How To Style Passion Twist Braids

December 20, 2022

Styling passion twist braids is not difficult, but it does require some advanced hairstyling techniques. Many professional fashion photographers and hairstylists have their own special styles they use for this look.

Here are some tips to create your own unique style! Read more about these under the main article of this page.


To create beautiful passion twist braids, start with very soft hair. The tighter the braid, the longer the lasting effect, so choose your length wisely.

Then, add some small twists or coils at each pass in the braid. These additions will bounce off the scalp and give you more dimension.

Last, apply some hairspray to keep the braids in place and prevent flaking. Yours can be natural powder or fake hair spray.

Gather your supplies

how to style passion twist braids

Styling passion twist braids is more than just picking out some hairs and doing them! You will need rollers, bobby pins, hair clips, curling irons, and hopefully already done hairstyles as foundations for this look.

Bras with underwire can get uncomfortable quickly so make sure you have enough bobby pins to fix any issues. This article has tips on how to layer up the most effective pin style setting ups.

There are many ways to do passion flower hairstyle but my favorite way to create it is in a circle pattern.

Create the shape of braids

how to style passion twist braids

Another way to do passion twist hairstyles is by creating your own basic braid shapes. You can start off with an easy braid or cascade braid, then add in some small twists to create more volume.

These twisted braids are very popular right now! Heavier individuals will love these because you can easily find brassy or heavier hairs that match the color palette well.

Tighten or loosen the twists depending on how formal or casual you want the look to be. This style is great for anyone looking to try out some new hairstyling tricks.

Make small braids

how to style passion twist braids

Stylist Christen Allen loves doing passion twist hairstyles because they are easy to do, look beautiful, and can be modified or changed easily! One of her favorite ways to do this style is by using only two sections instead of three.

In the first part of the braid, start at one side of your hair and pull up through the middle in a circle. As you create the second section, add some small twists as shown here. Once both sections are complete, take the end that was left longer and fold it over so it covers the other end. This way, each strand is concealed and the effect is similar to having none!

Stylist Christen Allen uses a round-shaped brush to achieve this perfect passion twist braid. You can use any comb shape or size.

Make big braids

While doing twist braids, or any other kind of hairstyle that requires more than one part, make sure you are using enough products! If your hair is sticking out due to lack of product, it will hurt your looks badly.

Too much product can be annoying to work with too, as heavy hairspray can cause your hair to feel greasy and weigh down the rest of the hairstyling processes.

To prevent this, only apply the right amount of hairspray needed to keep the braids in place and not overkill.

Try using clips

how to style passion twist braids

Another way to organize passion twist hairstyles is by using hair clips or pin-style clasps. There are many types of clip styles, but the most popular type is called a bobby clip. These have one narrow slot at the top and wider slot at the bottom.

To create an easy passyaloft style, take two sections of your hair and put each section in a different bobby clip. Then pull up the tops of the clips and push down the bottoms to achieve the wanted effect. Continue doing this until all of the hairs has been attached!

Another very helpful tool for creating perfect passion twist hairstyles is the curling iron. Curl individual strands as you layer up the braided hairstyle. Make sure to use a slightly heavier amount of cream-colored natural looking curls for more polished looks.

Use hair glue

how to style passion twist braids

For many, twist braids are seen as more complicated than regular braid styles. This is false! Creating twist bridal hairstyles does not require using pieces of gel or glue to stick together each section of your hair.

Many people use rollers to create this effect but you can do it without them! Using small clips or clamps to hold each layer of hair in place will work just fine. By using an easy to use product like neutral-toned hair glue, twisting your hair is no longer limited to professional hairstylists with large equipment.

Reminder: When gluing your hair, make sure that there are no exposed areas where moisture may cause the glue to run down and possibly take away some of the strength from your style.

Try using hair pins

how to style passion twist braids

A very popular way to style passion twist braids is via use of hairpins. As mentioned before, it is important to know how to do braid styles so that you can mix and match them more easily. But for this hairstyle, all you need are some good-quality pin-shaped objects!

Hairpins in any shape or size can be used to pull off these braids. Simply start at one side of your hair and make an upside down V with the first section. Then take the second piece and attach it to the bottom of the first one making a closed circle. Repeat this process until your braid reaches your neck.

Now, simply push through the middle of each pass as shown above and voila! Your beautiful braided look!

General tips: Make sure to work with small sections of braid when attaching new pieces. Also, keep going slowly! Too fast could break up the braid too much, which would not look pretty.

Ask a friend to help you

how to style passion twist braids

As mentioned before, professional hairstylists spend a lot of time practicing their craft. They have very busy work days that can sometimes make it hard to find the time to do things like wash your hair or go to the mall for an hour to get some new clothes.

Luckily, there are many ways you can learn how to style passion twist braids from people with more experience! You can look up videos online or read beginner tips to start styling them.

There is no wrong way to apply braids, so you should feel free to try different styles and features such as adding rings or skipping a day to see what looks best on you. Your friends can also help you by choosing which braid patterns they want to see and telling you where to cut the braids to give them the same shape.

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