How To Style Passion Twist Hair

November 28, 2022

Styling passion twist hair is much more than just picking your favorite style of twists and doing them over and over again. It takes knowing how to do it properly, having the right tools, and being able to mix and match colors and styles to achieve beautiful results.

There are three main types of passionate hairstyles for natural hair- tight curls, spiral curls, and flat twists. All three require similar supplies but use them correctly and they all create stunning looks!

This article will go into detail about each type of twist and some easy ways to dress up your own hair in one of these styles.

Use a clarifying shampoo

how to style passion twist hair

One of the most important things to do when styling passion twist hair is use a clarifying shampoo or conditioner. This will remove all of the tight, heavy curls from the outside layer of the curl.

A common misconception about hairstyling with passion twists is that as you pull on them, they will keep pulling up more tightly. This is not the case! When washing your hair, try using a clarifying product first to see this difference.

After applying your favorite curling spray, let it dry for several minutes before detangling the roll. Then wash off the conditioning spray with a clear shampoo or conditioner.

By doing this, it will reduce breakage and help preserve the curly length longer. Make sure to work through all of the rolls thoroughly to ensure complete removal of the curl.

Use a heat protectant

how to style passion twist hair

When styling passion twist hair, your first order of business should be protecting the length you worked so hard to achieve!

That is why it is important to use a good quality heat protection product for the given hairstyling technique. For example, if rolling up the ends is an integral part of your style, then using gel or spray-on rollers that work as protective layers will help preserve the integrity of the passion twists.

After applying the protector, let the roller do its job by waiting one minute before putting pressure on the strands.

Use a conditioning rinse

how to style passion twist hair

One of the biggest things that can hurt your passion twist hairstyle is using products with alcohol or gel in them!

Alcohol and gel are two very powerful chemicals that work by stripping away surface layers of hair. The problem is, when they're used as a shampoo or conditioner, those molecules then stick to all of the dried out pieces of hair you have left.

This process is called lathering which leaves you with overly dry, flaky strands. If you like that wet look, use only water for rinses instead of something containing alcohol or gel!

A popular way to dress up this style is by using a conditioning rinse at the end. A conditioning rinse will coat your curls more evenly and slightly add volume to the finished look.

Use a deep conditioning treatment

Another way to style passion twist hair is by using a good quality, restorative shampoo or conditioner. These are much deeper than regular shampoos that only wash the surface layer of hairs- they work in depth to restore damaged strands and give you more length.

A great way to do this is with a product called roll ons! They are like olive oil for your scalp – just apply enough to cover your whole head and rub in to allow some time to set before washing it off.

This helps preserve the integrity of the passion twist hairdo and gives you better results than using a normal shampoo at the end.

Use a protein treatment

how to style passion twist hair

For many, passion flower is more known for its beautiful purple flowers than it is for its hair styling tricks. However, if you look closer at the plant, you will notice that there are also white hairs within it. These white hairs contain a special protein which helps strengthen weak strands of hair.

To use passion fruit as a hairstyling tool, simply mix one part dried purpura (white fur from the plant) with two parts warm water and apply onto your hair. Let sit for about half an hour before rinsing thoroughly. The residual protein in the wash will help boost the strength of dry hair.

Use a styling product

how to style passion twist hair

Styling your passion twist hair is not just about using products, it’s also about applying the right amount of products. Too much hairspray can cause your passion twists to stick together or even pull out!

Too many gel rolls will create poofy, overweighted locks that are uncomfortable to work with. Make sure your hands are comfortable before adding anything to your hair.

When painting your curls, make gentle circular motions. Pull too hard and you may break some strands. Take your time and admire your beautiful curls!

Never use a blow dryer on wet hair as this could strip away the natural oils needed for soft and flake free curls. Let your curls get dry naturally after washing them.

Use dry shampoo

how to style passion twist hair

One of the most popular ways to style passion twist hair is by using powdery, dried-down hairs as a wash-out product. Yours can be your normal use of products or you can make it special by adding some cool designs or patterns to it!

One of the best way to do this is with our new Product Guide: 9 Best Dry Shampoos for All Types of Hairstyles. Find one that matches your budget, needs and how much control you want over your look!

Another option is to try using fake eyelashes in place of washing out your natural ones! They are just as cost-effective and easy to find.

Make sure your hair is moisturized

how to style passion twist hair

When washing your passion twist hairstyle, make sure you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to avoid breaking down of the elastic band. If your strands are slightly dry, apply some leftover warm olive oil or melted coconut butter as a sealant for the rollers.

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