How To Use Passion Fruit

November 23, 2022

When using passion fruit, you will want to make sure your mouth is well washed before tasting it. This will prevent any lingering tart or sour flavors from sticking in your oral cavity.

Passion fruits can be hard to find so most contain high amounts of acid which may cause dryness or discomfort in some people. For these individuals, they could try soaking the passion fruit in liquid first to reduce the amount of acid it contains.

Once you have found a source for passion fruits, remember to always wash them properly!

Introduction - to this article

This article teaches you how to use fresh passion fruit. If you are looking to add more foods that uses passion fruit as an ingredient then read about the other uses for passion fruits here.

Look for fresh passion fruit

how to use passion fruit

The next step in processing your passion fruits is to look into whether or not there are any recipes using them already! If there are, then you can easily take those recipes and modify them by adding more passion fruit or changing the amount used.

Peel passion fruit

how to use passion fruit

The peel of the passion fruits de-lays when rubbed against soft materials such as cloth. Because it is very thick, most people either use their hands or an additional tool to scrape off the peel. To do this, hold one passion fruit under water and using a spoon, scoop out the pulp and white sauce. Once you have removed the pulp, put the peeled passion fruit in your hand and roll it between your thumb and index finger. This will remove the peel and leftover pieces of skin that may be stuck.

After removing the peel, rinse the passion fruit in cold water and let dry completely before storing in an airtight container.

Chop or slice passion fruit

how to use passion fruit

Once you have your passion fruits, then you can begin to use them! The first way to use fresh passion fruit is by either chopping it up or slicing it into pieces. When buying passion fruit, make sure there are no cracks in the skin on the inside. If there are, discard the piece and look for another one!

When using passion fruit in recipes, start with one part passion fruit to three parts liquid (like milk or water). You can then add this mixture to other foods like yogurt or cereal, or mix it directly in with the recipe.

Passion fruit may be mixed and matched with any other citrus flavorings. It will slightly sweeten the food it is added to and some say it has a slight tangy taste as well.

Combine with other fruit

how to use passion fruit

One of your favorite ways to use passion fruits is by adding them into various recipes or beverages. They work best when used in dishes that include other ingredients, such as berries. You can also add them at the very last minute so they do not overcook.

Passion fruits contain citric acid which helps preserve the juice within the fruit. When added at the very end, this product is usually overpowered by other flavorings. To make sure you get enough taste from the passion fruit, just measure out a half cup per one batch.

Another way to use passion fruits is to soak the dried pulp in water and drink it like a tea. This removes any bitter notes and makes it more palatable. Just be careful if you are drinking it directly because some people are sensitive to the citrus scent.

Add to salad

how to use passion fruit

One of your favorite fruits’s most famous uses is as an ingredient in various salads like guacamole or raspberry vinaigrette. You can add it whole, slices it into the salad, or use its juice!

Passion fruit has a tangy flavor that goes well with many things. It will not taste good if you do not enjoy strong flavors so try to like this one before trying it for yourself.

It is best to wash your passion fruit under cold water first to remove any seeds or pieces of skin. Then, cut it down the middle to separate the flesh from the peel.

You can either put the pulp and/or the juice in a bowl and mix them together, or keep each part separated. The liquid can be stored in the refrigerator until needed.

Make juice

how to use passion fruit

Most recipes call for one cup of passion fruit puree per person, but we suggest using less than half that amount here! That is, use only half a cup of puree per person.

Why? Because you can make just about twice as much juice from the same amount of pulp and seeds- this also cuts down on wasted fruits.

And since most people are not passing off their plate, making enough liquid to cover your mouth is unnecessary. Your skin will still get all the moisture it needs!

Another reason to cut down on the passion fruit puree used in the recipe is because there is already a lot of natural sugar content in the dried pulp. Adding more raw sugar may result in a higher pH level and/or bacterial growth.

Lastly, some people have sensitivities or allergies to the peel of the passion fruit. By using less peel, you reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Try recipes

how to use passion fruit

One of the best ways to learn how to use passion fruit is by making your own creations with it. You do not need special equipment to make delicious desserts or drinks that include this citrus flavor staple!

There are many recipes made using passion fruits in different amounts. Some have you add the juice of one or two berries to the drink, while others have you whisk it into yogurt or puree it and so on.

The way these recipes are cooked and what ingredients they contain can be learned from those already done before.

Challenge your friends to a fruit duel!

If you love passion fruits, then there are several ways to use them. You can eat them as-is, mix them into desserts or drinks, or make some easy recipes.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy passion fruits is in a challenge called a fruit duel. Two people take turns eating one piece at a time of fresh passion fruits until someone gets too hungry or stops bidding for the other person’s half cup.

The winner is determined by who finishes their assigned amount first. It’t depends more on how much passion they can down before being winnowed by the other contestant.

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