How To Train A Chow Chow

January 2, 2023

The chow dog is one of the most famous breeds in the world! They are known for their unique personality, playful nature, and incredible devotion towards those they love. If you ever want to know more about your own inner Chow or need some help training your puppy, then this article has got you covered!

Chows come in many colors including white, tan, brown, red, and black which all contribute to how people perceive them as dogs. This could be due to their color, shape, or both!

The breed was originally bred for protection but now they are mostly trained as companion animals. Because of this, they make great pets that require little upkeep and who will always have your attention.

There are several different ways to train a Chold animal depending on what level he/she is at. From basic commands to tricks such as walking on a leash, there are lots of strategies to learn! All levels can be practiced together so even if one person teaches off-leash skills, another can teach housetraining or other fundamentals.

This article will go into detail about different types of Chow Dogs and tips for each one. There will also be pictures and videos along the way! So enjoy and prepare yourself for an adventure in dog learning.

Create a training program

chow chow how to train

When it comes down to it, chow dogs are very intelligent animals that require proper training. Just like with any other dog breed, there is an initial period of house-training and socialization before you can train them as a companion or for work.

That’s why it’s so important to create a training program at the early stages! You want to make sure your Chow puppy learns how to interact with people and other dogs in their environment. A well trained Chows will obey basic commands such as sit, roll over, come back, etc. Once they learn those, you can move onto more difficult ones.

The hardest command to teach a dog is probably “leave.” It is very hard to get a dog to agree to go outside when its not nap time or playtime. Luckily, this article has some tips on how to help your dog learn how to leave.

Exercise caution

chow chow how to train

While chow dogs are beloved, they require careful training to ensure that you do not hurt them or yourself. Due to their size and strength, there is a tendency to go all in with the trainer and training immediately after acquisition.

Chow breeds are nature’s most powerful protective agents. They will happily fight off intruders of any sort unless trained otherwise. If left untrained, however, this power can become deadly.

A dog’s guardian instinct often gets triggered when children try to approach or play with it, which sometimes results in tragic accidents. Even if your dog has been properly socialized, it may decide to protect its own domain by chasing, grabbing, or biting kids who enter it.

Given how powerful these animals are, even a small child could get bitten or hit hard enough to break a bone. This would be very painful for both of you, so make sure your dog knows what is expected from people!

Never reward bad behavior such as growling, arching back, or showing teeth towards humans. All of these things are dangerous signs that the canine brain interprets as threats. When rewards are given instead, the puppy learns that acting like this brings praise, which only increases the chance of more unwanted behaviors.

Instead, use treats to reinforce good manners. For example, walk over to someone crouching down and say “good boy!” Then give him his treat.

Always keep them up off the ground

chow chow how to train

When training your dog, you should always remember to keep them away from low objects such as sofas or chairs. This is very important because when they are not trained in commands, they could hurt themselves or someone else by jumping onto the furniture.

Chow chows are known for being playful dogs that love to have fun, but this can turn into an expensive lesson if they get too carried away. Therefore, it is crucial to teach your dog basic commands before letting him/her play around other people and equipment.

When starting to train your dog, do not use any kind of reward with every command until later. The first few lessons should be done without rewards to ensure your dog does not learn bad behaviors.

Provide enough food and water

chow chow how to train

When training your chow dog, you will need to provide them with adequate nutrition for both dogs and owners. Since they are not breeders, they do not have offspring that they can feed themselves. Therefore, it is important to understand how much food an adult chow dog needs.

Chows are known to eat quite a bit of meat so they require more protein than most other breeds. According to The Chihuahuahood Site, a one-year old male Chiu/Ovie should be given at least two pounds of cooked chicken or raw beef per day. This amount increases as the dog gets older.

For nutritional advice for canine parents, there are several sources available. You can find many tips online or through friends who have a puppy already. There are also cookbooks that contain recipes for making sure your dog is well fed.

Make sure they have a secure enclosure

The first thing you should do if your dog is acting aggressive or showing signs of aggression towards other dogs is to make them feel safe. You can’t change their behavior unless you fix the underlying cause, which in this case would be fear or anxiety.

If your dog is constantly barking at or threatening other animals then they will need to be confined to prevent any hurt or harm. A fence that will keep your dog contained is the best way to do this.

You could also get plastic crates for your dog to use as an additional safety measure. These are great because not only does it contain your dog, but it also helps protect them from outside threats.

On top of that, there are some types of dogs that just don’t play well with others so it makes sense to give them their own space. For instance, many people believe Boxers are territorial so having your own crate for them may help reduce stress and conflict.

Teach them new things

chow chow how to train

The best way to train your chow dog is by teaching it new tricks. You can start with basic commands like sit, stay, come, and down or moving onto more advanced ones.

The most common training tools are reward-based learning where you use food as rewards for good behaviors.

You can also use punishment which means giving an undesirable behavior as a reason to give someone or something else instead of food.

Both of these types of lessons should be repeated over and over again until the student gets the concept!

At this stage, the trainer will need to determine if the dog has learned its lesson well and whether they have used enough reward or punishment to ensure that it does not happen again. If it does, then it must be reinforced more!

This article will go into some detail about different ways to teach your dog trickery.

Set up a schedule

chow chow how to train

The first thing you will need to do is create a training schedule for your dog. This can be done either by creating a manual workout program or using an app that has interactive workouts designed for specific types of dogs.

Most apps have beginner, intermediate, and advanced settings depending on the trainer level needed to perform each exercise. Some even have fun games to test their attention while working out!

The beginner levels are very simple exercises that require only basic commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “come here”. You can start practicing these with your own 4-year old puppy at a low intensity until they feel comfortable performing them under pressure.

Intermediate levels increase the difficulty slightly more complex exercises such as teaching your dog how to walk behind another dog instead of next to it. These exercises take around two to three minutes per session so there is no long term harm being practiced during this stage.

At the advanced level, trainers teach their students to compete against other dogs in similar situations. This can easily cost over $1,000 due to competition fees and additional supplies like food toys.

However, most owners never reach this stage because their dogs aren’t trained enough to begin with.

Stay with them during training

chow chow how to train

The hardest part about dog training is getting them to agree to do something. When they are not cooperating, it can be very difficult to motivate them to try again until you work through this stage.

If your dog does not want to go for a walk, take note of their reasons and address them! If he/she is tired or hungry, then take care of those needs first before trying to get out some more time for play.

Once these things have been addressed, re-start the exercise by walking shorter distances or taking a break. Keep repeating this process and your dog will eventually cooperate.

Another way to help train your canine friend to enjoy outdoor activity is to expose them to different types of dogs. This could be at a park with other pets, socializing in classes, or even just meeting new dogs under similar conditions.

By exposing your dog to all three, you will increase the chances that they will become friendly towards others and learn how to manage their instincts.

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