to show team building is by having some kind of event or activity where everyone can participate. This could be for fun like going to a movie, or it could be educational like attending a seminar about workplace wellness.

Whatever you choose to do, there are no rules saying that teams cannot have fun together. If this is something that your group needs, then provide it for them!

Group activities are a great way to strengthen relationships and connect with others. It is important to remember however, that not every idea will work for every group so try to pick ideas that feel natural to you as a leader and member of the organization.

How to hold the event

You should always start by asking if anyone has done anything similar before. By doing this, you’ll learn how other groups organized their events and what worked best for them.

By giving people time to prepare, they will know what things they need to bring to the event.

Try new things

As mentioned before, team building is more than just an event or activity. It can be anything from going out for drinks with your colleagues after work, to taking a group trip, to hosting a game night.

Whatever you choose to do, there are usually ways to make it interactive and educational. For example, if you organize a movie night, you could ask some questions about different movies and how they relate to each other.

Or if you have someone who loves sports, you could invite their favorite team to play against yours in the workplace’s tennis court or football field. Or you could hold an informal basketball game.

Team building doesn’t necessarily mean having fun either. Some ideas that can be done to promote teamwork include studying groups and organizational strategies, doing projects together, and even holding brainstorming sessions where possibilities are endless.

Challenge each other

how to show team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is not about giving everyone else a free pass while they enjoy themselves. It is instead an opportunity for your coworkers to challenge you in new ways.

They may ask you questions that require you to think outside of your comfort zone or discuss issues that are more nuanced than just what topic you have been talking about for the past week.

By being exposed to these types of conversations, you will find yourself stepping up and taking responsibility beyond your normal boundaries. This will boost your confidence and help you grow as a person.

Teambuilding exercises such as having a movie night, hosting a potluck lunch, or asking people to share a story from the day can all contribute to creative challenges and discussions.

Celebrate together

how to show team building

It’s easy to think that team building is only for big groups of people, but it can be done with or without others present too. Rather than having expensive outings or activities, you can celebrate something together every day.

A small something like going out for coffee after work can add some spark to your relationship. Or staying in and watching a movie can bring two individuals closer.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it’s fun for you! If you are not feeling motivated, then don’t force yourself.

Take up a challenge together

how to show team building

Setting a tone of openness, team building activities should be focused more on having fun than proving a point. If your colleagues are not aware of what you want then it can be hard to achieve that goal!

Teambuilding is about bringing people together for a common purpose – usually to have some laughs but sometimes to learn something new or give each other inspiration. It’s also great for creating connections as well as breaking down internal barriers.

So how do you create an open environment where everyone feels free to try new things? Pick an activity that no one has ever done before and allow them to explore it. Or choose an easy day for those who are tired and take rest after work so they don’t need to spend money afterwards.

You could organize a beach trip at the end of the month if there’s a good chance of most people in your department being able to attend. Or ask around whether anyone would like to go out for a drink with friends later this week — almost everyone I talk to says they’d love to get away somewhere unexpected once in a while.

Whatever you pick, make sure it’s affordable and doesn’t require too much preparation. A short walk along the beach or round of drinks is enough most of the time. When doing these types of events, timing is key - plan ahead.

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