How To Use Disc For Team Building

October 31, 2022

Team building is an excellent way to boost team morale and productivity. Creating opportunities for team members to connect beyond work can have a significant positive effect on your organization.

Discs are a fun, low-cost tool that you can use in many different ways to facilitate team bonding. You do not need special equipment to give a disc to someone else and ask them to pass it around the group.

Here are some tips to ensure your group enjoys using a ring as a device to share ideas and experiences.

This article will discuss how to use a plastic plate or dish as a means of facilitating teamwork and communication. If you’d like to learn more about what kind of teams thrive after having a conversation circle, check out our previous article! It includes information about why talking is important and strategies to create open conversations.

Make a list of things your team likes about you

how to use disc for team building

This is one of the most common ways to use a disc for team building. A classic way to do this is by asking people to write down all the reasons they like about you.

A more interactive approach is to have participants create lists of things that they think are important to know about you. They can be things such as “I’m not sure if I should put up my picture or not,” someone else said before. “But here goes!”

The idea is to come up with as many items as possible and then see how many people can agree on what makes you special.

This works because it creates conversation – something we all enjoy.

Participants will bring out thoughts and emotions that they feel when thinking about you. Some may even say things that you didn’t expect to find.

Interpretation of the results depends on who you are but this is an excellent way to learn more about yourself and others.

Tell them you’ve thought of a theme for a team dinner

how to use disc for team building

This week, we are going to use the dessert as an opportunity to have some fun with our colleagues. What kind of dessert would feel good after what we discussed earlier?

A pool party!

We will make the most delicious underwater cake that your friends or family has ever seen before!

It is very similar to the standard watermelon slice except we add additional ingredients. And since it will be set underwater, it requires something solid to help “settle” down.

This article will tell you all of the recipes along with tips on how to prepare yours.

Invite them to come up with their favourite restaurant

how to use disc for team building

This is one of the best ways to use a disc for team building. You can ask your group to invite each other’s roommates, colleagues, or even friends that they have lost touch with over for dinner at a local restaurant that they all like.

Once you have determined where everyone would prefer to go, organize a night out at this place. Then, buy enough tickets to cover the whole group!

After the meal, have an activity that involves dancing or something similar so that people do not feel too relaxed and comfortable. For example, play some music and get everyone into a small room or space to dance. Or, if there are any sports enthusiasts in the group, throw a basketball game or volleyball match!

Having these types of activities after the main event will give people the chance to reconnect and chat about things beyond work.

Tell them about a sport or other thing you would like to do together

how to use disc for team building

Many people enjoy spending time with their friends or family outside of work, but how often does that happen? If you’re looking to use the disc as a way to connect with your colleagues or team members, try introducing it as a new activity.

You can choose any sports-type activity that everyone is at least somewhat familiar with. Most people are comfortable throwing a baseball, so why not play a game of catch? Or how about trying to hit a softball through a net for ten minutes?

Or if there's one person who doesn't know how to throw, you can be creative and see what kind of tricks they're able to perform. For example, some people can pick up a ball with just their hand, which makes hitting something very difficult!

These types of activities are great ways to boost teamwork and friendship. People will form groups of players and come up with strategies and exercises to improve their subject matter.

Invite them to do a puzzle or game

how to use disc for team building

Teams lose momentum when members stop encouraging each other. This is especially true in work settings, where colleagues may not be as motivated due to different priorities.

Team building exercises are great ways to re-energize the group. There are many games and activities you can use to facilitate this. One of our favourites is doing a word search with disc puzzles.

A word search is when you look through a set of words (the “search term”) and then connect adjacent letters or parts of a word to make new words. You can then test these newly made words by adding another letter or part to create more whole words.

Word searches using discs instead of squares are easier to manage because there are no empty spaces to leave behind pieces. Plus, you don't have to worry about running out of space!

These types of puzzles use all five senses — sight, touch, taste, sound, and feeling. So, they help promote teamwork and communication.

Ask them about their favourite TV show or movie

This is one of the best ways to use a disc for team building. Have your groups pick a movie or show that they have already seen before. Then, as an activity, ask each member to tell the rest of the group what scene or part of the movie they remember.

This works because memory usually trumps knowledge in some areas. For instance, most people can name the highlight-gross of all time, but very few can describe how a plot unfolds over several episodes.

By asking members to talk about an element of the film that they remembered, you get a lot more detail than just “I loved when the character did such-and-such.”

You also get insights into psychology, like understanding why someone may have memorable scenes or interactions. This could be due to something related to the person who played the role, something written about the character, or simply because it touched a nerve.

Organize a team trip

how to use disc for team building

A team-building activity that is becoming increasingly popular is organizing an organized day or week-long vacation with your department, organization, company, or whatever group of people you want to include on this adventure.

Mostly what these vacations are designed to do is connect employees from all areas of the workplace. This is very important because there are always differences in leadership positions, departments, and individuals in the workplace.

By having them spend time together outside of their jobs, they can learn about each other’s personalities and how they lead others.

These types of trips are also great ways to strengthen relationships at the workplace! It will bring everyone closer as they interact and share experiences.

Many sites offer help planning cost-effective team-building activities. You may even be able to get some free ideas too! Some things that companies have done include going camping, taking a tour of an area or museum, travelling together, and more.

Many times, employers will pay for part of the trip or cover everything except for food costs.

Challenge your team with a puzzle

how to use disc for team building

A challenge is one of the best ways to use a disc in group settings. A challenge can be anything from asking each other which movie you cannot watch without listening to another person’s argument, to having a round-table discussion about an issue that needs to be addressed.

A challenge could also be doing something outside of work (or beyond the workplace) – going camping together, taking a vacation, or even just spending time at a local mall or park.

We recommend starting with a 30-minute challenge before moving on to the next level, but you can always push up the levels as needed!

Using a paper plate, have someone write down three things they want to do (these must be very simple things). Then, take turns throwing the disc through the paper plate until it breaks.

Whoever threw the disk the furthest wins. If everyone has a winner, then choose two people to play a game of keep away while the rest meet back here after showering and changing clothes.

The losers come back here and pick out a thing they are willing to give up — like, say, their favourite shirt. Once both winners have chosen what they will not wear for an hour, have them put on their shirts and see who can tell whose shirt smells worse!

This activity works because challenges get people talking about things that make them feel uncomfortable, or force them to defend themselves against something they believe in.

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