How To Style Passion Twist Hair

December 19, 2022

Styling passion twist hair is definitely not for the inexperienced. There are many different styles you can do, and most require several rounds of research and experiments to get right. Luckily, we have some more tips here for you!

Here, I will go over some basic concepts in styling passion twist hairstyles. After that, I will review some simple looks using my favorite tools and products.

Once you are able to create these looks yourself, then you can start experimenting with all sorts of new hairstyles!

Let’s get started by looking at some basics.

Create a styling plan

Styling your passion twist can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with this hairstyle yet! The first thing is to make sure that you have searched out how to style a passion hair do online. You can also look through our Hairstyles for More Fun collection to find some inspiration or watch some YouTube videos to get more tips.

The second thing is to create a perfect staging area before doing anything else. This will help you keep track of all of the pieces so you do not end up having to start over because something was left behind.

Apply product in the right places

how to style passion twist hair

The next step is to find where your passion twist ends and start growing out new hair! To do this, take an extra minute to apply your products in the correct areas. For example, if you wanted to grow out your sideburns, your best bet is the front of your face.

To do this, use a comb or brush to go through your hair from ear to nose then down across your cheekbone. Once that is done, move onto applying your products in your sideburn area.

Repeat this process for each section of hair – roots, middle, and tip. Make sure to work with a good amount so it’ll be seen but not too much so it looks heavy.

Use the right heat

how to style passion twist hair

When styling passion twist hair, your first order of business is determining how to use the appropriate amount of heat. Technically speaking, there are two types of heat used in hairstyling, natural thermal heat and artificial thermal heat.

Natural thermal heat comes from exposure to warmth like those from hot water or warm hands. Artificial thermal heat is generated by using products with chemicals that contain trace amounts of metals such as iron or titanium.

Since your passion twist hairs originally came from naturally heated roots, making sure to use only cold tools and beverages will give it its needed boost. Using a hairdryer may also be helpful if you have to quickly run some errands or finish up another task before washing your hair.

To avoid breaking down the elasticity of the passion twists, make sure to wash them off immediately after use! Leaving them attached for too long could cause breakage.

Use the right pressure

how to style passion twist hair

Styling passion twist hair is not limited to using large amounts of hairspray, nor does it mean only doing so at close range. When styling passion twist hairstyles, your grip should be just as important as how far you can go!

When rolling the section up, your hands should be about an inch wider than the length of the roll you want to create. Make sure your thumbs are able to touch both sides of the roll, and your index fingers are able to reach the bottom of the roll. This helps keep the rolls in place and gives you some extra space to work with.

Your hands can get hot while rolling and curling the sections, which may cause them to tighten or stick. By having enough room to move your hands, this will no longer matter.

Use the right angle

how to style passion twist hair

Styling passion twist hairstyles doesn’t necessarily mean sticking your hands in there for as long as possible! Wrong way to do it. Many people make this mistake by twisting their hair up and then pulling it down, or using their hand to pull it back. Both of these ways are wrong because you will break your hairs roots!

Instead, use the correct angled handle so that you can easily access the scalp and brush away any tangles. Then, when you want to let go and create more length, you’ll have time to work with!

Another important part of styling passion twists is keeping them warm. When washing your hair, try not to wash off too much of the gel or mousse. This could cause your strands to be very heavy and stiff, which would prevent them from being beautifully sleek and soft!

General tips:- Avoid using strong chemicals such as gylcerolpoliesterase (plipy acid) shampoo and triton X-110 lye conditioner in your hair while creating passionate twists. These may strip your hair of its natural oils and set hard, making your curls less durable.

Use the right equipment

how to style passion twist hair

Styling your passion twist can be tricky because there are so many products that claim to work as well or better than real hair! Luckily, we have some tips here for you.

First of all, make sure to use a gel (or spray-style product) instead of shampoo when washing your hair. This will help keep the twists in place and avoid breakage.

Secondly, remember to wash your hands after touching your passion twist hairs or using too much product, as this could hurt the glue that holds them together.

Thirdly, do not pull on your passion twist hairs — this could damage them. Only push down gently if needed.

Fourth, try to take it slow.

Know the difference between products

how to style passion twist hair

There are many ways to style passion twist hair, but there is one thing that gets in the way of choosing which ones are effective — how well your hairs can hold onto the product!

Many people use pomade as their hairstyling product of choice due to its hold. However, most pomades contain large amounts of alcohol, which causes your hair to become dry and flaky over time.

A lot of people also add olive oil or coconut oil into their pomade so it will go more smoothly through the rollers, but this may cause your hair to break down from all the heat used to set the rollers.

This article will talk about some easy ways to dress up your passion twist curls! These tips include using gel instead of pomade, using curling irons at cooler temperatures, and using rice or corn starch to help maintain shape and hold.

Use the right color

how to style passion twist hair

Choosing your hair color is an integral part of finding the perfect look for passion twist hairstyles. There are many ways to choose your colors, from going totally opposite with strong complementing shades or matching new trends, to choosing soft, natural hues that go well with your own skin tone.

When investing in products, make sure they’re clearly labeled so you know what each one does! Some people may suggest painting your eyelids with darker concealers as another way to emphasize your eyes, but this can also run down your face and be very expensive if done wrong. Make sure your product has proper reviews before buying it.

As mentioned earlier, most people begin experimenting with color changes by changing their side bangs or pin curls to see which ones work best for them.

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