How To Strain Passion Fruit

December 14, 2022

Straining passion fruit is one of the best ways to remove all of its seeds, while also removing some of the tart flavor. Most recipes call for placing the seeded passion fruits in a bowl or pan with liquid and using a spoon to scoop out the pulp and seeds. Then you should rinse off the leftover bits and pieces in a sieve or basket.

There are two main reasons to strain your passion fruit before eating it. The first is so that only the sweet sauce remains, not the tangy seed taste. The second is to remove any residues left over from cooking the fish or meat. If this happens, the residual tastes will stick to other foods when eating them later!

So how do you strain passion fruit? Here are three easy tips for doing it right. All of these can be done in advance if needed, which helps save time once you’re ready to enjoy the dessert.

Wash your fruit

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have collected your passion fruits, it is time to wash them! This will remove excess sugar that has dried onto the skin of the fruit as well as some of the flavor.

There are two ways to wash your passion fruit. You can either use water or milk. To add milk, roughly one cup per piece of fruit used. Use just enough so that the cream layer comes off but not too much so that there is no taste.

Water works fine too, but using milk helps ensure that all of the flavors seep out. Either way, make sure they are completely submerged in liquid!

After washing, let dry for several minutes before serving. If you like, you may want to refrigerate or freeze the washed pieces until ready to use or to be stored.

Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop out the seeds

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have your seedless passion fruits, you can strain them by placing them into a bowl or glass container and using a spoon to extract the juicy liquid.

Pour the fruit into a strainer and allow the juice to settle

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have poured off the white pith, pour the rest of the pulp through the sieve. The seeds can be left in or scooped out!

The most common way to use passionfruit is to mix it with other foods or beverages and taste it. You can also add some of the liquid to recipes or drink it alone.

You should only add about one half cup (100 ml) of passionfruit juice per serving as they contain enough sugar naturally. Make sure to stir the mixture well until all ingredients are mixed together.

Pour the juice into a bowl

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have pressed the passion fruit, its juices will contain citric acid, glucose, and fructose. You can either drink this liquid straight or use it in recipes as an ingredient.

If you choose to drink the pure juice of the passion fruits right away, make sure your mouth is well hydrated so that you do not suffer from dehydration.

Because the passion fruit has large seeds, leftover pulp will remain. This includes the white flesh residue at the bottom of the container. It is totally fine to eat these, but make sure they are cooked first. The taste is very mild and adds some flavor to other dishes.

Some people like eating the seeds after drinking the passion fruit juice because of the tannin content. Although there is a little bit of tannins in every part of the passion fruit, the seeds are less concentrated than the pulp.

Pour the juice into a different container

Once you have pressed the passion fruit, make sure to pour its juices into another vessel!
You can use a bowl or other clear glass container that has a spout attached so you can easily pour the liquid without any chunks of peel stuck in the mouth of the bottle.

After pouring the pulp and seeds away, there may still be some strings left behind which should be removed as they will add flavor to your drink. If this does happen, cut these pieces off with scissors and discard them.

Now, if you like thinner drinks, you can simply stir the pulp and seed mixture into your new juice container until it is dissolved and then enjoy!

If you would prefer thicker drinks, you can put the pulp and seed mixture in a blender and mix til smooth.

Serve the passion fruit juice

how to strain passion fruit

After you have cut down on the amount of sugar that you eat, it is time to move onto another liquid food item that can be difficult to find when passing off as plain drink products are. Passion fruits are not a beverage people seem to like because they feel their taste is too strong.

Luckily, there are ways to prepare them so that they do not take away from the flavor of the eating meat or vegetable that they are mixed into.

Store passion fruit juice

how to strain passion fruit

After you remove the selvets (seed covers) from the fruits, put them in an air-tight container or bottle. If using fresh passion fruit juice, it will likely go bad if not stored properly.

If using bottled liquid, make sure it is deactivated with acidity agents such as citric or tartaric acids. You can also place some of these additives in the mouth when consuming the drink to prevent fermentation.

Never store passion fruit juice that has been squeezed because the latex may turn into potentially harmful rubber!

Removal of the seeds should be done while the pulp is still soft so it does not break down during storage. When they are cool enough, simply use your hand to scrape off the seeds, leaving a bit of the peel behind.

Combine passion fruit juice with other fruits

how to strain passion fruit

One of your favorite ways to enjoy passionfruit is by mixing it in with another liquid. You can mix it into plain water, add milk or cream, or have it with alcoholic beverages like wine or rum.

This will change the flavor slightly, but not much. It’s best to let the dry ingredients mixed in your mouth for a few seconds before adding the wet ones. When was the last time you drank your drink too fast?

Another way to use passionfruit is to soak some dried berries in the juice and then eat them.

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