How To Use Frozen Passion Fruit Pulp

November 28, 2022

Frozen passion fruit pulp is a lovely addition to your diet, of which most people are not aware. It can be consumed directly or mixed into recipes as an ingredient.

Many people add frozen passion fruits to their smoothies, either alone or with other fresh fruits. When thawed, they taste similar to kiwi!

Frozen passion fruit pulp also adds some texture and flavor to vegan desserts. You can even use it in baking instead of dried coconut or shredded coconut. It will give your recipe a slight coconut flavor that many people love.

There are several ways to make frozen passion fruit puree; you can use a blender, a food processor, or you can soak them in water and then mash them using a fork. This article will talk about how to use frozen passion fruit pulp as an ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Reminder: Because this product contains healthy fats, it is recommended to enjoy one small amount each day.

Make fruit salad

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

If you have lots of passion fruits, then why not make some fresh or dried fruit salads? You can add in some frozen passion fruit pulp to give your dessert more flavor and texture.

Add one cup of thickened passion fruit juice to one cup of plain yogurt and mix well. Add in one tablespoon of coconut sugar and blend again.

To taste, add in more liquid or sugar depending on how sweet you want your salad to be. This will depend on what type of berries you use and whether or not you like it very sweet.

You can also stir in some chopped nuts if you like.

Make pavlova

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

In addition to using melted frozen berries in desserts, you can use the pulp of the fruit as an ingredient! If you have leftover passion fruits after making your favorite dessert, then throw some of their powder into your mix!

Passion fruit powder is a great way to add flavor and texture to your recipes. It also works well in drinks as a sweetener or liquid balance. You can find it at most grocery stores or food supply stores.

Make French toast

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

Let’s make some frozen passion fruit powder! To start, mix one cup of powdered sugar with three tablespoons of dried passion fruits in your blender or food processor. Then, add two cups of melted butter and blend again until you have a lovely golden color.

Now that we have our recipe, let’s make some delicious French toast! Add one tablespoon of the vanilla passion fruit mixture to each piece of bread of your choice. Spread out the milk over the top and cook in a hot skillet or grill pan either side for one minute.

Mix into yogurt

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

Another way to use passion fruit pulp is to mix it in with your favorite yogurt. Add one cup of dried passion fruits to your blender along with two cups of plain low fat or non-fat yogurt and blend until mixed thoroughly.

You can now spoon this mixture onto your breakfast cereal, top with some berries and/or nuts, and enjoy!

Annually, 500 million pounds of sweet oranges are wasted due to off flavors and textures. This adds up to about 5 billion dollars that could have been sold as fresh juice or canned products. Luckily, there are ways to utilize the pulp after harvest!

One easy way to consume orange pulp is to soak it in water and drink the liquid. You can then add sugar (converted milk) and flavor to make an unsweetened vanilla powder, which you can add to foods or beverages as a texture modifier.

You can also eat the dried orange bits themselves, but they may not taste very good.

Make smoothie

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

For our recipe, you will need one cup of frozen passion fruit pulp, one medium-sized banana, two tablespoons of cacao powder, and water or milk as needed to make a smooth drink.

When adding the dried fruits in this mix, start with one tablespoon and then add more if you like it better flavor. Let your taste be your guide here!

Once everything is mixed in, pour yourself an adequate amount of liquid and blend away!

Optional: Add some coconut oil for richer texture and flavor.

Add to soups

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

In addition to using frozen passion fruit puree as an ingredient in desserts, you can also add it to your daily meals! It is easily mixed into salads or vegetable dishes, or you can use it as a garnish for cooked foods.

Passion fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, which helps keep your skin healthy and strong. This includes helping prevent dry skin caused by frequent washing with expensive moisturizers.

Add to pasta

Another way to use frozen passion fruit powder is as an ingredient in vegetarian or vegan recipes. You can add it to your pasta dishes, rice dishes, and even dessert toppings like yogurt or coconut milk.

It will also help balance the flavor of the food you are adding it into. Pasta sauces often start with dried tomatoes that need to be re-hydrated, so using frozen pulp helps make that easier.

You can also mix it into plain yogurt for some tangy creaminess. It does not taste too sweet which makes it good for most diets. People seem to love it when we send our kids to school hungry because they have this recipe!

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Add to pizza

how to use frozen passion fruit pulp

When baking with frozen passion fruit pulp, you will want to make sure your recipe does not call for fresh passion fruits or it will ruin the texture of the dough. If using dried passion fruit powder, then adding in too many will result in it being undrained and therefore, wasted money.

To avoid this, we suggest mixing one cup of dry passion fruit powder into one batch of dough. This way, there is an adequate amount for the whole batch!

Your pizza will not taste exactly like what was intended, but that is okay! Because you can add more flavorings later such as cinnamon, chocolate, etc.

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