How To Spell Passionate

December 5, 2022

We spend our lives chasing after what we want, and creating commitments to things that promise us happiness or at least a little bit of pleasure now and later.

But in doing so, we can forget how to be passionate about something new that you are trying out.

And unless you are willing to put in some effort to really get into it – aside from the initial interest - you will never feel truly passionate about this new thing.

It could be listening to your favorite song for the first time, reading a book you have been wanting to read for years, or exploring another style of painting your inner artist has been whispering to you about.

Here are five easy ways to learn how to be more passionate about anything you add to your repertoire. Read more…

Budgeting without limits — I mean seriously, why should you have limited budgets when it comes to buying yourself a cup of coffee, grabbing lunch somewhere close by, or streaming a movie you’ve wanted to watch forever?

By learning how to budget without any restrictions, you’ll give yourself more freedom to do these things while also teaching yourself how to manage your money.

Plus, with all those saved up rewards going towards your goal, the passion you’d normally hold back because of cost will pour over easily.

Examples of passion

how do u spell passionate

There are many ways to show passionate intensity about something. You can do it with your voice, body language, eye contact, etc.

Voice tone is one of the most important things when showing passion. If your voice is raised or higher than normal, you will notice people around you becoming distracted and/or listening more intently.

Your voice can be steady, strong, soft, quiet, calm, rambunctious – whatever emotion you want to convey.

With regard to tonality, there’s an old saying that says “the softer your voice, the stronger your word.” I have no idea why they say this but it makes sense.

If someone comes across as very confident and assertive, they probably use a lower pitched voice. On the other hand, if they seem weak and uncertain, their vocal pitch is usually higher.

People who lack confidence often speak in a deeper voice which may make them feel better. People who are highly self-confident tend to use a higher voiced tone, perhaps because it sounds louder and bigger.

There is some evidence suggesting that our subconscious beliefs determine what tone we use when we talk. If you believe that you aren’t good enough, you will likely use a lower pitched voice, whereas if you think you’re great, then you will emphasize how wonderful you are.

Understanding passion

how do u spell passionate

There are many different definitions for the word passionate, but none seem to be the definitive definition of the term. Some say it is feeling strong emotion towards something or someone, while others suggest it is having an intense desire for something. Others believe it is chasing your dreams with all you have, like Elizabeth I who said “I would rather be a good loser than a dead winner.”

Yet another theory says that being passionate means going beyond what normal people do in such a way that they enjoy it more than anyone else does. These theorists think that this kind of passion is because you really feel connected to the things and/or people you admire.

We can also learn some helpful tips about how to increase our own level of passion by looking at the passions of other people.

Cultivating passion

how do u spell passionate

We are passionate about things for two reasons: either because we have strong feelings towards them, or because we were trained to be passionate as children.

We spend our childhoods being rewarded with small tokens of passion such as when my parents got really excited about their favorite football team winning the championship. I remember getting very excited when I found out!

However, these types of rewards seem to disappear as we get older. It can feel like there is no one left who truly cares about the same things that you do. This makes it hard to hold onto your passions as they fade away.

It is important to not only keep yourself motivated, but also learn how to re-ignite your passion for things that matter to you. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

When passion is not good

how do u spell passionate

Sometimes, passionate behaviors are bad. You may feel passionate about something that is harmful or damaging to you or others around you.

Examples of things with this trait include going into ranting and raving mode when you should be quiet, talking loudly so people can hear your words but not what you’re saying, yelling at someone because they disagreed with you, or using very strong language or gestures.

These are examples of how it is important to recognize that if you notice yourself being more passionate than usual, then it probably isn’t for the better.

It might be time to take a break until your mood changes or you calm down. Or maybe it's time to reconsider your approach to solving the problem.

You could try to distract yourself from the source of your anger, such as by doing something different. Or you could talk to other people about the situation to see if there’s anyone else who could help you work through your feelings.

Letting passion run your life

how do u spell passionate

Sometimes it can be hard to find that passionate person inside of you. You may try looking in all the wrong places – at work, with your friends, through expensive vacations or experiences, etc.

It is very common to feel like you are running out of things to do and spend your time chasing after what you want.

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve been feeling this way for some time now. It’s totally normal!

Don’t worry, I know how to help you turn this around. And yes, it will take some changes (for better or for worse), but I can almost guarantee that these changes will bring you more happiness than you could possibly imagine.

Focus on your passion

how do u spell passionate

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you wanted to know how to be more passionate about eating meat.

You wouldn’t say, “Practice being hungry.” You would probably try to figure out what kind of meat is good to eat and are vegetables. You would learn how to cook them both and determine which ones you like and don’t like so you can lean towards the latter.

Then you would find foods that taste good when cooked with meat and those that don’t and make sure they aren’t consumed along side it.

After you have learned all these things, you will need to pick one thing that you love doing and devote yourself to it exclusively. This could be cooking, reading, talking, crafting or whatever else you enjoy doing.

Once you have found this thing, then you should spend every minute of every day thinking about ways to do it better, learning more about it, and becoming very skilled in it.

Concentrate only on improving your passion, not quitting because you think you already do enough.

If you want to keep practicing your passion, never stop trying to get better at it.

Taking baby steps

how do u spell passionate

There is no quick fix to passionate relationships. They are not built in a day or even a week. It takes longer than that to develop feelings of passion for your partner.

That is what makes them so special! If you want to see true passion, don’t expect it to happen immediately.

It will take some time before you feel truly passionate about your mate. Don’t get frustrated when things aren’t happening right away but stay persistent.

Don't give up! Take baby steps — do something you've been wanting to do for weeks now just make sure it's done with quality and intensity.

Let yourself feel happy and excited about this new activity. Give yourself time to process how you felt after doing it.

This can be anything from going out to watch a movie you have wanted to see forever to having a meaningful conversation you were avoiding.

You need to work towards more exciting activities if you want to see changes in your relationship.

Getting rid of distractions

how do u spell passionate

In addition to giving up things you don’t want in your life, passion requires limiting activities that are not passionate to make room for more passionate ones.

This is difficult because it can be hard to determine what makes you feel excited or motivated. Some people love spending time watching TV, while others get energized by going out with friends or doing projects they have been putting off.

You need to know yourself well to figure this out.

It takes practice, but eventually you will realize there are certain things you enjoy that make you feel good and these should increase in number if you want to stay focused on your dreams.

On the other hand, there are things you avoid that also reduce distractibility. If you could cut down on those, you would probably find energy to do more exciting things.

By learning how to manage your money, food habits, and sleep, you can easily shift the balance in favor of having more opportunities in life.

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