How To Use Passion

January 3, 2023

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re doing everything right, working hard, spending time with your loved ones, keeping yourself healthy, and still no success in achieving your goals.

That is very common when we get close to our dreams. It can be difficult to understand why nothing seems to be changing for the better.

It's easy to become discouraged and give up.

But this isn't a productive way to spend your energy. In fact, it will only make things worse because you'll lose momentum and stop putting effort into your plan.

So, how do you use passion to win?

There are three ways to use passion to achieve your goal. You must know them all!

1) Create an experience of passion

This can be done through action or immersion. With immersion, you physically participate in something that you love so much that you feel a strong sense of passion while you're doing it. For example, if you enjoy swimming, then training for a marathon is an immersive activity where you feel passionate about fitness.

Action experiences work similarly. If you love reading books, going to lectures, or studying, then teaching yourself new skills is an engaging action to take. Becoming an expert in something you've always enjoyed is a powerful way to create an experience of passion.

2) Find your passion and add value by investing in it

Investing in something means giving it money, time, or both.

Learn everything perfectly

how to use passion

Even if you are already very good at something, constantly developing your skill set is important. If you feel that your passion has kind of faded, it’s time to rekindle it.

By understanding all aspects of what you love, you can always find new ways to apply your passion in other areas.

For example, if you are passionate about singing, then learning how to play an instrument or taking voice lessons is an excellent way to keep your music career alive.

If you are passionate about reading, trying out different genres is another way to enjoy books and learn more about literature.

When investing in stocks, knowing enough about finance is a great way to gain knowledge and understand the markets better.

The key word here is “enjoying” – not everyone enjoys studying financial concepts and reports, but some people do. Investing is just like any other area of life; you have to know your basics before moving onto the next level.

Try to inspire passion in others

how to use passion

We’re all inspired by different things, but not many people are able to translate that inspiration into action for other people.

We’ve discussed before how important it is to be passionate about something – what we call being “authentic” or “realistic” about who you are.

But there’s another part of this that applies to when you’re trying to get someone else to feel the same way about something as you do.

That is, try to inspire passion in other people by showing an example of how much you care about the thing you want them to care about.

You can talk about it for hours, but if you don’t put in any effort into demonstrating your passion, then no one will believe you really mean it.

And I wouldn’t bet my money on anyone who doesn’t believe you truly mean it.

Look for ways to serve others

how to use passion

Finding your passion doesn’t happen by accident, it takes work and practice. But you can begin to develop your passion right away by looking for ways to help other people achieve their dreams or fulfill their potential.

You could coach individuals or groups of people, teach courses, give talks, run workshops — anything that helps them reach their goals.

Running a business is a great way to inspire others and get involved in serving others. Starting your own business is an incredible way to use your passion – creating and offering services or products that make life more enjoyable for others.

If something else inspires you, go after it! If you are passionate about dancing, then become a professional dancer. Or if you are passionate about reading, study literature.

Your passions will always be changing and growing, so keep seeking out opportunities to use yours.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

how to use passion

Finding your passion is not like finding a job where you look for the offer that sounds best to you, or learning of a skill that seems promising at the time. It does not arise because there is something else that you would rather do.

Finding your passion means feeling an irresistible desire to be involved in it every day. It’s more than just liking what you are doing, it is wanting to do this thing all the time.

It’s having a strong internal urge to be engaged with this activity —- kind of a visceral need.

This need can take over your life, even taking up all your time and energy. You will know you have found your passion when you feel overwhelmed by the urge to work constantly on it.

You will also know if you have passed this test because soon after having it, you will notice other people around you talking about how much they enjoy their engagement, and you will want to join them.

There are several ways to identify your passions. The easiest way is to find out what activities make you happy and then add some flavor to them –- like putting your own special spin on them.

For example, what kind of food makes you hungry? What movie genre leaves you breathless? What type of music gets you dancing? By adding your personal touch to things you already love, it becomes easy to see how you could develop each into a career or hobby.

Connect with those who feel the same

how to use passion

It is not telling someone they are wrong because you do not agree with them, it is when their arguments make no sense to you that you walk away.

People in this world differ from each other and have different beliefs and values. This is what makes the world such an interesting place!

If there was only one thing people could agree upon, we would be living in a very boring world. Different cultures, religions, and philosophies all play a role in shaping our lives and how we live ours.

We learn things about life and ourselves through interacting with others. By showing interest in other’s ideas, thoughts, and experiences, we find out more about ourselves.

Passion is important to keep relationships strong. If you want to stay close to your loved ones, you must show some passion for them.

It does not matter if your family member just returned home after being gone for months or even years, you should still like him/her.

Show genuine excitement for his/her stories and get into conversations that matter to you both. Does he/she share similar interests?

Does she/he look good today? Ask about her/his day and try to relate to something they said. You will probably discover that you have a lot in common.

When they bring up topics that matter to them, you should listen and respond accordingly. Do not cut off conversation unless you know what else to talk about.

Do not be afraid to try new things

It is very tempting to stick with what you are familiar with and what has worked in the past, but doing this can prevent you from exploring other possibilities.

If you have been practicing your hand skills for guitar by playing along to songs, it may be time to try experimenting with different styles or instruments.

Practicing using music as a guide will help you retain what you know and give you inspiration for ways to apply your knowledge to something new!

Using yoga exercises as a basis, let yourself get distracted by looking at the feet, the hands, and the rest of the body how they move. Add some additional touches such as breathing or sounds effects if necessary.

Try engaging in activities that use passion and creativity- dancing is great example of this. If singing is your thing, why not put those talents to work?

By trying out these new skills, you will find there are many opportunities to show off your talent and inspire others around you.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

how to use passion

We are constantly seeking out things that give us joy, but it can be hard to know what these are unless you have them. You need to find your passions or hobbies, things you love to do so well that they make you happy every time you do them.

It is very difficult to enjoy something if you don’t know how to do it. This is why it is important to identify your passions and learn how to do them.

You will also want to connect with people who share your passion so that you can help each other succeed. It is not enough just to like something – you must really understand it to inspire others around you.

There are many ways to discover your passions. Some of the most common methods include thinking about things you love to do, doing activities side by side to see which ones go better together, and asking people who think highly of you for suggestions.

A good way to remember all of this information is to use the “practice makes perfect” principle. By engaging in the activity at least once a week, you will eventually get much better at it.

Be consistent

how to use passion

Consistency is one of the biggest factors in creating passion for something. If you consistently spend time with people that enjoy what you do then it will boost your passion for those things.

If you want to see more growth in your career, start investing in the basics like yourself. You are your own worst critic so look at yourself – how you dress, how you groom yourself, and apply the same standards to yourself as you would others.

This way you’ll be looking at yourself with confidence which will help you feel better about yourself. More confident equals happier person, which can have positive impacts on other areas of your life.

And don’t forget your home! Invest in the pieces that give you joy and make them part of your lifestyle. A room full of your favorite colors, decorations you put effort into, and activities or hobbies you are invested in will all contribute to a feeling of happiness.

Once you have made the investment into yourself, keep doing it! Even if you just spent 30 minutes grooming yourself, that's still enough to create some changes. The chances are high that you'll need to repeat this process every day, even weekly depending on how much work you have, but don't let that stop you from starting somewhere you know you'll love.

Now here's an important reminder: Don’t force yourself to like something unless you really want to.

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