How To Talk To Your Teenage Son About Relationships

April 6, 2021

I remember having a conversation with my son, about a year and a half ago. I told him that it's not nice to play “stop, drop and roll”.

He thought that was hilarious. I explained that it's not nice because it's dangerous.

He played along. It made me smile that he was only five years old, but I could make him think. He thought I was a genius.

Flash forward, to six months later.

My teenage son is in a relationship. He often plays the role of a wingman.

He drives the girls to school. He picks them up from school.

He gives them a ride home. He walks them to their houses.

He helps with their homework, makes sure they do their chores.

He arranges dates. He is their voice when they feel that they are in love.

The girls are 15 and 17.

He will not stop dating these girls. They are very young.

He is at the age that he shouldn't be in this situation. He is too young for a serious relationship.

I believe that my son is very naïve

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At the age of 15, he is still chasing girls. It's a part of his upbringing. He doesn't understand the concept of sex.

He believes that it is about pleasure. He believes that it's fine to have oral sex with a girl, but penetration is not necessary.

He thinks it's okay to have intercourse with a girl that is 12 years old, but not when it's with a 16-year-old.

He believes that girls having sex before marriage is okay.

I have told him several times that having sex with a girl that is 12 years old is wrong.

I have told him that even though she is not pregnant, she may have many emotional problems and that she could regret the pregnancy.

I have told him that he shouldn't take oral sex lightly. I have told him that he shouldn't have intercourse with a girl that is only 15 years old, even though he believes it's just kissing.

I told him that we should never have sexual intercourse before marriage. He has turned a deaf ear to me. He will not listen.

We have had several conversations, and I don't know if it is making a difference. He will continue to ignore what I say.

The teenage boy is not ready to deal with some subjects.

I have also shared with my son that it is very possible that the girl he's dating, will be pregnant. In fact, there is a 50% chance that she will get pregnant if they continue to have sex.

He's still a child. He has asked me numerous times, why is it that he shouldn't have sex with girls that are 15, even though they are girls.

He has questioned me why I have told him so many times that a girl that is 15 cannot get pregnant.

I have told him that the truth is more important than what he wants to hear.

He wants me to lie to him, and tell him that he should have sex with a girl that is 17 or 18 years old so that he doesn't get a girl pregnant.

How do you talk to your teenager about relationships?

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I believe that if you teach your teenage son about the importance of sex education, it will prevent him from having sex at a very young age because he would be mature enough to have an appropriate, healthy relationship.

My son has very little knowledge about sex.

He doesn't know what happens during a sexual encounter.

He doesn't know the purpose of a condom. He thinks condoms are used to prevent pregnancy.

He believes that semen comes out of a girl's vagina and that a guy must have sex with a girl on the day her period is due because otherwise, it could become life-threatening.

How do you teach your teenage son to become a responsible, loving, and caring husband and father?

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I have told my son that he is not an old man yet. He is still very young. He is still a child, who should be learning the proper way to be a husband and father.

I have told him that he needs to learn how to be responsible because he will be a husband and father at the age of 24, 25, or even older.

I have told him that he will be married for the rest of his life because he will never be able to find a wife who will be his equal, who will help him to become a better man.

I have told him that he should not use vulgar language, because there will be a lady who will someday be his wife.

He will not be able to treat her with respect if he uses words that he thinks are cool, or in any other way, or because he doesn't think about what the words he uses could mean.

He needs to learn to be gentle, sweet, loving, respectful, and loving to others.

He needs to learn to be kind and loving to his wife because his wife will be his equal life partner.

He will never have a wife who will be subservient to him.

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