How To Strain Passion Fruit

November 23, 2022

Straining passion fruit is one of the best ways to remove the seeds from the fruits. If you have no idea how to strain passion fruit, then this article will show you!

There are several good reasons to learn how to strain passion fruit. For example, professional chefs usually require culinary skills that include straining passion fruit.

Furthermore, most people who love eating fresh passion fruit know that there is an easy way to remove the seeds. However, they are not sure if what method works is actually described in any recipe or cookbook.

This article will teach you two different methods for straining passion fruit. You do not need to be trained as a chef to try out these recipes. Even though we will only describe one method here, both of them work very well.

We will go over the ingredients needed, step by step instructions, and tips.

Pour into a bowl

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have pressed your passion fruit, it is time to strain it! Simply use a spoon or sieve to scoop all of the seeds and liquid out.

If there are any leftover pieces, they can be saved and added to other recipes such as pancakes or even mixed in some plain yogurt for an edible gift!

After straining, wash the container used to hold the juice and seeds and pour the juice into another vessel. You now have fresh passion fruit juice!

General tips when working with passion fruits

Never cut open a passion fruit with a knife as this will break down part of the gel content and therefore decrease its flavor. Use a very sharp knife or use a special tool designed specifically for this purpose.

Likewise, never pull off the peel using your hands as this will also negatively affect the taste and texture. Using tweezers is the best way to do this.

Lastly, if you find that the passion fruit has dried out slightly, add half water, half lemon juice and blend until it re-gains its shape and thickness.

Pour into a strainer

how to strain passion fruit

Once you have poured your passion fruit into the bowl, it is time to strain it! You want to make sure that you do not break down the pulp in the process of extracting the juice.

To do this, place a sieve or wire mesh basket over the pot to hold the pulp. Press the liquid through using either a spoon or fat knife. It may take some effort to get all the liquid out.

Once everything has been strained, pour the remaining juice into another container. Add more flavoring as needed, such as sugar for the citrusy flavor.

If there are seeds left, wash them under cold water until they sink and then dry completely before storing in an air-tight container. Avoid putting these in the refrigerator as they will grow bacteria and become an uncomfortable mouthful.

Place a paper towel on a plate

how to strain passion fruit

Now, using your hand, gently press the pulp onto the paper towel. This will separate most of the seeds and gel. If there is still some liquid left, rinse off the fruit under water and repeat the process!

Once you have pressed as much of the gel and seed content out of the passion fruits as possible, put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set aside.

Drop the passion fruit into the strainer

how to strain passion fruit

Now, once your passion fruit has been separated into juice and seeds you can drop it into the sieve or strainer to remove any remaining pieces.

Once this is done, pour the liquid into another container (make sure there are no stones in the liquid). The white solid matter that remains in the sieve/strainer is leftover coconut meat!

Add the coconut meat to either toast or bread and eat it! It’s an excellent source of healthy fats and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. To make it even more delicious, add some honey or cinnamon to taste!

If you would like to have extra virgin olive oil, you can put the same amount of passion fruit puree through a high quality blender or food processor and purée it until completely smooth.

Gather the paper towel and twist to remove the seeds

how to strain passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit drained, it is time to get rid of those delicious little seeds! If you like crunchy foods, put some of the seeds in your mouth and chew them slowly so they do not burn or stick on your tongue.

After eating enough, rinse your mouth out with water to eliminate any burnt bits. You can also use a soft washcloth to wipe your teeth and lips to avoid getting chocolate stuck there.

Some people like to swallow the leftover seed powder, but this is not advised as it may contain allergens that could cause an allergic reaction. It is best to simply scrape off the residue with your fingernail or toothbrush.

Eat the pulp

how to strain passion fruit

The most common way to eat passion fruit is by eating its juicy, white pulp. However, this may not be your instinct as it may feel more like chewing mouthwash than dessert.
But don’t worry! This isn’t too bad for you.

The pulp of a passionfruit contains several vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C.

However, only 2% of the nutrition in the pulp comes from vitamin C. So unless you are really craving that little bit of flavor, we wouldn’t recommend adding that to your diet.

Most people agree that the taste is pretty strong, but some can tolerate up to one or two berries worth of passion fruit juice. For others, even one bite could make them uncomfortable.

Sadly, there is no way to easily remove the peel so if you find that the pulp tastes weirdly strong, just avoid ingesting any more.

Store the dried seeds in a glass jar

how to strain passion fruit

After you use all of the passion fruit juice, you can either throw it away or store it! Depending on how much juice you have left, you can save it for next time by straining the pulp and seeds.

To strain the seeds, pour the liquid into a bowl while pushing down with a spoon to remove as many seeds as possible. You can then discard the leftover pulp.

Once you've strained out all of the seeds, rinse off the remaining residue and add the seeds back into the bottle. Make sure to shake them around so that they're well-incorporated.

Now let the dry seeds soak in the rest of the passion fruit juice until they form a gel. This will take about an hour depending on the amount of juice you have.

After this, you can either eat the gel like a dessert or refrigerate it and serve it later. If you choose to consume it cold, make sure to stir it up properly and taste test it to see if it has set.

Rinse your passion fruit before eating

Now that you have them, how to strain or use passion fruits in your cooking! First off, rinse your passion fruits under running water to remove any seeds or pieces of skin that may remain.

This will also wash away some of the passion fruit taste, which can sometimes be an acquired flavor.

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