How To Use Kahoot For Team Building

October 22, 2022

Teams work so well because of how they communicate, collaborate, and come together to achieve goals. When needed, you can use apps like Kahoot to facilitate these interactions and messages.

Kahoot is an easy way to get teams to interact with each other and have fun. It works by creating a game or challenge and then getting groups of people to play against each other in open chat. You can add rewards and points for successful rounds as well!

The app allows users to create free accounts which allows them to test out some features before buying a premium account. This article will go more into detail about what else you can do with Kahoot beyond just using it for team building!

This article will also include several examples of uses for Kahoot and ways to make your group interact and have fun together. So let’s dive in!

What Is Kahoot?

You can find Kahoots anywhere from conferences, events, or competitions. A Kahoot happens when there are at least three people in a chat channel that agree to take part in the game. Then everyone talks over text or voice while taking turns to say a word or phrase until someone says something funny or interesting.

There is no right or wrong way to play a Kahoot, it’s really up to you and your group. The only requirement is that you need to be able to see the chat to participate.

Create an event

how to use kahoot for team building

With Kahoot, you can create an event or challenge to play against other teams in the world! You can choose the length of the game, how many rounds it will have, and what type of gameplay you want to use.

Kahoot is designed so that anyone can participate. It does not require you to be at a school or on campus to take part in the games. This is great because there are no limitations to who can join in the fun!

There is an additional fee per player per tournament, but this is usually very affordable. Most people agree that the value of participating in the kahoots outweighs the cost slightly.

Overall, Kahoot has a vibrant community of users that enjoy the app while also growing its popularity. Many students and adults love using the app to learn new skills or to connect with others their age who like similar apps and games.

Join an existing event

how to use kahoot for team building

If you are looking to use Kahoot for team building, you can choose to create your own game or join an already created one. Either way, make sure to pick a type of challenge that can be done in a group setting! For example, if there is a movie theme, have people discuss what genre each person thinks the movie goes into.

Or if it’s food, everyone must describe their favorite foods and who knows them best. This could easily be done at a party where people chat with friends and family.

You can also do a word search or play a game like “Kitty Cat Or No Kitty Cat?” (Never played this one before but it seems fun!). All of these can be done in groups and even outside of school so they are good alternatives.

Interact with participants

how to use kahoot for team building

As you create an account, you will be greeted with the option to pick your school or organization as well as how many people you want to invite. After that, you can choose whether you would like to use your device or share accounts so everyone has their Kahoot app!

If you are using it via your phone, make sure you have adequate space to store all of the answers before putting them into play. You do not want to run out of room!

You also can view the other students’ profiles which include educational information and social media sites they list as favorites. This is very helpful in giving you some insight into who these individuals are as people!

Kahoots can easily be adapted to fit any event or activity.

Award prizes

One of my favorite things about kahoots is that you can give out awards! This is very helpful in creating team spirit and celebrating achievements. You can do this at the end of an activity or task, or even days or weeks later.

You can choose to have each person get a prize or you can go all-in-on-the-first choice only! Either way, they’ll be motivated by what item they won.

Teamwork is a beautiful thing, so why not celebrate it?

Kahoot allows you to create free accounts which allow you to add any number of participants as users. If there are people who would like to play but cannot due to time constraints, then you can easily accommodate them by allowing them to browse the game and pick one at a time!

This article will talk more in-depth about how to use Kahoot for teamwork, card tricks, and other fun activities.

Encourage networking

how to use kahoot for team building

As mentioned earlier, using Kahoot for team building is a great way to connect with your colleagues or even the community at large. There are many ways you can use this tool for such purposes.

You can hold a competition where teams must work together to answer questions. This could be in-office games or online ones like YouWave or Oozma.

Alternatively, you can have individuals take turns being asked a question, then compare answers after. It may also be possible to have an individual ask a question, then see who comes up with the best response!

Last, you can just play a game of word search or charades to find out what skills people have outside of the office.

Take polls

how to use kahoot for team building

Ask someone to do something they would never normally do, like try new foods or take a risk by trying to swim in a pool that has no ladder access. Or ask them if they want to do something scary, like climb up a wall or jump off of a bridge.

Ask your participants how many people vote for the risky activity and see what happens!

It is very interesting to watch groups debate whether to go through with the challenge or not. Some people are totally into it while others think it is too dangerous.

The hardest part can be deciding when to give the challenge and when to pull the plug. Just make sure you have enough supplies and backup plans!

If anyone gets scared or needs help, tell them to focus on doing things they have done before and use this experience to motivate them to try other things.

Be consistent

how to use kahoot for team building

As mentioned before, one of the biggest issues is consistency. This means not only using kahoots at the same time every week but also knowing when to use which type of Kahoot.

There are two types of questions in a general knowledge game – knowledge-based and topic-focused. A knowledge-based question requires you to know an item or concept on its own, whereas a topic-focused question asks about the relation between items.

For example, a topic-focus question could be something like “What is the difference between matter and antimatter?” Or a knowledge-focus question could be “Why is water necessary for life?”

Most kahoots fall into either category, so it depends on the group whether they need to take a break or not!

If there are no changes needed to the kahoot, then having a short break can help everyone return with more confidence. If the kahoot needs to be revised or replaced completely, then dropping out now and reassembling later may be your best option. Yours will depend on the group and how well people have been working together before.

Celebrate results

how to use kahoot for team building

When you use Kahoot, you get some fun team-building exercises that can help your group bond even more. You can take a break from work or school to do these games, they are easy to organize, and there are many free apps and sites where you can host them.

The best part is that you don’t need any equipment to play most of these games! All you need is an internet connection and someone who wants to have some Kahoots themselves.

You will be surprised by how much laughter this will bring into a workplace or class setting. These games always make people feel good, which is why most people love doing them.

Give out prizes or acknowledge top scores with food treats or gift cards, but avoid giving expensive items as rewards because they may not fit in the budget.

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