How To Style Passion Twist Braids

November 29, 2022

Styling passion twist braids is more than just adding some glitz by using rhinestones or fake hair flowers! There are many ways to do this hairstyle, so there’s no wrong way to prepare your ponytail for styling.

When doing this hairstyle, remember that it takes time to achieve the best look. You don’t want to rush through it because then it will not look as beautiful. Take your time to create the perfect looking braid every few days!

Another important thing to note is that when washing your hair, make sure you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to prevent breakage. Let your hair dry naturally to keep this new hairdo in place! Your scalp and hairs will thank you later.

Gather your passion twists

how to style passion twist braids

The next step in styling passionate twist braids is gathering all of your pieces! These are called passion twists because they can be styled many ways, and you will find yourself creating new styles with them.

Many people begin by picking up one strand at a time, but it is not necessary to do so. You can pick up a few strands and then add more as the design progresses or if needed.

There are several good reasons to mix-match the number of passable looks that this hairstyle offers. For example, some people may like having longer hairs for an additional body shape, while others might want shorter ones for a thinner figure type.

General tips:- When twisting hair, try to use slightly thicker sections of hair as roots to prevent breakage.- Make sure to keep enough slack in the end to create beautiful curls or waves.

Create a small part down the center of your hair

how to style passion twist braids

The next step in styling passion twist braids is creating a smaller, centered side braid. To do this, you will need two sections of very thin hair that are one half length of each other.

One must be slightly shorter than the other. Decide which section goes first by deciding which area of your face needs more attention — the eyes or the nose and cheeks. For this reason, we chose to start with the longer, lighter side braid.

To create the second side braid, pull out some of the thinner hair and set it aside. Then gather the remaining thick hair into another braid just like before, but make sure to connect the new top braid to the old one at the same height as the beginning of the first side braid.

Continue doing this until both sides are completed! If needed, use the thicker pieces of hair to fill in any areas where there is not enough thickness of the braid.

Wrap your hair around the small part

how to style passion twist braids

The next step in creating passion twist braids is wrapping the larger section of hair around the smaller piece. Make sure you do it slowly, and make sure both sections are completely dry!

To create this hairstyle, start with one large loop at the front. Then take the rest of the longer, heavier hair and wrap it around the shorter, thinner section. Continue doing this until there are no more pieces left!

After that, use some strong hairspray to keep everything tight and stable for hours. This style can be done many times over because it is very durable.

Twist your hair gently to create the look

Styling passion twist braided hairstyles is not difficult, but it does require some time to achieve that perfect look! First, you will need to gather some supplies such as bobby pins, small curling irons, hairspray, and rollers if needed.

Twist each section of hair using similar sized bobbys or glue-tip clippers so they all match in size. Once all sections are same length, use smaller bobby pins to attach one side of the twist to the other. Make sure to push up with a pin and then tuck the top under to hold it in place.

Give your scalp a good amount of hairspray to keep it protected and dry.

Use a setting spray

how to style passion twist braids

Setting sprays are a beautiful, elegant way to refresh your hair. They work by coating each strand of hair with a layer that sets and strengthens. A popular brand is Paul Mitchell which has many different products for every level hairstylist to use!

They are very expensive initial cost-wise, but they last a long time so it is worth it. Theirs tout leur crédit! They are not only pretty to look at, but also give your hair some extra oomph. Some people even say their hairs looks healthier due to the amount of hold the product gives.

Many people recommend doing an experiment on one area of your hair to see if it works for you before investing in the whole braid.

Use a dry shampoo

how to style passion twist braids

One of the biggest mistakes that passionate twist hairstyles can’t seem to get rid of is excessive use of natural hair products like hairsprays, gels, and oils.

That’s because many people with passion braids have to look professional at work or for other reasons they need their hairstyle to last longer than just for an event.

Luckily, you can always give your scalp some rest by using a dry shampoo instead!

A dry shampoo is a powdery product that acts as a concealer for your balding areas. It also changes back into the air quickly which helps ensure it stays fresh and works well until you are able to wash your hair again.

My favorite brand has a one where you mix it together with water and apply it all over your hair. Then, brush through and voila! You got yourself a new fake hairdo!

Dry shampoos usually cost around $8-10 per bottle which is worth it since each time you use one up, you will have to really rinse it off.

Products such as BALDI SUNSHINE HAIR SYSTEMS DRY SHAMPOO are totally safe for those who are sensitive to regular hairsprays.

Use a clarifying shampoo

how to style passion twist braids

One of the things that can get tangled up when doing twist braids is using the right hairspray. Many people use gummy bear style hairsprays, but these usually contain alcohol or other chemicals which are not appropriate for very young bods.

A much better option is to use a hairspray with no alcohol in it! Some examples include pomade hairsprays (like gel or paste) or clear hairsprays like coconut or olive oil. A good brand of hairspray that has many positive reviews is Bumble and Bee.

Another thing that can cause tangling is using too much glue while twisting the hair. Make sure to only pull out enough pieces to create your desired look, and then release!

After completing your hairstyle, try washing your hair and see if you can easily work through all the sections. If so, they’re probably done correctly! If there are still some knots, repeat the steps above until they go down.

Use a cream rinse

how to style passion twist braids

For many, color is an expression of their personality. If you want to see some vibrant colors in your hairstyles, then using colors such as shades of brown or golden-brown are great alternatives to regular black or gray hair.

One of our favorite ways to do twist braids is by making them shorter but with slightly thicker hairs which give it more body. To keep these twists natural looking, use a cream tone wash to cover up most of the braid area.

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